Cabin for Life Barber and Gentlemen Supply Opens 2nd location in Toronto

The opening of the second Cabin for Life Barber and Gentlemen Supply store took place on Thursday, April 19th, 2018. On an unusually cold day in April, guests were immediately warmed up by the hospitality and the welcoming cottage feel of the new CABIN store. Located in the Queen’s Quay Terminal Mall by Lake Ontario makes an ideal place for owner Louie Manzo’s second location. The first Cabin for Life Store located in Port Credit, Mississauga opened in December 2015.

The Canadiana theme is seen throughout the Cabin store. Welcoming guests upon entering is the beautiful wooden plaque of a huge maple leaf. Where did the idea of the CABIN arise?
Owner Louie grew up in the barber shop environment with his father who was a traditional barber. Growing up, Louie realized what an important part the Barbershop played in people’s lives at that time. So in his Cabin for Life Barber and Gentlemen Supply stores he wanted to recreate the Barbershop experience. By opening CABIN Louie creates this environment by offering barber services and selling unique men’s grooming products and accessories.
The opening evening allowed guests to see the set-up of Barber chairs in the open area – walls decorated with antlers and snowshoes, wooden framed mirrors and wooden boxes for storage of folded towels for barber use. Lots of hair and beard product for men. Guests enjoyed the complimentary old-fashioned shaves and trims offered by the barbers.
Guests were treated to a variety of cheeses, meats, and delicious dips. Mini-salads with blueberries, tasty corn medley dishes, chicken sliders and delightful cornmeal muffins from Joe Bird restaurant also located in Queens Quay Terminal.
The friendly bartender mixed up Old Fashion drinks with Jack Daniel’s Rye, compliments of The Goodman Pub and Kitchen & Jack Daniel’s Rye.
Rob of Vanek Whiskey Events led whiskey tasting sessions for small groups. Samples of Blue Buck Beer from Phillips Brewing and Malting Co. whose motto is “Beer responsibly brewed.” were offered.
Guests also had the opportunity to try out different models of electric scooters by Electric Avenue Urban Transportation.
>Colourful ties, bracelets even men’s jewelry and gifts displayed on antique books from Toronto designer and brand Vitaly were available for purchase.. Available also are “Cut above the Rest” brand gentleman’s products including manicure sets. For sale are a variety of Canadian brands of men’s grooming products on CABIN’s shelves such as bowties, socks, underwear, hats and seasonal accessories.
Located in Queens Quay is the perfect spot to attract tourists and Torontonians alike. For those who want to remember a time at the cottage, then the CABIN helps create that environment. It’s also a space where Louie plans on hosting special events. The atmosphere was friendly, welcoming – a place for men to be pampered.

by Sally Warburton


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