Toronto Craft Beer Festival(TCBF) 2017

The Second Annual Toronto Craft Beer Festival TCBF 2017 took place at the West Island of The Ontario Place from June 23 to June 24, 2017. It was TFOB‘s first year at Ontario Place in response to the growth of the festival, and it worked out very well.

A craft brewery is one that produces less than 400,000 HL per year. In Ontario, there are around 70 of these breweries, and the numbers are increasing every year. The TCBF brought together over 20 of these top independent craft brewers with beer fans, who enjoyed sampling a variety of beers and ciders.

Each sample only cost $2.00, which made it easy to try so many different brands including Ace Hill, Beau’s Brewing, Barnstormer Brewing Company, Big Rock Brewery, Broadhead Brewing Company, Blyth Cowbell Brewing Co., Great Lakes Brewery, Haliburton Highland Brewing, Hill Street Beverage Co. (non-alcoholic), Hockley Valley Brewing Co., Junction Craft Brewing and Left Field Brewery, Mackinnon Brothers Brewing, Market Brewing Co., Muskoka Brewery, Northern Maverick Brewing Co., Pint Pursuits Brewing Co., Shawn & Ed Brewing Co., Shiny Apple Cider, Side Launch Brewing Company, Whitewater Brewing Co. and Auchentoshan Scotch Whiskey.

There were a variety of food options from The Colossal Onion, Chicken Tenders, Chef’s BBQ, Those Pizza Guys, Curbalicious, and T-Dot’s Naansense.

There was also some great entertainment to move and groove to by The Hot Karls, The Test Icicles, Community Soul Project, Wing Night, and Butch Haller and His Chesterfield.

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales went to support Second Harvest, who delivers over 10 million pounds of food to those in need in Toronto.

There were so many enjoyable beers and ciders, and we tasted as many as we could.

The Barnstormer‘s Watermelon, is an ale with a refreshing, fruity taste fine for BBQs, cottage weekend in the sun or with dessert.

Broadhead Stout has 5.5% alcohol and is a hearty, strong-bodied brew. It’s stronger than Guinness and less creamy, but offers a distinct coffee flavour, leaning towards Porter (a rarely seen, bitter, dark beer).

MacKinnon’s German Wheat Ale boasts a spicy, orangey taste which we enjoyed.

Northern Maverick’s Fake News features Donald Trump on its can and has a 4.5% golden finish.

Similarly, Farmer’s Daughter blonde ale by Whitewater offered a crisp and clean finish.

The TCBF is the first beer festival in Canada to use the new Token Mobile Event Payment App. What’s interesting is that no cash is needed since through the app one can connect with the vendors and pay right from one’s phone. It was also quite easy to use.


TCBF was an excellent way to spend a summer weekend learning about all the fantastic beer and cider that Ontario has to offer.

(Photos by Sally Warburton)


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