Fairmount Royal York Hotel Toronto 90th Birthday Bash / 費爾蒙特皇家約克飯店慶祝歲生日與嶄新的面貌

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by Nadia Greco

Fairmount Hotel 90th Birthday Bash / 費爾蒙特皇家約克飯店慶祝歲生日與嶄新的面貌

By Nadia Greco

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Fairmount Hotel 90th Birthday Bash and new renovations / 費爾蒙特皇家約克飯店慶祝90歲生日與嶄新的裝潢面貌

On June 24th, 2019, The Fairmont Royal York threw a grand 90th birthday bash. The Fairmont Royal York opened its doors first on June 1st, 1929.  It has been more than a luxury hotel; it represents an important vital landmark in the city of Toronto.

(中文版 / Chinese):

(Fairmont Royal York)大飯店舉辦了一場盛大的90歲生日慶典。自1929年6月1日 Fairmount Royal York開業,它既​​是一家四星級的大飯店,也是具有歷史性、多倫多市的重要地標。

  • To celebrate this milestone birthday, guests were

delighted by runway presentations exclusively curated by CAFA (Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards).  Musical performances by Seraphina String Quartet serenaded the crowds, and the Montreal Rhapsody Orchestra with their funky sounds elevated the guests as they danced to their heart’s content.

(中文版 / Chinese):
為了慶祝這個里程碑式的生日,來賓們歡欣鼓舞的欣賞CAFA(Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards) 獨家策劃的時裝秀。Seraphina弦樂四重奏的音樂演奏,當場為人群帶來優美的小夜曲,Montreal Rhapsody Orchestra 樂團則用脫俗時髦的音樂,讓客人們盡興不已。

  • Guests enjoyed lovely hors d’ oeuvres and indulged in

sweet cookies, tarts, and pastries in a memorable room, especially for desserts. The extraordinary cake cutting ceremony of the replica of the Royal York Hotel was a highlight of the evening.  The much-awaited renovations of the Royal York and the new appearance were celebrated along with its 90th birthday.

(中文版 / Chinese):

  • The Royal York Hotel transformation included a new look

for the grand lobby with a large clock designed by the Rockwell Group and the new lobby lounge, Clockwork Champagne & Cocktails.  REIGN Restaurant + Bar + Bakery was also added to the new look of the hotel.  It was a glorious night of jubilee to remember the old and celebrate the new, and the next 90 years!

(中文版 / Chinese):
裝修後的皇家約克酒店,重大改變包括一樓大廳的全新外觀、Rockwell Group設計團隊所設計的大廳大鐘,以及嶄新的大廳酒廊。REIGN餐廳+酒吧+麵包店也被納入這次酒店的新改造。費爾蒙特皇家約克飯店九十歲生日是一個光榮的禧年之夜,緬懷過去、慶祝現在,並迎接未來的90年!

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