INLAND 2022 Spring Edition Popup Roundup

INLAND Spring Edition Popup Roundup

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The INLAND pop-up shopping event made a triumphant in-person return to Toronto for its spring edition. After taking a two-year hiatus, INLAND took over the third floor of the Design Exchange and turned it into a glamorous indoor marketplace. Shoppers enjoyed complimentary alcoholic beverages from Naked Grape wines while checking out the goods and wares from 40 independent Canadian designers. From sustainable slow fashion to jewellery that uses ethically sourced gems and precious stones, there was something for everyone at every price point.
Below are some of Fashion Ecstasy‘s favourite designers from the pop-up:

  • Luxurious Locally Sourced Jewellery: MizDragonfly

We have three words to describe the limited edition jewellery designed by MizDragonfly: dazzling, extravagant, and distinct. Every one of her pieces was once unwanted vintage jewellery, coins, belt buckles, and so forth en route to the landfill. In an effort to reduce the approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage Canadians generate on a yearly basis, MizDragonfly recreates and resurrects these pieces into fabulous, hand-assembled creations that would give most fashion jewellery retailers a run for their money. Her latest collection, Paris Sous La Pluie, was inspired by well-known landmarks in and around Paris.

  • Ashera Armour


Ashera Armour is a brand that creates and sells wearable crystal armour made of earth elements such as crystals, minerals, and metals. Ashera Armour‘s wearable armour protects the wearer and energizes their body, mind, and spirit. The crystals were ethically sourced and intuitively chosen by Ilana Divantman, the creative mind behind Ashera Armour. The wearable armour on display was striking in terms of its bold, unique, and simple designs. One piece that stood out was the stunning Ruby Record Keeper armour. The ruby record keeper crystal is an extraordinary and scarce find due to its unique triangular etchings on the surface. The gold chain attached to the crystal only heightened its beauty and powerful energy.

  • Sustainably Produced Handbags and Shoes: Heirloom Hats

Montreal-based hat brand, Heirloom Hats, showcased her playful hats and hair accessories collection from her Spring/Summer 2022 collection and Mid-Season 2022 Collection. Samantha-Tara Mainville, the designer and founder of Heirloom Hats, uses deadstock vintage fabrics, linen, and straw, so her creations are made in very limited runs. There were many straw Calcarella hats at the pop-up, including a mix of the Pierella and Calcarine hats with hand-painted daisies, short-brimmed cowboy hats, and structured felt berets.

  • Hotel Motel:

Atelier Hotel Motel is a unisex brand that crafted sustainable, slow fashion, footwear, handbags, wallets, and pet accessories from their boutique studio in Montreal. Founded in 2017 by Niki Jessup and Corinne Bourget, they source their raw materials with the utmost care, finding the finest and most ethical pebbled leathers from Italy and France. Each pair of shoes is made to order by hand and can be customized upon request. At the pop-up, they displayed their latest collection of Shangri-La sandals that were incredibly soft and comfortable.

  • Super Stylish Sustainable Fashion: Mindful Pigs
INLAND Spring Edition Popup Roundup
Mindful Pigs

Searching for vegan and cruelty-free clothing can be daunting. There’s an overwhelming amount of information on what to buy and what not to buy. Plus, cruelty-free clothing goes beyond avoiding brands tied to animal exploitation. It includes being mindful of which materials use harmful dyes and chemicals that harm the environment. This heightens the pressure to find clothing that not only looks good but also contributes to the planet‘s health and all of the beings living on it. As Montreal‘s first vegan genderless streetwear brand, Mindful Pigs set out to create equal parts swag, trendy, durable, and conscious clothing.
When chatting with Maria Karimi, the designer behind Mindful Pigs, she stated that she’s vegan. Now, there is still some confusion surrounding what it means to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. As previously mentioned, sustainable clothes shopping can be daunting. Her brand sets very high standards in ensuring that each piece is sustainable and ethical. These standards include the clothing being produced in the Montreal workshop by employees who receive fair wages and work in safe and friendly environments, using fabric scraps as lining or created into new pieces, and using organic cotton and recycled materials for their items. A portion of all sales goes to various animal rights charities.
While browsing the racks at the Mindful Pigs booth, there was a limited edition, bright pink, heart-shaped backpack with the words “Love Powered” stitched on the front. It was too cute for words, so a picture of the bag is included with this article.

  • Selfish Swimwear

If Selfish Swimwear could be described in two words, it would be the following: body positivity. This ethical swimwear uses recycled fibre fabrics to create sustainable swimsuits that are timeless, environmentally responsible and made to last.
At the pop-up, Naomie Caron, Selfish Swimwear‘s designer and founder, offered private, one-on-one fittings for the shoppers. Naomie shared her expertise, thoughtfulness, and genuine support during these fittings in finding the perfect swimsuit for their body shape. Her booth showcased an expansive selection of one-pieces, two-pieces with high-cut bottoms, and flowy robes in vibrant colours and patterns. One of her staple pieces was a black two-piece bikini with a high cut bottom and mesh panel on the hip that screamed Bond Girl sexiness.


INLAND is a curated marketplace that showcases slow and sustainable fashion, accessory, and jewelry brands from exclusively Canadian brands and designers. Launched in 2014, INLAND has created space through pop-ups. Now, INLAND has established access to shop Canada‘s most defining new designers with an online platform. To learn more about INLAND, please visit

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