3 meat and fish protein source items safe for eczema diet Available in Taiwan

3 meat and fish protein source items safe for eczema diet Available in Taiwan

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3 meat and fish protein source items safe for eczema diet Available in Taiwan

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Today, I’ll be introducing you to 3 more meat and fish protein sources in Taiwan that are safe for the eczema diet: Tanhou‘s lizard fish balls, HZC Foods (Haizhichun) ‘s Icelandic halibut and Kingrich‘s chicken breast.

  1. Tanhou Foods Taiwan’s Lizard Fish Balls

While I still enjoy eating the milkfish balls and milkfish maw from my previous Tanhou Foods’ open box review, I worry about nutrient deficiencies and an unbalanced diet from eating the same foods for too long. Recently, I got new intel from whom I call my birth mom (my aunt), saying that Tanhou‘s “bitch balls” are even better than their milkfish balls. Just kidding, by bitch balls,” I mean lizard fish balls, which literally translates to “female dog balls” from Chinese. Plus, I have never heard of “lizard fish,” which sounds  kind of like a nutrient-rich super seafood. So this time, we’re doing an open-box review of Tanhou Foodslizard fish balls! Tanhou‘s lizard fish balls are made by scraping the fish meat immediately from freshly-caught lizard fish. Lizard fish balls can not be delayed in their production process, or they lose their bouncy texture, and the materials go to waste and can only be used to make dried fish floss. With such fresh raw ingredients, lizard fish balls do not require chemicals or additives.
As much as I love trying bizarre foods, I’ve only had chicken testicles once. Although it was more than a decade ago, it is still fresh in my memory, and the aftertaste is endless. Just thinking about it makes me drool. Fans familiar with my food blogs know I’m a fan of stinky food; I like my meat gamey and seafood fishy. So when the chicken testicles exploded in my mouth and filled it with chickentesticle juice,” it was as if my eyeballs had rolled to the back of my head, sending me to heaven and almost giving me a stroke from food orgasm. When doing our open box for Tanhou’s lizard fish balls, these small fish balls look just like chicken testicles. I get so excited and send them directly to the kitchen. Tanhou‘s lizard fish balls have a firm and bouncy texture. Consumers can immediately “taste” the nutritional value. However, when compared to Tanhou‘s milkfish balls, the difference between the two are are just like the lean part of the meat and fatty part of the meat when eating pork belly. The lizard fish balls lack the fatty and the variety of flavours in the milkfish balls.

  • 2. HZC Foods (Haizhichun) ‘s high-quality Icelandic halibut:

Next up, in my three recommended foods in Taiwan safe for eczema diet is, HZC Foods (Haizhichun) ‘s high-quality Icelandic halibut.

HZC Foods (Haizhichun) ‘s high-quality halibut from Iceland is sourced from the pure and pollution-free North Atlantic and Arctic waters. Halibut there can live up to a depth of 200 meters. Freshly caught halibuts are immediately frozen to lock in the freshness. After freezing, halibut are directly sent to HACCP‘s factory for cutting, vacuum packaging and distribution. Halibuts are delicious on their own, making them a zero-failure dish. However, since scallions, ginger, and garlic are high-risk triggers for eczema, we simply steamed the halibut with no added condiments. The result is a snow-white piece of fresh, melt-in-your-mouth fish with a hint of sweetness and a smooth texture. I take one bite, close my eyes and let the enjoyment transport me back to Iceland when I gaze up at the Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

  • 3.Last on the list is Kingrich Foods’ chicken breast:

Kingrich Foods Taiwan specializes in the production of chicken ingredients. All products from Kingrich Foods use domestic Taiwanese fresh chicken as raw materials. All ingredients are free of artificial additives, preservatives and pigments, providing consumers with safe products.
Kingrich Foods adopts a vertically integrated supply chain model, from breeding chickens, chicken farming, and cutting to meat marketing; every step and detail of its production is monitored under strict quality control. Moreover, each product holds a complete production and sales history certification from farming to distribution. Every product produced by Kingrich is subject to high-standard inspection, and the food origin traceability is clearly marked, making each sale safe and transparent. Fortunately, my insatiable mom buys like a wholesaler when it comes to food. After watching the unboxing YouTube video above, you mmay notice I concluded, “It’s not as tender as Tanhou,” when we first tried Kingrich Foodschicken breast on the first day. Luckily, by the next day, our freezer was about to explode with all the frozen food we were open-box and reviewing, so we had to take out a second piece of Kingrich Foodschicken breast to spare some space, only to find out that we had overcooked it on our first try, because this time, Kingrich Foods Taiwan‘s chicken breasts are so tender, almost fooling ourselves that it’s cooked sous vide.

  • Fashion Ecstasy Tanhou Foods Taiwan’s lizard fish balls, HZC Foods Taiwan (Haizhichun) ‘s Icelandic halibut and Kingrich Foods Taiwan’s chicken breasts Open Box Tasting & Review in A Nutshell:

It’s been over seven consecutive days since I’ve incorporated the three items mentioned in this blog into my everyday diet, and so far, my eczema has not flared up at all. As a result, I give my final verdict: These three products are precious fish and high-quality meat protein sources available in Taiwan that are safe for the eczema diet (at least for my sake). Taiwan‘s humid and nasty climate must have been sending people affected by eczema to hell.
I hope this post benefit others who are also affected by eczema.
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