Tsou Ma Lai: Top 5 2018 English Friendly Shops Tainan


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After a long road trip and busy itinerary of reviewing this year’s English Friendly Shops in Tainan, we arrive at Tainan’s “Tsou Ma Lai Farm” operated by the Tainan City Farmers’ Association. “Tsou Ma Lai Farm is a large multi-functional family-friendly recreational agriculture area where one can easily spend a day or two.

Famished after a long day, we arrive late at night, our only option is The Grassland Restaurant. The Grassland Restaurant is a very traditional Taiwanese restaurant, we ordered the “shrimp and egg fried rice” and the “Healthy mushroom chicken pot.” I’m not sure if it is our hunger or the chef’s superb cooking skills, but everything tastes very delicious. The rich chicken broth is accompanied by fresh wild mushrooms. We return to our spacious room in the Orchid Hall after a filling meal and sleep through the night.



  • The fresh air attracts us to set foot on exploring the farm. We are surrounded by green pasture and forest, and over 150 species of animals, insects, and plants.
    A rainbow horse statue seems quite noticeable on green grass, turns out, it’s one of this year’s Lantern Festival theme lights. Parts of the soil look ready for planting until we step on it and mistake it for quicksand. After we panic our way out, our tour guide tells us that it’s called “badlands. Badlands are the main attraction of renowned Kaohsiung tourist site ” Tianliao Moon World and Tainan’s Nanhua District, its inability to retain moisture makes it ideal for growing mangos. Therefore, some of Taiwan’s best mangos are produced in Nanhua. A side of Tianliao Moon World’s landscape can also be seen from Tsou Ma Lai Farm.
  • 台南走馬瀨農場高爾夫球車導覽 Tsou Ma Lai Farm Golf cart tour
    Tsou Ma Lai Farm Golf cart tour





  • The breakfast buffet at Tsou Ma Lai’s Orchid Hall includes both western and Chinese items, from Chinese style congee to western scrambled eggs and sausage. The steamed buns include a breakfast buns made with their own grass. Touring along the field, we see many greenhouses growing fruits like dragon fruits, pappaya, and other vegetables. I believe the vegetables they serve here are non-toxic. There are also adorable animals in the animal section including goats, cows, and rabbits. However, animals here are just for educational purposes. They do not sell nor butcher them.




  • Every year, various mango trees are planted next to the Tainan Mango Festival Exhibition Center. Guests and participants can observe and study them close-up. But mango season is usually from May to September. We visit in October. When there’s no fresh fruit available, The mango ice shop sells frozen mangoes and mango popsicles.



  • Covering a vast space of 120 hectares, including 40 hectares of New Zealand Ranch Prairie, and equipped with Over 30 multi-functional amusement and leisure facilities. Tsou Ma Lai is a space for all ages. We see students camp, kids practice archery, elderly people bird-watch and drink tea, and families come to escape from the hustle and bustle. Whatever your intentions are, The stage performance brings all together. We are treated to a Ukraine stunt show.
    Animals,Taiwan blue magpie, and beautiful trees see us off when we depart, but the experience of laughter and relaxation still plays back in our memories.


Tsou Ma Lai Farm is 1 of our Top 5 2018 English Friendly Shops in Tainan, for more English Friendly Shops, please visit:


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“臺南市政府經濟發展局廣告Advertisement from Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan City Government. 

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