Top 5 English Friendly Shops Tainan 2018 – Cafe Cremona (Chimei Museum)

Café Cremona克里蒙納咖啡(奇美博物館)- 2018台南友善英語標章店家

Cafe Cremona (Chimei Museum) – Top 5 English Friendly Shops Tainan 2018 – 

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It’s been a while since we last visited Tainan. Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan and known for its centuries-old fortresses

This year, in addition to reviving history and ancient times, we see an emerging atmosphere combining classic and modern, east and west.




台南奇美博物館 Chimei Museum Tainan English friendly shops 2018
(photo courtesy of Chimei Museum)


  • Covering some 9.5 hectares, the magnificent Chimei Museum’s European-style building is visible from afar. Founded by Xu Wenlong, Chimei Museum was originally a private museum in Taiwan and was donated to the Tainan Government in 2012. Chimei Museum’s new doors opened to the public on New Year’s Day in 2015; the new building is located in the second section of Wenhua Road.




  • The museum has a collection of over 4,000 pieces of Western art, musical instruments, weapons, animal display, and fossils. The not-to-be-missed violin exhibition hall on the second floor is where the violin production materials, tools, and violin history are showcased. The founder once said: “This museum will always exist for the public.” We sense the satisfaction and surprises in the eyes of the visitors.

中文/ Chinese:



  • The first floor seems busy. Besides lining up for tickets to the museum, many are waiting to get into Café Cremona, a restaurant/cafe located on the first floor of Chimei Museum.


博物館的一樓人潮擁擠,除了各類團體等待購票入博物館參觀之外,尚有許多人擠進克里蒙納咖啡館(Café Cremona)。

台南克里蒙納咖啡 - 奇美博物館 Café Cremona in Chimei Museum Tainan English Friendly Shops
台南克里蒙納咖啡 – 奇美博物館 Café Cremona in Chimei Museum Tainan English Friendly Shops


  • Cremona is a city famous for its art town located in the north of Italy, southeast of Milan. I did my master’s in Milan, so I was intrigued. I had to try the food they served, or even feel the air.




台南克里蒙納咖啡 菜單 Café Cremona menu
台南克里蒙納咖啡 菜單 Café Cremona menu
  • As the name suggests, Café Cremona’s menu consists mostly of Italian cuisine.

The Café is mostly self-service. After self-seating, diners can order food at the counter. At Café Cremona, you won’t find Tainan traditional snacks such as coffin board, Danzai noodles, or potside sticker soup, but various Western-style food items, including Italian pizza, continental sandwiches, set menus, hot and cold drinks, etc.




We arrive at the restaurant at noon, during which time the cafe only serves items such as chef specials and pizzas. Sandwiches are served during afternoon tea. Chef’s specials can be ordered à la Carte or with a set. The set menu includes the main dish, dessert, and a drink. The main course includes beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian.



In Italy, an order of pizza (usually thin-crust) feeds one. The pizza here at Cafe Cremona comes with your choice of a Coke, Sprite, Lemon Black Tea or Fanta. Bring your own cup for an NT$10 discount, and beverage refills enjoy 50% discount. The “Ice” items here include ice cream, popsicles, and crushed- ice. Ice cream is 120 NT for a scoop and 200NT for 2. The “Chi Mei Popsicle” is made of natural fruit without additives; the popsicle sticks are a limited edition and exclusive to the museum, which can be used as a bookmark. It is quite creative.



Café Cremona is our first stop after a long road trip journey from Taipei. As much as exhaustion and heat kill our appetite, we still can’t resist the word “truffle” when we see it on the menu, so we order a truffle mushroom pizza, pineapple passion fruit juice, an Americano coffee, and a sparkling water. The truffle mushroom pizza is loaded with a variety of wild mushrooms, baby tomatoes, basil, and enough cheese to get stringy. The flavors taste very natural and refreshing. The pineapple passion fruit juice also preserves its original fruit flavors and is refreshing as well. Sadly, the Italian specialty “affogato” seems like too much sugar for such a hot day, so we pass. Regret hits us immediately as we leave. After all, during my hard times in Milan, I always sought comfort from an “affogato.



Café Cremona is 1 of our Top 5 2018 English Friendly Shops in Tainan, for more English Friendly Shops, please visit:

克里蒙納咖啡(奇美博物館)是我們107 年台南友善英語標章店家的前五名,更多資訊請參考:

“臺南市政府經濟發展局廣告Advertisement from Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan City Government. 


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