Exclusive Interview with Peter Loung – A super Star with Depth and Talents More than Meets the Eye / 時尚高潮獨家專訪 – Peter Loung – 超有深度、才華洋溢的超級巨星

Exclusive Interview with Peter Loung – A super Star with Depth and Talents More than Meets the Eye / 時尚高潮獨家專訪 – Peter Loung – 超有深度、才華洋溢的超級巨星

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(中譯:殘編 / Chinese translation: Tanya)

Peter Loung is a very modern renaissance man. His many talents have taken him on a fantastic journey into the worlds of acting, music, acrobatics and fashion. Not many people can say that they were a child music prodigy in guitar at five years old. He has composed and produced many songs for himself and other artists. His acrobatic skills were noticed by Cirque Du Soleil and led him to perform with the company for several years. He also has studied martial arts, particularly the Wing Chun and Shaolin systems of Kung Fu.

Exclusive Interview with Peter Loung - A super Star with Depth and Talents More than Meets the Eye / 時尚高潮獨家專訪 - Peter Loung - 超有深度、才華洋溢的超級巨星Exclusive Interview with Peter Loung - A super Star with Depth and Talents More than Meets the Eye / 時尚高潮獨家專訪 - Peter Loung - 超有深度、才華洋溢的超級巨星
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中文版 / Chinese version:
Peter Loung 是一位非常現代化又兼具文藝復興時期氣質、才華洋溢的藝人。 他的眾多才能使他踏上演戲音樂雜技時尚世界中的「 Super Star超級明星旅程。 即便是音樂家,沒有多少人敢說自己從五歲時就是一個會彈吉他音樂神童Peter Loung不僅為自己,還為其他藝術家創作製作過許多歌曲。 他的雜技技巧受到加拿大甚至全世界規模最大的戲劇表演出品公司「太陽馬戲團」(Cirque du Soleil)關注,並挖角他在該公司表演了數年。 除了雜技外,他對武術,特別是永春少林功夫也曾鑽研學習。

As an actor, he currently stars as Sammy Sun, the troubled son of a wealthy Asian businessman living in Canada, in the tv series Rising Suns.
A few of his many projects that Loung has acted in are Creeped Out, Shadowhunters, Odd Squad, In Contempt, Neon Knights and Designated Survivor.

中文版 / Chinese version:
身為一名演員,他目前在電視劇《Rising Suns》中飾演一位居住在加拿大的亞洲富商的兒子 Sammy SunLoung所飾演的Sammy角色在劇中陷入種種困境。
Loung 其他眾多的作品包含影集詭奇怪談》(英文:Creeped Out)、電視劇闇影獵人》(英文:Shadowhunters)、電視劇神奇小探員》(英文:Odd Squad)、影集藐視法庭》(英文:In Contempt)、Neon Knights電視劇指定倖存者》(港譯《白宮危機》; 英文:Designated Survivor)。

Peter talked to Fashion Ecstasy about his life and career.

中文版 / Chinese version:
時尚高潮這週很榮幸面對面獨家專訪Peter Loung採訪過程中, Loung跟我們講述了他的人生事業的旅程,以下為時尚高潮獨家採訪Peter Loung的內容:

  • Fashion Ecstasy’s Exclusive Interview with Peter Loung / Peter Loung / 時尚高潮與巨星Peter Loung獨家專訪:

  • FE (Q): How did you make the transition from musician to acrobat?

Loung (A): My road to becoming an acrobat was long, arduous and riddled with injury. However, the transition from musician to acrobat was organic and seamless. I remember when I was very young, I visited the CNE, went on rides, played rigged sideshow games, ate artery-clogging goodness, and watched a circus performance. I saw people dressed in bright costumes take to the sky with ease that baffled my then juvenile mind. But what fascinated me most about the performance was the group of musicians who were integrated into the show. At that moment, I realized that I could be a multi-disciplinary performer who could transcend the boundaries and stereotypes of any one art form. To this day, this epiphany continues to be my mantra.

中文版 / Chinese version:
Loung (答):我成為一名雜技演員的道路漫長而艱鉅,過程中還傷病纏身。 然而,從音樂家雜技演員的過渡是自然、無縫的。 我記得在很小的時候去CNE加拿大年度博覽)騎馬、玩各式各樣的嘉年華園遊會遊戲、吃足以讓人心肌梗塞的美食、觀看馬戲團演出。 當我看到特技演員們穿著亮麗鮮豔的服裝,輕鬆地飛上天空時,當時我幼小的心靈便陷入沈思。 但與其說我欣賞特技表演,這場演出讓我更著迷的是能完全融入演出的那群音樂家的世界。 那一刻,我意識到自己也可以朝這方面發展、成為一位跨業界的表演者,可以超越、打破任何一種藝術形式的界限和刻板印象。 直到今天,這個頓悟仍然是我的宗旨。

  • FE: What got you interested in acting?
    時尚高潮(問): 你是怎麼對演戲產生興趣的?

Loung: I remember watching an old Bruce Lee film and saying to myself, “wouldn’t that be an amazing life?” The notion of appearing on the silver screen portraying larger-than-life characters and personas truly spoke to me. Couple that with the fact that it is a career that is “off-the-beaten-track,” and I was sold. Furthermore, actors have a mystique surrounding them. This certain celebrity status has afforded them a lifestyle and countenance revered in the mainstream conscience for better or worse. It would be delusive of me to say that the prospect of wealth and fame is not alluring and intoxicating. However, acclaim and monetary prestige have never been my driving factors. What vitalizes me is the achievement of the impossible. In his famous address, John F. Kennedy brazenly proclaimed, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” I am drawn to acting because it is hard. To me, the possible rewards far outweigh the sacrifices needed for success and because I have always had a rebellious spirit. It is the road less travelled.
中文版 / Chinese version:

  • FE: Who are your inspirations for your acting?

Loung: I am an enormous fan of the British system of theatre. Actors like Sir Lawrence Olivier, Sir Kenneth Branagh or Sir Ian McKellen command the stage with such presence that you hang with bated breath on their every word. Their mastery of delivery and soliloquy is almost Angelic, shuffling off this mortal coil and entering the realm of the divine. I am genuinely an admirer of Johnny Depp. Johnny is an actor, in my humble opinion, who has charted his career path by himself and for himself, and in doing so, has created characters that are both iconic and honest. Johnny Depp inspires my rebel soul not just by his abundance of talent and swagger but by staying true to himself in a culture where pandering to particular agendas or trends is the norm and the expectation.
中文版 / Chinese version:
Loung(答):我是英國戲劇體系的忠實粉絲。 像勞倫斯奧立佛爵士(英文Sir Lawrence Olivier)、肯尼斯·布萊納爵士(英文:Sir Kenneth Branagh)或伊恩麥克連爵士(英文:Sir Ian McKellen)這樣的演員以超存在感掌控舞台,他們的權威達到每開口說一句話都足以讓人屏住呼吸。 他們對表達和獨白的掌握美如天使般,擺脫凡間俗人的界線,將戲劇帶進神聖的領域。
我另外也崇拜強尼戴普 (英文Johnny Depp) 。強尼戴普不僅擅用自己豐富的才華和超獨特風格為自己的演藝生涯鋪路,在過程中塑造出既經典又誠懇的角色強尼戴普能在大眾將追隨某些流行趨勢、遵循潛規則視為常態文化的氛圍下忠於自己,激發我的反叛靈魂。

  • FE (Q): What types of roles do you enjoy playing?

Loung (A): I learned very early on in my career to “never judge a book by its cover” and have lived by this axiom ever since. The characters who speak to me are flawed individuals at war with their inner demons but have to put on a façade for everyone to see and accept. This interior assault is what truly intrigues me when creating a character. The exploration into the chasms and crannies of the human condition while searching for truth and beauty in the struggle is of utmost importance to me. I like surprising people, and taking a seemingly, two-dimensional archetype and slowly peeling back the layers of their psyche to reveal a third and fourth dimension is something magical and takes the viewer on a ride of discovery. The roles I am drawn to are ones where I have the opportunity to have a subtle yet crucial subtext in the character‘s psychological makeup.
中文版 / Chinese version:
我在職業生涯的初期就領悟到「never judge a book by its cover(中譯:「永遠不要通過封面來判斷一本書」,意指:不能以貌取人)的道理,並且從那時起就一直遵循這個道理。 能激發我興趣的角色都是有缺陷、與內心的惡魔交戰中卻還得裝出一個讓大眾都能接受的外表的角色。 在創造角色時,這種內心的交戰才是真正讓我著迷的地方。 在尋找真理和美好同時深入人性的縫隙中做深層的探索,對我來說至關重要。 我喜歡出乎意料的帶給觀眾驚喜。將一個看似二度空間、經典平面的角色,慢慢層層剝開他們心靈的層次,再揭露他們的第三和第四度空間的層次是一種非常有魅力、能帶著觀眾踏上發跡之旅的手法。 吸引我的角色是那些能讓我有機會飾演在角色心理中表面淺層之外,還有更深層的潛台詞的角色。

  • FE (A): Are you working on any songs presently?

Loung: Most recently, I have been producing actor Chloe Madison‘s debut album and composing symphony orchestra works exploring the textures and timbres only symphonic orchestration can allow. Music has always been, and will always be, an enormous part of my life, and even if I am not actively recording, my everyday existence is based on “song.” I deliver lines to how I answer questions in an interview based on my understanding of song form, harmony, counterpoint, tone, timbre, and structure. So you can say that I am always working on songs!
中文版 / Chinese version:
最近我不但在製作演員Chloe Madison的首張專輯,也在創作只有交響樂團才能允許的質感和音色的交響樂作品。 音樂一直是、也將永遠是我生命中的重要部分,即使我沒在創作,我的日常生活也總有「歌曲」的存在。 我在面試中回答問題的方式都是基於我對歌曲形式、和聲、對位、音調、音色和結構的認知和理解。 所以你也可以說我無時無刻都在創作音樂!

  • FE (A): Which directors would you like to work with ideally?

Loung: I admire directors who have an unapologetic artistic vision. People like Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino or Sofia Coppola have clarity and view of their product which is awe-inspiring, thought-provoking and, often, disconcerting. These directors, and myriad others who share the same precision of purpose, are who I would like to work with in the future.

>中文版 / Chinese version:
我很欣賞擁有無懈可擊的藝術視野的導演。 像提姆波頓(英文:Tim Burton)、昆汀塔倫提諾英文Quentin Tarantino)或蘇菲亞柯波拉(英文:Sofia Coppola)這樣對自己的作品有清楚認知的人令人敬佩、發人深省。 像這些導演以及其他無數有同樣精確目標的人,都是我想與之合作的人。

  • FE: Have you always been interested in fashion?

Loung (A): Fashion has always been important to me but on an unconscious level. I have always been drawn to fashion, clothing aesthetics. I was often ridiculed throughout my youth, as I could never be pigeon-holed into “one style.” Moreover, I drew fashion choices from a wide variety of sources creating, what could only be referred to as a sense of style. So yes, I have always been interested in fashion and, subsequently, that interest has spawned into a passion. If I had to pick who influences me the most, I would have to say, Philipp Plein, Pierre Balmain, John Varvatos and Alexander McQueen. These designers encapsulate everything in which I wear and has had a direct influence on my clothing line, Persona Couture.

中文版 / Chinese version:
時尚對我來說一直很重要,但是在無意識的層面上。 我一直被時尚服裝美學所吸引。 在我的青年時代經常被嘲笑,因為我永遠不能被歸類為單一的一種形象。 此外,我在做時尚選擇時會從各種來源中汲取靈感,這也許只能稱為「風格」。 所以我的確始終對時尚感興趣,隨後也從這興趣產生了熱情。 如果讓我選出時尚界對我影響最大的人,我不得不說,像是菲利浦普莱因Philipp Plein)、皮埃爾巴爾曼Pierre Balmain)、约翰瓦维托斯John Varvatos) 和 亞歷山大麥昆Alexander McQueen)一樣的設計師概括我從頭到尾的造型,並直接影響我的服裝系列 Persona Couture

  • FE (Q): Being on magazine covers is quite an honour. How does it feel when you see yourself on a cover or in an editorial for these magazines?
    登上雜誌封面是一種榮幸。 當您在這些雜誌的封面或內刊中看到自己時,感覺如何?

Loung (A): In a word, humbled. In this day and age of cyber-celebrities and social media stardom, it is easy to get lost in the ether of likes and followers. Still, there is something tangible and palpable when someone else takes the time to appreciate and promote something outside of themselves. So when I see myself on the cover of a magazine or in an editorial spread, I pause to acknowledge not only my accomplishment. Moreover, the fact that someone outside of my direct circle has recognized my brand and me by putting faith in my likeness to advertise their product. Furthermore, it is a surreal and humbling experience knowing the factors involved in being published in a magazine.

中文版 / Chinese version:
總而言之,「謙虛」二字。 在這個人人都能當網紅、社交媒體每天都有暴紅新人的時代,作為一個名人很容易被麻醉、迷失在被按讚和粉絲人數中。 也因為如此,當其他人多花時間欣賞和宣傳自己以外的東西時,顯得更加真實。 因此,當我在雜誌封面或內刊中看到自己時,我停下來看到的不只是自己的成就,還會領悟到圈外的人對我的肯定,以致信任我、藉由我的形象來宣傳他們的品牌和產品。 此外,了解在雜誌被刊登所涉及剛剛所提及的種種因素,是一種超現實和謙遜的體驗。


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