Cassatt-McNicoll: Impressionists Between Worlds – A Transformative Exhibition at AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)

Cassatt-McNicoll: Impressionists Between Worlds – A Transformative Exhibition at AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)

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The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) held the media tour of the new exhibition of Mary Cassatt and Helen McNicoll entitled “Cassatt- McNicoll: Impressionists Between Worlds,” which is open until September 4, 2023. The AGO Curator of European Art, Dr. Caroline Shields, curated the exhibition.

  • Discover the Groundbreaking Exhibition of Mary Cassatt and Helen McNicoll at AGO:

Experience the groundbreaking exhibition “Cassatt-McNicoll: Impressionists Between Worlds” at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). Delve into the remarkable works of Mary Cassatt and Helen McNicoll, showcasing 50 captivating paintings, sketchbooks, and archival materials.

  • Unprecedented Pairing of Exceptional Artists in North America:

Witness the first-ever display of Cassatt’s art in Canada and the unprecedented pairing of these two exceptional artists in North America. Explore the harmonious blend of Impressionism and feminist perspectives, celebrating womanhood and bridging cultural boundaries. Join us until September 4, 2023, for a transformative artistic journey. Free admission for AGO Members, Indigenous peoples, visitors aged 25 and under, and AGO Annual Pass holders.

Introduction: The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) invites you to embark on an extraordinary artistic voyage through its latest exhibition, “Cassatt-McNicoll: Impressionists Between Worlds.” This groundbreaking showcase marks a significant moment in Canadian art history, presenting Mary Cassatt‘s exceptional works unprecedented in the country while uniting her with the remarkable Helen McNicoll on North American soil. With an impressive collection of 50 paintings, works on paper, sketchbooks, and archival materials, this exhibition invites visitors to explore the rich tapestry of Impressionism through a lens of empowerment and cultural exploration. Curated by the esteemed Dr. Caroline Shields, AGO Curator of European Art, this collection promises to captivate and inspire art enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

  • Embracing Impressionism and Empowering Women in Art:

Embracing Impressionism and Empowering Women: Impressionism, renowned for its vibrant colours, the play of light, and focus on everyday subjects, serves as the backdrop for Cassatt and McNicoll’s exploration of the modern woman‘s role in society. In an era where women faced significant barriers to art education, Both artists emancipated themselves from the constraints of their individual abodes in the United States and Canada to embark on European journeys in pursuit of their artistic careers. The result is an exceptional body of work that celebrates womanhood on its own terms.

  • Insights from Dr. Caroline Shields – AGO Curator of European Art:

Insights from Dr. Caroline Shields: Dr. Caroline Shields, the AGO Curator of European Art and the visionary behind this groundbreaking exhibition, sheds light on the significance of “Cassatt-McNicoll: Impressionists Between Worlds.” She remarks, “These artworks surpass their inherent beauty and venture into the profound depths of the human experience.” They portray these two exceptional artists’ struggles and triumphs, highlighting the ongoing dialogue between art and society. Through their remarkable talent, Cassatt and McNicoll challenge social conventions, inspiring us to reconsider the limitations placed upon women in their time and beyond.”

  • Experience the Transformative Journey at AGO:

A Transformative Experience at the AGO: With its commitment to fostering cultural understanding and promoting artistic excellence, the AGO invites art enthusiasts, historians, and curious minds alike to immerse themselves in this transformative exhibition. “Cassatt-McNicoll: Impressionists Between Worlds” offers a rare opportunity to witness the union of two artistic pioneers and explore the diverse narratives woven into each brushstroke. Engage with the stories of these remarkable women, discover their creative processes, and gain a fresh perspective on evolving roles of women in the art world.
“Cassatt – McNicoll: Impressionists Between Worlds” is an exciting exhibition as it is the first significant showing of Cassatt’s works in Canada and the first time these two artists have been exhibited together in North America. The collection includes 50 paintings, works on paper, sketchbooks and archival materials.

These two extraordinary talents used the style of Impressionism (which focussed on colour, light and everyday subjects) to give attention to the modern woman in a generation when women were not given access to art education. Cassatt and McNicholl both left their homes in USA and Canada, respectively, to travel to Europe to pursue their careers as artists.
“Cassatt and McNicoll’s paintings celebrate womanhood on its own terms. In addition to their sheer beauty, these artworks are alive with underlying tension – between one’s birthplace and chosen home, between the professional and the domestic, between social expectations and personal ambitions,” says Dr. Caroline Shields, AGO Curator, European Art.

  • Plan Your Visit and Immerse Yourself in Remarkable Artistry:

Plan Your Visit: The exhibition will be open until September 4, 2023, allowing visitors ample time to indulge in the remarkable artistry on display. Admission is free for AGO Members, Indigenous peoples, visitors aged 25 and under, and AGO Annual Pass holders, fostering inclusivity and accessibility for all. Mark your calendars and get excited for your visit to the AGO for an unforgettable journey through “Cassatt-McNicoll: Impressionists Between Worlds.”
Admission to Cassatt – McNicoll: Impressionists Between Worlds is free for all AGO Members, Indigenous peoples, visitors aged 25 and under and AGO Annual Pass holders.

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