Angel Feathers Hair Salon: Top 5 Tainan English Friendly Store 2018 天使之羽(天使の羽)美髮美容親子沙龍 107年度台南百家好店,2018臺南商圈英語標章

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  • Tainan‘s Angel Feathers Hair Salon is 1 of Tainan’s Top 5 English Friendly Stores and a hair salon that makes you feel pretty from inside-out! The last time I’ve felt so good leaving a hair salon was my collaboration with world renown beauty brand Schwartzkopf. To say that I’m overwhelmed by the services and professionalism provided here at Angels Feathers is an understatement.

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台南天使之羽是一家榮獲「107年度台南百家好店」以及有「2018臺南商圈英語標章」認證的前五名特色店家。天使之羽是五星級美髮沙龍店。殘編見證在天使の羽從美髮、接髮造型到拍照,都是國際級的頂級享受。殘編最後一次體驗到這般水準的服務,要回溯到與國際知名美髮品牌Schwartzkopf. 合作的這篇文章


  • Hair extensions have become very popular in recent years, especially in Taiwan. However, did you know the history of hair extensions dates back to 3,500 years ago from ancient Egypt? This is something I learned from Angels Feathers owner, Jie Cai. Cai is very knowledgeable and professional; I learned a lot about hair from him. Generally, there’s a lack of respect for professionalism Taiwan, hence to find someone who’ s so professional isn’t easy.

There is a designated parking lot next to Angel Feathers Hair Salon; customers can park for free.

中文/ Chinese:



After welcoming us in English, refreshments are served. In addition to coffee/tea/water, guests also receive a pack of Kid-O crackers when seated.


Chinese/ 中文:



After the refreshment is served, the stylist starts the “comb massage” with a wooden comb, first by drawing circles, then by tapping my head gently with the comb. The hair wash alone here can be described as “professional”. Using a high-tech scalp tester, the stylist analyzes my scalp and explains the situation carefully. According to each guest’s scalp test results, the stylist chooses two different shampoos: first for the scalp condition and the second for hair condition. All products are from Dancoly Paris’ natural Angel Professional line

scalp analyzer




My shampoos include the “Lavender” for scalp soothing and the “Iris” for hair repairing. During hair wash, the stylist massages your scalp with a pointed spa comb then with her fingers. After using both shampoos, she gives me a quick hair conditioning treatment in water. “Water treatment is faster than steam,” she said.

台南天使之羽法國Dancoly Angel 美法產品
台南天使之羽法國Dancoly Angel 美法產品





  •         After hair wash, owner Cai attends to me himself for my hair extension. He reveals that he is the inventor of “Shimmer Hair Extension Skill,” a patented technique used at Angel Feathers Hair Salon. For different clients, Cai created 10 different customized Shimmer Hair Extension Skills.” He also lectures internationally and has over 10,000 students from Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, etc.
微光接髪 (發明人:蔡杰老師)
微光接髪 (發明人:蔡杰老師)



  • “Shimmer Hair Extension Skill” is SGS certified and patented. It is the only formaldehyde-free adhesive on the market. With this technique, extensions can be completed in just 15 seconds. The results are and comfortable, secure and beautiful. Because of the speedy results, I went crazy and got a rainbow head (I believe in rainbows!)




  • Thanks to Angel Feathers, my crazy color is captured. The professional photo shoot studio upstairs is where customers can capture their beautiful moments after a makeover. Angel Feathers’ “Korean style headshot” adds a playful twist to your passports and IDs.

(this is just 1 of our Top 5 Tainan English Friendly Store 2018, stay tuned for more!)

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