Halloween at Casa Loma Toronto Haunted Tour 2020 / 多倫多卡薩洛馬古堡2020萬聖節鬼屋遊

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Halloween at Casa Loma Toronto Haunted Tour 2020 / 多倫多卡薩洛馬古堡2020萬聖節鬼屋遊

Toronto’s Casa Loma is the former home of Sir Henry Pellatt and hosts over 650,000 visitors annually. It’s a very unique destination in Toronto with its stunning 98 rooms and beautiful gardens. For the past few years, the castle has transformed itself into a Halloween wonderland called “Halloween at Casa Loma.” Given the current regulations due to the pandemic, Casa Loma provides a Safe Spooky Walking Tour of the grounds and tunnels.

中文版 / Chinese version:
多倫多卡薩洛馬古堡(Casa Loma)是富豪亨利·佩爾拉特(Henry Pellatt)的故居,每年接待超過65萬名遊客。這座古堡是多倫多一個非常獨特的旅遊勝地,擁有令人驚嘆的98間客房和美輪美奐的花園。在近幾年中,此城堡在萬聖季節裡將該場地打造成一座名為 「Halloween at Casa Loma」的萬聖節仙境。鑑於當前新型冠狀病毒疫情管制,Casa Loma今年提供具有安全防疫措施的地上和隧道的幽靈徒步之旅。

  • Eventing while Staying Safe / 兼顧防疫措施,玩得安心:

In this self-guided tour, guests get to experience the castle at its scariest and see firsthand the fantastic sets and decor while following safety protocols, including mask-wearing, social distancing, and contact tracing.

中文版 / Chinese version:

  • Historic Site Creates a Spooky Atmosphere / 悠久歷史古蹟打造詭異氣氛:

Walking through the grounds, one can feel the years of history and perhaps a ghost (or two). We heard a few screams (actually, some of them were our own, lol).
Visitors were caught off guard by what jumped out of the caskets and gravestones while tackling the steps leading up to the castle. When we looked up, we saw Dracula. Yikes! Thankfully he was in a cage, and we were safe for the time being.

中文版 / Chinese version:

  • Classic Horror Movie Scenes / 用心打造「大法師」、《鬼店》等各種經典鬼片場景:

The Halloween sets were well detailed and embraced the spirit of the season. Beware of skeletons “dining” around the table. And the refrigerator which has a special surprise inside. When an evil looking clown guides you to go “This Way” and one is then surrounded by some very creepy clowns, maybe it’s best to walk by as quickly as possible. Of course, then one sees a woman who looks like she was in the horror film “The Exorcist.” So one has to move even faster.

中文版 / Chinese version:


The castle looks ominous, yet beautiful, with the ghostly projections on it. The surrounding fountains, bathed in red light, look almost bloody. Walking through the underground tunnels, there were plenty of scenes of macabre. The blood-covered woman who kept motioning us to come closer. The demon baby in his cradle. The bodies hanging in chains. It was scary at times but also loads of fun.

中文版 / Chinese version:

  • Casa Loma Hotel / 卡薩羅瑪飯店:


We entered the Casa Loma Hotel, which is referred to as “the most unique place on the North American continent to dine, dance, and entertain.” We imagine most who check-in never leave. The words ” REDRUM” painted in blood (memories of Stephen King‘s classic “The Shining“) was seen on the wall. That was not reassuring, lol.

中文版 / Chinese version:
我們進入「Casa Loma Hotel(卡薩羅瑪飯店)」,該飯店被名為「在北美擁有最獨特的飲食和舞蹈的娛樂場所」。我們想也許大多數入住的旅館都進得去、出不來。再來,牆上看到了塗有鮮血的單詞“ REDRUM”(史蒂芬·金的經典之作《閃靈》(台譯:《鬼店》)的場景)並沒讓我們能鬆一口氣。

  • There were corpses covered in white sheets on gurneys in the old stables, waiting to be dealt with.

We wandered out, just in time before nothing more would happen.

Hotel at

中文版 / Chinese version:

Head over to this spooky and impressive haunted castle and book your timed tickets.

  • Halloween at Casa Loma’sTicket Information / 購票資訊:

Halloween at Casa Loma is open from 9:30am – 10 pm daily. General Admission tickets are available at www.casaloma.ca. The sets will be in place until November 1.

中文版 / Chinese version:

卡薩洛馬古堡Halloween at Casa Loma鬼屋遊活動開放時間為每天上午9:30 –晚上10點。普通門票可在www.casaloma.ca上手刀搶。套票將開放購買至11月1日。


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