Spring/Summer 2012 Beauty Trends by Fashion Experts – Michelle Villet, Jill Dunn, Elaine Atkins, Janine Falcon, Lucky Bromhead, Michelle Mullins

Fashion experts Michelle Villet, Jill Dunn, and Elaine Atkins talks about the beauty trends for the coming season @ French Connection:

Bright Lips

Matching nails with lipstick – most stores carry matching nail polish with lipsticks now.
Make sure to moisturize before applying lipstick to avoid cracking.
Not too glossy – Perferably matt. Lip gloss users can start with “gloss balms”

How to choose the right color?
Lighter skins can go with colors such as Fuchsia, baby pink; darker skins can go with Orange, Coral

Bold Brows

Shape is important. You can use eyeshadow with an angled brush for eyebrows

“Brows are sisters not twins!!” – Your eyes are never symmetrical, therefore your brows shouldn’t be symmetrical as well, they should contour the shape of the eye that they are framing.

Get a professional to do it the first time! It will be much more easier to maintain on your own afterwards.

Color Blocking

A look that is not appreciated by everyone, but its IN!
The tip is to apply 3-4 colors on the face.
The model is wearing a bold pink lipstick, pink blushes, and 3 different shades of blue on her eyes.

Fashion experts Janine Falcon, Lucky Bromhead, Michelle Mullins give us tips on the 3 major beauty trends for the coming season:

Cat Eyes

Doesn’t necessarily has to be black. You could use anything that offsets the natural color such as blue, gray, indigo, etc.
Tools: pencil /liquid. If you use a pencil liner and you are trying to graduate to a liquid liner, you can start by sketching over your pencil liner with a liquid liner. Do dashes instead of one stroke.

The Natural Look

Anyone with any feature can have this look. Yet you have to wear make up to embrace this look.

The tip is to focus on the skin. Taking care of your skin condition is very important for this look. Exfoliate a few times a week and use primer before you start “painting”. Always cleanse properly before you go to sleep. Use tinted moisturizers and concealers. Be careful not to use a color that is too light for you to avoid the Kardashian – reversed raccoon look, which is fine but just not for this trend. Don’t go crazy with powder, the point is to keep it natural. Make sure all the colors match your skintone. Use a pink – blush lipstick or simply a lip gloss to add a hint of color.

How to choose the right color for your foundation?
Try it on your jaw line to get a marriage between the color of your neck and your face. Let the product sit a while on your face when testing it out because the reaction may vary due to different levels of alkalinity/acidity of the skin. When the foundation “disappears” on your skin after 10-15 minutes then you know you have found the right one. Use concealer ONLY on areas that are necessary to avoid creasing (esp. outer portion of the eye). Use a brush/sponge instead of fingertips; a patting motion instead of wiping.
The Romantic Look

Use pastel colors. Focus on the eyes or lips.

* Make sure to keep your receipts because most make up company accept returns/exchange.

Embrace the trends and try them out!


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