Travel-A Fashionista’s Guide to Sorrento, Italy

Italy, home of high fashion, fabulous shoes and gelato, what more could a girl want? Sorrento in the south is just about as beautiful as it gets. With fantastic transport links to the Amalfi coast and a cleaner feel than the nearby Naples, this is the destination of choice for the disconcerting tourists.


Whether you indent to spend your holidays exploring ruins, lying on the beach, shopping or learning from a new city, Italy is the place to go. It offers something for everyone and is full of the passion and style we all expect from the Italians.

Spend a morning in the Piazza Tasso when you first get here, it’s a great place to watch the city happen around you. The Italians take great pride in the way they look, spend a moment to observe how they throw their looks together will give you some great ideas on styling. Tourists stand out a mile away as the only people wearing flip-flops; the Italians are too proud of their style credentials to ruin an outfit with such uncouth footwear.

Unlike Milan, Rome or Florence, there are no couture fashion brands here, but don’t let that put you off Sorrento, it has more to offer to the fashionistas. Take the time to wander around the shops, even the every-day Italian labels offer style and sophistication. The Italian-look is too well put together to replicate once you get back. What looks fashionable considered in Sorrento will seem contrived at home. If you are filling your suitcase with Italian goodies, opt for bags, shoes and accessories. These will enhance existing outfits and survive changing fashions.

Travel-italy-1With Pompeii a mere stone’s throw away and the isles of Capri and Ischia easily accessible from Sorrento, there’s a load to do besides hunt down Italian design houses. Its transport links make it a fantastic base to explore southern Italy, and there is a wide variety of accommodation catering to every budget. A quick look at will give you a good idea of the cost of your stay.

A visit to the beautiful Bagni della Regina Giovanna is a must while you are here. The ruins of a Roman villa are yours to explore. Take a romantic walk (or just a walk) down the cobblestone path to the beach and marvel at this hidden gem. A great place to get away from the hustle of the city.

Pick one of the amazing churches to visit. The Basilica di Sant’Antonino is a must-see. Situated on a piazza and full of beautiful designs, this cute little church is well worth a visit.

Italy has always been the destination of choice for fashionistas. From world-famous design houses to beautiful beaches, Italy really does have it all. Basing yourself somewhere like Sorrento, which is a bit away from the tourist hubs, means you get an authentic taste of Italy with all the amenities you need as a tourist.

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