Touhenboku Ramen Restaurant Media Preview

Touhenboku Ramen – a new authentic Japanese ramen house & restaurant located on Queen St. West, TorontoTouhenboku Ramen Restaurant Media Preview
For Toronto Ramen noodle soup lovers, an authentic Japanese style restaurant has recently opened in Toronto on Queen St. West at Duncan Street. The owner, Zuimei Okuyama, named the restaurant after his bar in a suburb of Tokyo which derives from a café that he used to frequent when he was young. “Touhenboku” literally translates as “block head”. Zuimei trained at the Shokuno dojo, a famous ramen school in Chiba Japan. He wanted to provide the residents of  Toronto with authentic Japanese experience – fresh homemade noodles without preservatives and a thick ‘mizutaki’ broth made from long hours of simmering the bones as well as the meat of the chicken to draw out the collagen. For people who do not eat pork, this is a great alterative to other ramen soups.

Touhenboku Ramen Restaurant Media Preview
Touhenboku Ramen

There are a few appetizers offered including gyoza, chicken karaage and donburi; and four different types of Ramen. ‘White’ is the typical ramen noodle soup, aka ” Touhenboku Pai-tan Ramen,” a rich, creamy chicken broth flavored with either sho-yu (soya), or shio (sea salt). The Touhenboku Pai-tan Ramen is served with seaweed, chashu (simmered pork), kikurage mushrooms, green onion and a tasty boiled egg. The ‘red’ version incorporates chili oil. The ‘black’ version incorporates garlic oil. There is also a ‘light’ ramen soup that is made with a broth that has less fat. All of the soups are served with ‘a choice of lean pork, rich pork or chicken chashu, together with seaweed, a tasty boiled egg, wood ear mushrooms and green onion, either thick or thin noodles made from our own blend of flour.’ Unlike most Toronto Ramen noodle houses, Japanese pastries are on the menu – cheesecake, chiffon cake, tiramisu, mille crepes, dense chocolate cake, and creampuffs. The service is friendly, creating a very positive experience as the owner Zuimei Okuyama was eager to please. Now that winter has arrived, a great place to warm up!

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Touhenboku Ramen Restaurant Media Preview – menu tasting, pictures and review


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