Miami Boat Show – Discover Miami Boat Show 2023

Miami Boat Show – Discover Miami Boat Show 2023

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  • The Miami International Boat Show Overview Information:

The Miami International Boat Show is a five-day event showcase, from Feb 15, 2023, to Feb 19th, 2023. The show is spread out over multiple venuesVenetian Marina, Herald Plaza, Museum Park Marina, and Yacht Haven Grande Miami in South Florida.

  • Watch Our Youtube Video First:

Being an amateur boat lover, and taking my friend Mark, who’s owned many boats and sailboats, and currently owns a 51 ft Neptunus Yacht, to The Arrival Evening Experience, I thought we would have a good understanding of what we may see…. Boy, was I wrong and amazed! Seems like the Miami Boat Show is a place you surely want to explore at least once if you’re a boat lover! We arrived a day earlier in lovely South beach… coming from Toronto from a brisk -10°C to a gorgeous +24°c evening weather… we decided to explore the surrounding marinas. We were pretty amazed at the size of the average boat. With different types of borrowing facilities in the US vs. Canada, the dollar’s purchasing power allows for several beautiful private yachts.

We started our journey with some of the smaller boats as the sun dropped from the sky:

As we turned the corner, watching the Miami skyline drop off as we approached the local marina, we were astonished to see some of the yachts in the area:

40ft, 50ft, 60ft… I think this is the prelude to an incredible week!

  • Miami Convention Center – South Beach Area

We started our day at the Miami Beach Convention Centre (located in South Beach). Fortunately, only a few minutes walk from our hotel. We grabbed our passes, showed our IDs and away we went.
We took a quick look around the Progressive Boat Show Experience at Pride Park. Here, if you are looking for affordable new boats or small watercraft, there is a multitude of items to view. From the small watercraft under 30ft, you can find the luxury craft to fit your budget:

Miami Boat Show - Discover Miami Boat Show 2023 / 2023 年邁阿密船展
Miami Boat Show – Discover Miami Boat Show 2023 / 2023 年邁阿密船展

The updated whalers caught my eye, as they are the workhorse of boats… but wow, they have come a long way as a workhorse!

Miami Boat Show - Discover Miami Boat Show 2023 / 2023 年邁阿密船展
Miami Boat Show – Discover Miami Boat Show 2023 / 2023 年邁阿密船展

Luxury interior designs, updated digital equipment, and the highly polished cedar or teak wood finish gives it the feeling of excitement!

Suppose it’s the larger new motors that you need. In that case, several new efficient engines will take you to your destination at quite the speed:

If slightly smaller personal watercraft are your needs, there are several choices with a multitude of options!

Accessories are plenty!

  • Our friend Mark also had a chance to take a quick look at updating his Yacht Seats:


  • Venetian Marina:

We grabbed a shuttle bus (free with Boat Show passes), which took us to Herald Plaza. This is the next step in Luxury Yachts. The price range (the ones we were able to visit) started on the low end of $5 million to the higher end of $15 million. We stopped off to look at the Azimut Yachts. Italian made based in Viareggio, Italy, BUT sold/distributed from St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. We had a lovely young lady as our host… showing us the interior.

The small ship boasts luxury from its elegant staircase to the spacious seating areas, the Captain controls, to all parts of the boat!

  • SuperYacht Miami at Yacht Haven Grande Miami:

Our experience here was very limited… no interior pictures were allowed… as these are all owned yachts, and owners are very particular about showcasing. Here we are looking at 200 Ft to well over 300 ft, with price tags exceeding USD $300 million.

  • Museum Park Marina:

If you’re looking for a little more of a quiet ride… the same features are available… on the sailing side. They always say the best boaters are those that start with sailing. You understand the movement of the water and changes in wind patterns, and best of all; you’re using mother nature‘s propulsion system! If you get a chance, we highly recommend this boat show… it is probably one of the best I have attended!!

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