Toronto’s Annual Wild Blueberry Festival 2018

by Sally Warburton

Toronto’s Annual Wild Blueberry Festival took place at the Evergreen Brickworks on Sunday, August 19.
The food vendors with visual Wild Blueberry signs had added unique food items with Wild Blueberries to their menu.  Wild blueberries are delicious and nutritious with so many health benefits.

The Wild Blueberry Festival is a foodie’s paradise! Creative food creations included Argentinian pulled pork with wild blueberry sauce enclosed in arepas, a variety of crepes made from bases such as tapioca, rice dishes, sandwiches, desserts such as fruit flans, pies, cookies, fruit bars and refreshing blueberry based drinks to cool off on that hot, sunny day.

Coffee and chocolate were available, too. Yes, chocolate with wild blueberries! The market booths sold fresh fruits in baskets – small or large filled with wild blueberries.
Lots of information on the variety of health benefits from eating wild blueberries was available from Information Booths.
The highlight was the Cooking Demo by Chef Christine Tizzard with, of course, the focus on wild blueberries. The Food Demo area was set in a beautiful, relaxing seated area with comfortable tables. Chef Christine Tizzard demonstrated from a covered tented cooking demo area. She Involved the audience by inviting them to help. She created two sauces with wild blueberries – one a thicker, sweet sauce and the other a yogurt based spicy sauce; both were delicious accompaniments to the turkey meatballs, which also included wild blueberries. The turkey meatballs were served on skewers with zucchini, red and yellow baby tomatoes – creating a bright and colourful presentation for serving to guests. Delicious samples were offered to the audience.  Chef Tizzard also made sweet macaroons with wild blueberries served on an oval platter covered with more wild blueberries… many people were going back for seconds…and thirds! They were scrumptious! Wild Blueberries are undoubtedly versatile and create beautiful flavours for food ideal for both adults and children. She explained that not only can fresh wild blueberries be used but frozen wild blueberries are as delicious. Frozen wild blueberries are picked, prepared and frozen within hours to keep their freshness and health benefits. Chef Tizzard also used Van Dyke’s 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice. Chef Tizzard’s book ‘Honest to Goodness’ was available for purchase…and the author was on site signing them herself!

Families and groups of friends enjoyed themselves at the Wild Blueberry Festival 2018 at the Evergreen Brickworks, keeping the day busy but not overly crowded. The Wild Blueberry Festival 2018 was a fantastic event at a beautiful setting on a summer Sunday and was one not to be missed.

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