Manulife Financial Corporation Honours Remembrance Day with 12,000 Canadian Flag Display / 宏利金融公司插12000面加拿大國旗慶祝加拿大國殤紀念日

Manulife Financial Corporation Honours Remembrance Day / 宏利金融公司 (Manulife Financial Corporation)插12000面加拿大國旗慶祝加拿大國殤紀念日
(中文版向下看 / scroll down for Chinese version)

(中文版向下看 / scroll down for Chinese version)

(中譯:殘編 / Chinese translation by Tanya)


Manulife Financial Corporation, for the past 6 years, has honoured those in the Canadian Armed Forces. They have given their lives for Canada. At the Manulife Global Headquarters in Toronto (200 Bloor St. E.), 12,000 Canadian Flags have been planted on the lawn in dedication for veterans and those who have served in war and peacekeeping missions.
These Canadians have fought and lost their lives in order to protect their fellow citizens and defend the human rights of others. The flag display is a beautiful way to show ,草坪上插滿appreciation for their service to Canada.
Remembrance Day is on Nov 11, and making a donation to the Royal Canadian Legion by wearing a poppy is appreciated.

The display can be seen until after Remembrance Day.

中文版 /  Chinese version:

過去六年來,宏利金融股份有限公司Manulife Financial Corporation)每年都在加拿大國殤紀念日(11月11日)都像歷史以來加拿大軍中的人員致敬。這些愛國勇士為國家奉獻生命。宏利多倫多位於200 Bloor St. E.宏利全球總部Manulife Global Headquarters)的大草坪上栽有12,000面加拿大國旗,以紀念在戰爭和幫助人民維持和平服役的人員。這些加拿大人為保護自己的同胞並捍衛他人的人權而勇敢戰鬥並喪生。旗幟展示是表揚讚賞這些軍人的美麗呈現方式。
宏利金融股份有限公司國旗展示至11月11日國殤紀念日 Remembrance Day,大家可以去拍拍照


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