Tangle Teezer Launches Two New Detangling Brushes

On Thursday, February 25, 2016, Fashion Ecstasy was invited to the Tangle Teezer launch party held at Coldstream Fine Art Gallery in downtown Toronto. For those of you unfamiliar with Tangle Teezer, it is a line of detangling brushes designed, manufactured, and created in the UK by hair stylist and inventor, Shaun Pulfrey. This private party was held to celebrate the launch of the brand’s two new products, The Blow Styling Brush and The Thick and Curly Brush.

The launch party felt like a fun and upbeat social gathering among friends with sparkling wine, delectable hors d’oeuvres from Elle Cuisine, and jars full of candy placed throughout the gallery. Products from the Tangle Teezer line were also strategically placed throughout the gallery. While the candy, champagne, and food were splendid additions to the night, everyone was there to see Shaun Pulfrey work his hairstyling skills on a model with long and curly red hair.

Prior to the actual demonstration, Shaun Pulfrey was absolutely delightful and charming with his anecdotes, hair extensive knowledge, and passion.

He provided background information on the development of the Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush as well as a quick description on the other brushes, such as the Compact Styler and the Aqua Splash brush. With its ergonomic design and firm flexible bristles, these brushes separate the hair with little to no resistance or breakage while feeling comfortable in the hand. When used wet, the brushes can transfer product to the scalp, detangle the hair, and cleanse the scalp of product buildup.

During the live demonstration, Shaun used the Thick and Curly brush first on a section of damp hair. Using the brush slowly in the hair reduces damage and gives the brush a chance to do its job. With the Blow Styling Brush, the spaces in between the bristles allow for better air transference and even distribution of heat. A few strokes with the Blow Styling brush paired with a blow dryer on the lowest heat setting gave the hair a smoother, shinier, and voluminous look.

After the demonstration, when asked if the Thick and Curly brush will work on coarse Afro hair, Shaun gave an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ for an answer. He explained that the teeth on the Thick and Curly brush are longer and made with FIRMFLEX TECHNOLOGY. When used slowly and with a bit of pressure, the brush will work to detangle the hair with little to no breakage or struggle and still give great results.

The party concluded with more mingling, great food, and receiving swag bags containing various Tangle Teezer brushes.

What is Tangle Teezer?

Winner of over 25 professional and consumer awards, Tangle Teezer is a brand carrying hairbrushes that instantly detangles wet or dry hair. Tangle Teezer‘s products make styling quicker, easier, and pain-free.


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