Belvedere Vodka – Relearn Natural & #KnowTheDifference

Belvedere Vodka, manufactured in Poland, is known for its great taste and at their “Relearn Natural” event, we had the opportunity to fully understand their all-natural philosophy. Held in the penthouse of a stunning condo overlooking Toronto city, we learned about the making of the vodka and had the chance to be our own mixologists while learning the secret of creating the perfect Belvedere Spritz.

Belvedere is made from only two ingredients: sustainable rye grown in Poland and reverse osmosis water. Their commitment to the 2013 Polish Geographical Appellation (which protects over 700 years of traditional Polish vodka production techniques) is very important. The Belvedere Raw Spirit Programme has Belvedere partnered with the Agricultural University of Lodz to allow the local farmers in Poland to be kept up to date with developments in rye cultivation. This maintains the high level of quality that Belvedere is known for. Sourcing locally is done wherever possible.

Keeping it simple and real is very important. While many brands of flavoured vodka have sugar and additives, Belvedere does not. Their flavoured vodka features whole fruit and lemon with no added sugar.

Sabrine Dhaliwal, Belvedere‘s national mixologist, tutored us in the art of making the Belvedere Spritz. The view is that cocktails should be simple and uncomplicated with minimal ingredients.

We poured 1.5 oz of Belvedere Vodka, added ice, .15 mil of Lillet Blanc (a French aperitif wine), topped with San Pellegrino water, 2 slices of grapefruit, and fresh cut thyme (yes we cut it directly off the plant). It was so refreshing.

Belvedere Spritz ingredients
Belvedere Spritz ingredients

As part of the Belvedere cocktail collection, the basic Belvedere Spritz recipe can be adapted (replacing the pink grapefruit and the Lillet Blanc) to create variations including Belvedere Cucumber Spritz (using cucumber and Dolin Blanc vermouth), Belvedere Herbal Spritz (using rosemary stem, orange slice and Aperol), Belvedere Mint Spritz (using Fernet Branca and fresh mint), Belvedere Citrus Spritz (using Martini Extra Dry vermouth, lemon and lime slices), Belvedere Peach Spritz (using Martini Bianco semi sweet vermouth, peach slices and a vanilla pod), Belvedere Ginger Spritz (using sweet vermouth, ginger and orange slices), Belvedere Spiced Spritz (using Dolin Rouge sweet vermouth, orange slices and star anise), Belvedere Cherry Spritz (using a dash of Maraschino liqueur, lemon slices and maraschino cherry) and Belvedere Thyme Spritz (using Dolin Blanc dry vermouth and cucumber ribbons).
All are very easy to make and great to share with guests.

To complement the Belvedere Spritz, we enjoyed oysters and grilled vegetables.

(photos by Tanya)

It was a wonderful experience to learn about how Belvedere Vodka is committed to creating a natural, quality and tasty product that we all can enjoy.


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