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:時尚高朝旅遊記:馬爾地夫倫格里島康萊德酒店:/It was an hour wait for our seaplane from Trans Maldivian Terminal, Male to Conrad Maldives on Rangali Island. But Conrad’s VIP lounge made waiting easy. We relaxed, took our time and had a nice breakfast buffet while waiting to board our flight. When our seaplane arrived, we were each handed a bottle of water and a pair of earplugs, “you will need this for the ride”, she said.

I was breathlessly enthralled with the bird’s eye view of the hundreds of Maldivian islands and turquoise lagoons we passed by that I hardly notice the noise on the plane, which saved my Conrad earplugs for better future use on the trip.

Warm smiles greeted us upon our arrival, two of them who served us. Check-in was a bit of a wait, but we jumped right into the sea while others waited in the lobby. We did not want to waste a second of our trip.

Colourful coral reefs, fish, Manta rays and baby sharks, we were amazed by the marine flora and fauna we saw just by the beach.

On land, we got close to megabats, lizards, and George, Conrad Maldives’ grey heron. They were not shy at all.

By the time our room was ready, every member of the staff had learned our names and schedule, the service was too good to a point it almost felt like ‘Big Brother is Watching You’.

Our Deluxe Beach Villa had a private outdoor pool connected to a pathway leading to our private beach. Open air bathtub and shower brought us close to nature. If only I could spot that insomniac bird that kept me up all night, I’d like to personally thank it for putting my Conrad earplugs to good use.

Surprisingly, though the rooms were going fast, nobody was playing at the front beach. It almost felt like we owned the place.

This was my first time to the Maldives. Having travelled over 35 countries, the only reason that has been stopping me from visiting this pearl-like paradise is the claustrophobic fear of being trapped on the same island for four days (at least). Which was also the reason I chose to stay with Conrad Maldives, a resort with two bigger islands connected by a bridge.

Conrad Maldives bridge connecting the two islands
Conrad Maldives bridge connecting the two islands

For the past year, I’ve followed the rumours and visited the beaches and islands in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries. Though some were nice, other disappointments only made me appreciate Maldives more.

Maldives, home to 1,190 coral islands, serene beaches and 2,000 species of fish, is a place where one finds tranquility, peace and bliss. It is a place you’ll find yourself daydreaming about after months of your return to real life.

Here, I’ve eliminated the mistakes I’ve made being a Maldives first-timer and put together an ideal schedule for a four-day stay in Conrad Maldives.

See my four-day schedule in Maldives

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