Experience TIFF 2013 Through Samsung Galaxy Camera

My TIFF 2013 experience couldn’t have been so great without the new Samsung Galaxy Camera. One thing I hate about attending events as a blogger is to have to carry a big camera along with me at all times, thus when I had my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Camera I fell in love with it instantly. The Samsung Galaxy Camerashoots like a pro and shares like a smart phone”. It is wi-fi enabled and has a sim card slot. Through the power of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean I could shoot and share images through all social networking apps.

(aside from the watermarks, images in this post are no way rendered/ post edited)

shot with Samsung Galaxy Camera
shot with Samsung Galaxy Camera

Shooting with Samsung Galaxy Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Camera shoots amazing vivid photos and videos. Here are some pictures taken from some TIFF 2013 events:

The TIFF 2013 TDot TV Lounge hosted at King Blue Condos (click to enlarge):

Chatelaine & The Shopping Channel event with Isaac Mizrahi (click to enlarge):

I was actually standing pretty far away from Isaac Mizrahi. The camera’s 21x Super Long Zoom allowed me to take clear pictures from a distance.

TIFF 2013 Out There Lounge with Melissa DiMarco (click to enlarge):

More portrait photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy Camera can be found at:
TIFF Party 2013- 8th Annual Canadian Filmmakers’ Party
ElectroDash 5k Toronto Turns Wonderland into An Electric Playground! (contains night shots)

The ‘smart mode’ includes various amazing features for dummies. Here is a few that I would like to share:

Panoramic shots’Samsung Galaxy Camera-191820

Unlike those panoramic apps on smartphones, the Galaxy Camera connects the photos seamlessly.

Auto mode vs. silhouette mode

auto mode
auto mode
 silhouette mode
silhouette mode

The silhouette mode emphasizes the silhouettes with backlighting

light trace

Samsung Galaxy Camera-055032
light trace

One of my favourite features. Tripod is recommended while using this function however I didn’t have one at the time. I took this photo with my shaky hands and it still turned out pretty cool.

For experts the Samsung Galaxy Camera also has an “Expert Mode” that allows users to adjust the aperture and shutter speed.

Some pictures taken at the CNE 2013 (click to enlarge):

Social Media sharing…
Our instagram pictures during TIFF 2013 were all taken and shared through the Samsung Galaxy Camera. If you are following us on twitter or instagram you must have noticed that they are significantly prettier than before:

Other incredible features include auto backup and Samsung link. Auto back up stores pictures taken instantly to the pre-installed Dropbox. Samsung link shares photos directly through wi-fi with any wifi-direct devices.

What does it look like?

Samsung Galaxy Camera
4.8″ HD display

Now who needs a smartphone or a DSLR when you have this camera?

Fore more information on the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, please visit: http://www.samsung.com/ca/consumer/mobile/galaxy-camera/galaxy-camera/EK-GC100ZWAXAC

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TIFF 2013 pictures taken with Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC 100


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