An Introduction to Traditional Spanish Food Products / 西班牙傳統美食&食品介紹

An Introduction to Traditional Spanish Food Products / 西班牙傳統美食&食品介紹

(Chinese translation by Tanya)

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From a food lover‘s perspective, Spain offers so much. Its location on the Iberian Peninsula ( between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean), its variety of topography ( mountains, valleys and desert) and variations in climate all come together to create a gastronomy paradise.

Fashion Ecstasy was fortunate to try some of the most essential food products from Spain and learn more about their background.

中文版 / Chinese version:

從美食家的角度來看,西班牙能提供的美食太多了。 它位於伊比利亞半島(大西洋和地中海之間),地理景觀多元(有山脈、山谷和沙漠)以及氣候變化的優勢下將西班牙塑造成美食天堂。


  • Spanish Olives & Olive Oil / 西班牙橄欖 & 橄欖油:

Spain’s mountain slopes and temperatures make it perfect for growing olives (over 350 million olives are grown throughout the country) and producing olive oil (1.7 million tons annually). As a result, Spain is responsible for about half of the world’s olive oil supply. Olives are delicious eaten on their own, salted, or stuffed.

中文版 / Chinese version:

西班牙的山坡和氣溫非常適合種植橄欖,全國各地種植超過3.5億顆橄欖,每年可生產170萬噸橄欖油。因此,西班牙佔世界橄欖油供應量約達一半。 橄欖不僅可以直接食用,醃製或填塞橄欖又是別有一番美味。

The most common table olives are Gordal, Manzanilla, Hojiblanca and Cacereña, which are mostly found in Andalusia. Gordal has a low oil content, so it is used for eating only. Manzanilla has a high oil content so it can be used for both eating and oil production. Hojiblanca can be used both for eating and oil production. Its oil is of high quality, but the yield per olive is much lower. Cacereña is primarily used for eating and has a saltier taste.

中文版 / Chinese version:

戈達爾 (Gordal)、曼莎尼雅 (Manzanilla)、白葉HojiblancaCacereña橄欖是安達盧西亞最常見的橄欖。 戈達爾(Gordal)的油含量低,因此僅用於直接食用。 曼莎尼雅(Manzanilla)含油量很高,因此不僅可直接食用,也適合和製成橄欖油。 Hojiblanca也可直接食用或用來生產橄欖油。 它的油品質雖高,但生產量比率卻低得多。 Cacereña橄欖因為口味較鹹,主要用於直接食用。

  • Olive oil is considered “liquid gold” and is a key ingredient in Spanish

cuisine. Many dishes require the use of extra virgin oil.

Hacienda Guzman Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very light and flavourful with a mild fruity taste. It is created by blending Hojiblanca, manzanilla and arbequina olives, which results in a green oil with a distinct green apple aroma. It is also bio-organic. Great for use in salads, soups, pasta dishes and grilled meats.

中文版 / Chinese version:

橄欖油在西方被譽為「液體黃金」,也是西班牙料理中的關鍵食材。 許多菜餚料理過程都需要使用特級冷壓橄欖油。

Hacienda Guzman特級冷壓橄欖油非常清淡並帶有淡淡的果香味。 它是混合hojiblanca,manzanilla和arbequina橄欖製成,製造出來的橄欖油呈綠色並散發明顯的青蘋果香氣,採生物有機肥種植,非常適合配沙拉、湯、義大利麵和烤肉。

Persimmon is a traditional fruit from Spain. There are several varieties of persimmons. We got to try the Persimon®, the Rojo Brillante variety grown in Ribera del Xúquer (Valencia area). This type is larger and longer in size than the others. It also tastes very sweet. These are only available in the fall-winter season.

中文版 / Chinese version:

柿子是西班牙的傳統水果。西班牙柿有好幾種。 我們品嘗的Persimon®是在Ribera delXúquer(瓦倫西亞地區)所種植的Rojo Brillante品種。 這品種比其他柿子更大更長,味道也更甜,但僅在秋冬季節生產。

  • Spanish Cheese / 西班牙起司:

Spanish Cheese / 西班牙起司
Spanish Duero Iberico Semi Curado Cheese / 西班牙伊比利亞奶酪

There are many types of cheeses found in Spain. The most popular one is the Iberico cheese. This variety is only produced in Valladolid in central Spain. We tasted the Duero Iberico Semi Curado Cheese, a semi-soft blend of cow’s milk (50%), goat’s milk (30%), and sheep’s milk (10%). Duero Iberico Semi Curado Cheese has a slightly tart taste and is quite smooth. It tastes delicious on its own and can be added to any recipe.

中文版 / Chinese version:

西班牙生產許多類型的奶酪起士。 最受歡迎的是伊比利亞奶酪。 該品種僅在西班牙中部的華拉杜列(Valladolid)生產。 我們品嚐了Duero Iberico Semi Curado奶酪,這是用50%的牛奶、30%的山羊奶和10%的綿羊奶混合製成的,吃起來略帶酸味卻非常順口。 它不但單吃味道鮮美,亦可以添加到任何食譜中。

  • Spanish Preserved Fish & Seafood / 西班牙醃製魚&海鮮:

Spain is also known worldwide for high quality preserved fish and seafood. In Galicia, the focus is on preserving mussels, sardines, octopus and clams.  Conservas de Cambados has some exciting options in their product lines.

中文版 / Chinese version:

西班牙還以優質的醃製魚類和海鮮而聞名世界。 加利西亞 (Galicia)著重於保存淡菜、沙丁魚、章魚和蛤蜊。 Conservas de Cambados在其產品系列中有一些令人興奮的選擇。

Mussels from Galicia in Marinade consists of lightly pickled steamed mussels in a flavoured olive oil and wine vinegar marinade.

Small Sardines in Olive Oil is a tender and mild sardine that tasted great when added to a salad.

Octopus in Galician Sauce is the iconic dish of the region. Octopus is preserved in olive oil and flavored with Spanish paprika.

Razor clams in brine are long, slender clams so tasty that they can even be eaten straight from the can.

中文版 / Chinese version:

來自Marinede加利西亞的淡菜是用蒸過的淡菜在調味橄欖油和葡萄酒醋中醃製而成。橄欖油中的小沙丁魚是一種味道較溫和、口感較嫩的沙丁魚,適合添加到沙拉中提味。章魚沾加利西亞醬汁是該地區的代表性菜餚。 章魚用橄欖油醃製,並用西班牙辣椒粉調味。醃製在鹽水中的剃刀蛤蜊是很細長的蛤蜊,其味道好吃到甚至可以直接從罐中食用。

  • Spanish Tapas & Cured Meats / 西班牙臘肉 & TAPAS小菜:

Tapas are little bites (Spanish version of appetizers) that can be eaten on their own, as a snack or combined into a meal. Usually paired with an alcoholic drink, these can consist of bread, meats and cheeses. Espuña Tapas Essentials provides tapas ready cured Spanish meats. The Chorizo Ring Salami is a tribute to the history of curing sausages for 30 days in a ring. The ring made it easy to tie together, hang and cure. The Serrano Ham is obtained from white pigs and is cured at high altitudes for several months. The longer duration in curing makes the ham more concentrated in flavour. It is produced in Aragon, Granada and Andalusia.


中文版 / Chinese version:

西班牙Tapas是西班牙風味的開胃小菜,可以單獨食用、做為零食小吃、也可以當作正餐食用。 通常搭配酒精飲料佳,這些小菜時常包括麵包、肉和奶酪。 Espuña Tapas Essentials提供可以加入西班牙TAPAS小吃的西班牙熟食肉。 其Chorizo Ring Salami薩拉米香腸是經30天醃製而成,其歷史悠久,深具代表性。 香腸的環狀使它容易束綁、懸掛和醃製。 塞拉諾火腿(Serrano Ham)是用白豬肉在高海拔地區醃製數個月才能製成,醃製時間越長,火腿的風味就越濃。 它在西班牙的亞拉岡Aragon)、格拉納達Granada)和安達盧西亞Andalusia)地區生產。

  • Now that Fashion Ecstasy has introduced you to so many yummy Spanish traditional foods, be on the lookout for these fantastic Spanish food products in your local grocery store.

中文版 / Chinese version:



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