The 5th Annual Toronto Burlesque Festival July 18 – 22

*This article contains adult content*
On Wednesday, July 18, the Toronto Burlesque Festival kicked off with an Art Show Reception featuring Naked Girls Reading, live music by Big Rude Jake Quartet and bar top burlesque by Skin Tight Outta Sight‘s Honey B. Hind and Anastasia at The Painted Lady as a teaser to the Fest. (scroll to the bottom for pictures of the fest.)
Watch Honey B. Hind‘s performance:

On July 19th, we attended the Toronto Burlesque Festival Press Party/Meet & Greet Teaser. In collaboration with The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, The Toronto Burlesque Festival brought us the Canadian debut of 2012’s Reigning Queen of Burlesque – Imogen Kelly, Legend of Burlesque – Ms. Judith Stein and April March. Together with hostess Sauci Calla Horra, they shared their stories of how they first started their career as a Burlesquer. Back in the days Burlesque was less glamorous but thanks to the members and contributors it grew into such a big community that they had to constantly add new shows to accommodate all the fabulous performers.

After the speech we got to meet and greet with the burlesque babes. We sat down and had dinner with Victoria Romanova an amazing burlesquer who came all the way from the Netherlands, and her dear friend Olga. Victoria Romanova was originally from Russia and moved to the Netherlands in the 90s. She started out her dancing career in the 90’s and about 3/4 years ago she decided to focus 100% on classic Burlesque Strip & Tease performances. “Daring to be sexy, enjoy being a woman, teasing and pleasing” is how Victoria defines Burlesque.

Watch our exclusive chit-chat with Victoria Romanova:

The night was followed by the Headliners and Producers Media Showcase at the Hotel Ballroom hosted by Armitage Shanks (Seattle).
Burlesque, as defined by Wikipedia, is a “literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects.” or as how Ms. Judith Stein explains, a “parody of what men think they want“. The 5th annual Toronto Burlesque Festival implements the essence by bringing us a night filled with the sexiest entertainments and laughter. 
The performers include Tanya Cheex, Sauci Calla Horra, Fionna Flauntit, Mena von Fleish, Ava Noir & Miss DD star, Mysterion the Mind Reader and The Great Canadian Wolf Man, Dew Lily, Coco Framboise, Dr. Lucky (NYC), Foxy Finale & Sexy Mark Brown, Roxy Dlite (Windsor), Gravity Plays Favourites (St. Louis), Honey B. Hind, Lilli Bubalotavich, Mahogany Storm, Miss Mitzy Cream, CoCo La Creme, Sexy Mark Brown, Burgundy Brixx (Vancouver), Kristina Nekyia (Los Angeles), Michelle L’amour (Chicago), Reiging Queen of Burlesque, Imogen Kelly (Australia)

Watch the highlights of the most incredible Burlesque tricks we caught on tape:
Acrobats, tap dancers, tits on fire!! It sure ain’t easy to become a burlesquer!

Watch the performances that cracked us up: 


July 20th was  the 1st International Strip Search Competition where performers who have been on the burlesque stage for less than two years compete for the title of Strip Search champion and win prizes by the fabulous sponsors.  We were impressed by how well they performed considering their years of experience on stage. We were especially wowed by EVe of Destruction who ultimately won the trophy.

Watch EVe of Destruction‘s performance:

Watch the highlights of the night:


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