After Breast Cancer乳癌年度募款宴會 Pink Diamond Gala / After Breast Cancer Pink Diamond Gala 2019

乳癌( 中文版 向下看/ scroll down for Chinese version)
(by Sally Warburton, translation by Tanya Hsu)

After Breast Cancer‘s mission is to empower women throughout Canada who are affected by breast cancer / After Breast Cancer的使命在給予全加拿大受乳癌衝擊的婦女正面能量。

Aftercare education, recourses, financial aid and community engagement are all provided. Women who have survived breast cancer still have a long journey of healing, and After Breast Cancer is there to help. After treatment, breast cancer survivors, or referred to as ‘graduates‘ are faced with physical, emotional and financial challenges; After Breast Cancer helps to support these women. Alicia Vianga is the founder and executive director; she was on-site to greet every single person at the Gala.

( 中文版 / Chinese version):

After Breast Cancer(簡稱ABC提供病後教育、資源、經濟援助和社區參與。在乳癌中倖存下來的婦女仍然有很長的康復之路要走,而《After Breast Cancer》可以幫助這些病人。接受治療後,乳癌倖存者雖被稱為「畢業生」,仍要面對生理、心理和經濟上的挑戰;ABC的使命就是要支助這些婦女。 Alicia ViangaABC的創始人兼執行董事在ABC的2019的年度盛大宴會「Pink Diamond Gala現場,親自迎接前來與會的每一位貴賓。

  • Since its inception in 2013, the After Breast Cancer Pink Diamond Gala has grown!

This year’s Gala fundraiser was again an exquisite event. Held at the Liberty Grand, Toronto, it was an afternoon filled with support, emotion and gratefulness. It was a time to be thankful and to celebrate with friends and family and to meet like-minded people who support fundraising and understand breast cancer. Chair and M.C. Sam Ciccolini expressed his appreciation for the support.

( 中文版 / Chinese version):
自2013年創始以來,After Breast CancerPink Diamond Gala不斷壯大成長!募款宴會活動依舊很精采。在多倫多的Liberty Grand場地舉辦,讓這個下午充滿著扶持、溫情和感恩。這是感恩時刻,和朋友、家人一起慶祝,並與病友以及具同理心扶助乳癌募款、志趣相投的人齊聚一堂, 當天的主持人Sam Ciccolini開場致詞時,便表達他感謝所有支持的人。

  • Beautifully dressed guests were greeted and invited to have a photo taken on the ‘red carpet / 盛裝打扮的貴賓們到場時被邀請到紅地毯上拍專業照


The professional photos were printed on the spot and could be purchased for $20 for the cause. The south room was filled with Silent Auction items featuring a vast selection of items, something for everyone! Guests were served wine and hors d’oeuvre. Ten-year-old Roberta Battaglia honoured the guests by singing several upbeat songs with her beautiful voice. Roberta is truly an up and coming music sensation!

Some guests took advantage of the sunny and warm September day by sitting outside on the terrace while admiring the beautiful plants and flowers.

( 中文版 / Chinese version):

盛裝打扮的貴賓們到場時被邀請到紅地毯上拍專業照,並可以20元加幣當場購買印出。其中一個房間裡擺滿了無聲(紙上)拍賣的競標物品, 品項多元,供大家選擇!來賓享用了葡萄酒和精緻開胃小菜。十歲的 Roberta Battaglia用她優美的聲音演唱了幾首歡樂的歌,向來賓致敬。 Roberta的歌聲驚豔全場,絕對是未來的巨星!


  • Luncheon started with welcoming words from Alicia Vianga and Master of Ceremony Sam Ciccolini.

Keynote speaker Suhana Meharchand, CBC News Anchor, spoke candidly about her breast cancer experience. Hearing Suhana’s words reinforced why we were all attending the event – to support those who have suffered from breast cancer.
Olga Lambert, Ambassador for ABC (After Breast Cancer) and a breast cancer survivor herself, was honoured.

( 中文版 / Chinese version):
宴會由Alicia ViangaSam Ciccolini開場致詞歡迎來賓,接著由 CBC新聞主播Suhana Meharchand坦率地分享她親自的乳癌經歷。聽完Suhana的話讓我們更加確認為什麼來參加這次活動,那便是支持罹患乳癌的人。 ABC大使和乳癌生存者Olga Lambert也被邀上台接受榮譽致敬。

Stars and Athletes Come together to Support ABC / 好萊烏巨星、球星傳奇人物前往支持ABC


Leading the Live Auction were Martin Ross and Special guest Hollywood Walk of Fame American actress and Young and Restless Star Kate LinderSylvie Lapointe, ABC Board Senior Vice Chair happily introduced them. The surprise guest was Toronto Maple Leafs‘ hockey legend Wendel Clark whose hockey photos were raffled off and then personally autographed.

( 中文版 / Chinese version):
ABC董事會副主席Sylvie Lapointe接著歡迎主持現場拍賣競標的Martin Ross和特別嘉賓:好萊塢星光大道美國女星以及美劇「年輕和騷動不安的一族」演員Kate Linder。讓全場HIGH到最高點,大概就是當驚喜嘉賓:多倫多楓葉隊的曲棍球傳奇人物Wendel Clark現身的那一刻。Clark當場將自己的曲棍球照上簽上名並捐出當當天抽獎獎項,送給幸運的得獎者。

Canadian singer Andy Kim Performs at ABC Pink Diamond Gala 2019 / 加拿大歌手Andy Kim現身演奏

  • Before dessert, Canadian singer Andy Kim and his band treated to guests to an extraordinary music performance. Bill CarrollCFRB Talk Radio Host introduced Andy Kim and his band. Andy Kim is known for his hits such as Sugar Sugar and Rock Me Gently and being the musician for The Archies cartoons was a big hit. The dance floor filled with people moving to the music and getting photos. Andy Kim and his band’s music was a perfect fit for the event.

( 中文版 / Chinese version):
甜點上桌前,CFRB電台主持人Bill Carroll將加拿大歌手Andy Kim和他的樂團邀請出場為佳賓們表演了一場非凡的音樂演奏。 Andy Kim以他的熱門歌曲「Sugar Sugar」和「Rock Me Gently」而聞名 ,他也是美國大受歡迎的電視卡通節目The Archies的幕後音樂家。他們將現場氣氛炒熱也讓來賓們紛紛進入舞池裡跟著音樂開心的起舞拍照。

The tables were elegantly set with beautiful bouquets of pink roses. Guests received a gift bag at their seats. Raffle tickets could be purchased, and winners were announced near the end of the event. Luncheon was delicious and included a healthy salad to start, chicken or vegetarian main course, cheesecake with fruit for dessert. Wine was generously served throughout the meal; espresso and cappuccino finished the meal. All dishes were beautifully presented, nutritious and delicious.

( 中文版 / Chinese version):
宴會擺桌放著美麗的粉紅玫瑰花束,每位賓客座位擺上一個禮物袋。現場有抽獎券可以購買,得獎者在活動將結束時宣佈。午餐很美味,有開胃的沙拉、雞肉或素食兩種主菜選擇,起士蛋糕和水果當甜點,配義式濃縮咖啡或卡布奇諾。主辦單位在整場宴會中慷慨地供應葡萄酒,所有菜餚在擺盤上都精美的呈現 。

The After Breast Cancer Pink Diamond Gala is a fundraiser, a supportive celebration and a time to learn more about how we can support those affected with breast cancer. It is a wonderful event, one not to be missed. For more information on the program, click on our previous coverage:

after BREAST CANCER 6th Annual Pink Diamond Gala 2018

First Annual Pink Diamond Fundraising Gala for After Breast Cancer

( 中文版 / Chinese version):

After Breast Cancer 的Pink Diamond Gala是一個幫助大眾了解、學習如何支持乳癌患者以及幫助乳癌患者的公益募款活動,不容錯過。有關該計劃的更多訊息,看時尚高潮歷屆的報導:


after BREAST CANCER 6th Annual Pink Diamond Gala 2018

2013 (首屆):

First Annual Pink Diamond Fundraising Gala for After Breast Cancer

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