Taiwan’s Toxic-free, High-quality Seafood and Meat Protein, Safe to Eat for Eczema Diet: Tanhou Foods

Taiwan’s Toxic-free, High-quality Seafood and Meat Protein, Safe to Eat for Eczema Diet: Tanhou Foods / 濕疹也能吃的零污染優質蛋白質:天和鮮物食品開箱試吃

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Taiwan's Toxic-free, High-quality Seafood and Meat Protein, Safe to Eat for Eczema Diet: Tanhou Foods / 濕疹也能吃的零污染優質蛋白質:天和鮮物食品開箱試吃
Taiwan’s Toxic-free, High-quality Seafood and Meat Protein, Safe to Eat for Eczema Diet: Tanhou Foods / 濕疹也能吃的零污染優質蛋白質:天和鮮物食品開箱試吃
  • Watch Our Tanhou Foods Youtube Open Box Review & Mukbang Video First:

Fans who’ve subscribed to Fashion Ecstasy‘s blog or our YouTube channel know that after years of battling eczema, I am finally getting better after a complete diet revamp. At first, I went pescatarian, but that wasn’t good enough; then, I eliminated all possible allergens, including all my favourite seafood, tofu, and eggs. However, incorporating this kind of diet means I am not intaking the essential proteins one needs to keep the body functioning properly. Not to mention my severe calcium deficiency, I also have extremely low muscle mass. For a recovering post-stroke patient, despite haaving improved my eczema conditions, I know if I continue my diet like this, it’ll eventually reduce my physical ability, which is a disadvantage to my recovery. I had to start incorporating meat into my diet. Among animal proteins, turkey seemed like a healthier option, so I began with turkey. However, after eating just one bite of turkey leg, my eczema flared up the next day. Hence, I had to quit red meat in tears.

Luckily, I have an aunt who is exceptionally picky about healthy eating and hygiene care. She strongly recommends a company food called “Tanhou.”
My aunt is very strict with quality control inspection of everything we eat and use at home. I like to say that she is the FDA and SGS of our family. Anything approved by my aunt, we can eat and use with a piece of mind. My body is almost as weak as I live with OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta). There were several times when my aunt might have saved my life when she visited us and did her usual “patrol” thing: inspect everything we use and eat. She found problems with our pots, pans, and food and replaced them all. I like to joke that my aunt is my birth mother, and my mom is just a stepmom (just kidding, I love my mom to death).

“Do you dare to try it?” my mom asked.
“If my birth mom has already approved it. What’s there to be afraid of?” I answered.
However, I forgot about my mom’s bold and aggressive personality when it came to buying food. As usual, after I gave her the green light, she bought like a wholesaler. Our concierge had to summon her when our order arrived because our food alone took up the refrigerating space for the whole building. “You’re taking up space for all residents!”Our concierge exclaimed. My mom hastily put on her mask ad shoes and dashed out the door. It was “the walk of shame” down the elevator for the elderly. The freezer downstairs is large-scaled. At this point, I’m thinking, “How will we fit that all in a household refrigerator?” Luckily, whenever food is involved, my mom switches to survival mode, unleashes her superpower, and transforms into supermom. She did it!

When I woke up in the middle of the night to grab a glass of ice for my Coke to quench my thirst, the seafood fell like a landslide and almost buried me alive. Disabled, tired and thirsty, I pick up every piece of Tanhou Foods with my single working hand, and place them back into the fridge, just to find out my mom sacrificed the space to put my ice cube tray for more room for the Tanhou foods she ordered. I had only one hand left to stuff all the Tanhou seafood back into the freezer. I used my single-hand Bruce Lee straight blast several times to finally stuff them all back in without letting the freezer door pop back open. It was quite a battle for a handicapped.

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濕疹也能吃的台灣零污染優質蛋白質:天和鮮物食品開箱試吃評價 / Taiwan's Toxic-free, high-quality seafood and meat protein, safe to eat for eczema diet: Tanhou Foods Open Box Review
戔家挨滿天和鮮物食品的冰箱 / Our fridge stuffed with Taiwan’s Toxic-free, high-quality Tahou seafood and meat

My Open Box tasting for Tanhou Foods this time includes their milkfish balls, milkfish maw and chicken breast. I have been eating them every day for several months now. I am delighted to do a positive review: these items from Tanhou Foods are safe to eat, even for me, who suffers from eczema!

  • Tanhou Foods’ Entrepreneurship Story:

Tanhou Foods‘ founder, Tianhe Liu, suffered from colorectal (colon) cancer in 2000. After eight surgeries, he was advised by his doctor only to eat easily digestible fish as a protein source. However, there were no pure and toxic-free marine fish in Taiwan back then. Liu told himself: “If God can help him get better this time, he will start breeding clean fish that everyone can eat with peace of mind.” Then, Tanhou Foods was born.

I, who have survived over nine lives, have always believed that the reason God leaves us half-dead is not to live a pathetic, boring life but to complete a mission thaat goes above and beyond ourselves. Regrettably, I have not found my mission yet; Liu discovered his. Liu travelled all over Taiwan and found a pure and pollution-free open sea in Penghu, so he used the place as his breeding base. In 2003, Liu established Taiwan‘s first self-produced and self-sold agricultural enterprise. Liu keeps the loss of his health in mind as his reminder of conscience and insists on not using antibiotics or other drugs in the breeding process. Hence, all Tanhou’s fish grow naturally. Liu values the importance of informatization. Thus, he created the first production history records in farming. Every fish in Tanhou has an “ID,” which includes birth, breeding, cutting and transportation records. He bred the first zero-pollution healthy fish in Taiwan. Every Tanhou Foodsfish shipment exceeds the EU standards.

There are no ethical businesses in Taiwan. Tanhou is a moral and trusted company that proves otherwise. Tanhou‘s produce is safe to eat, even for those who suffer from eczema. There are still many food choices from Tanhou, including the high-risk allergen, shellfish, which I am planning to do for my next challenge. Stay tuned for our next open box review for Tanhou Foods! Subscribe to our website (via the right sidebar, do not use the pop-up widget o the lower left widget, it does not work!) or our YouTube channel if you don’t want to miss out!

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