時尚高潮殘編2021過年外送APP怒吃15天食記挑戰 – 瓦城泰式料理 &肯德基 / My CNY Pig Out #15DaysChallenge – Day 2 (CNY Eve) – Day 4 ( 2nd day of the Chinese Lunar New Year) – Home BBQ, Thai Town Cuisine & KFC

My CNY Pig Out #15DaysChallenge – Day 2 (CNY Eve) – Day 4 ( 2nd day of the Chinese Lunar New Year) – Home BBQ, Thai Town Cuisine & KFC / 時尚高潮殘編2021過年外送APP怒吃15天食記挑戰 – 瓦城泰式料理 &肯德基

  • 除夕年夜飯:在家烤肉+吃魚 / CNY EVE (Reunion night)- Home BBQ & Fish:


英文版 / English Version:
Chinese New Year’s Eve is the big night – the reunion night. I guess my mom’s guilty-conscience kicked in; she took out the BBQ griller we bought for Moon Festival and got cooking. On top of that, we’re both fed up with living like a hobo, so we cooked a whole fish. Fish is a staple for CNY in Chinese culture. “Fish,” is pronounced as “yu” in Chinese, which is a homophone of “surplus (餘)”. The Chinese idiom “年年有餘 (níanníanyouyu)” means “having surplus every year.” Since we’re both not working, to avoid bankruptcy, we had ti add a fish to our meal.


英文版 / English Version:
In my last post “Fashion Ecstasy CNY 2021 Food Delivery App Pigout #15DaysChallenge & Food Vlog,” I’ve mentioned that the challenge is to stuff a whole year’s worth of junk food cravings from restaurants and joints we usually are too scared to dine at all in our belly with CNY as a legitimate excuse. In the first post, I’ve reviewed the long-standing restaurant chain Formosa Chang that has just gone IPO recently. Today, I’ll be reviewing another impressive chain that has been popping up across Taiwan in Google map within the past 20 years, with over 20 locations in Taipei alone – Thai Town Cuisine.

  • 瓦城泰式料理 / Thai Town Cuisine:



英文版 / English Version:
Thai Town Cuisine is an impressive chain that has rapidly opened over 20 locations in Taipei alone since its inception in 1990, they also have branches across other cities in Taiwan. With so many locations, it almost feels like a fast-food chain. Since I’m a food snob, I never bothered to try it. However, whenever I ask friends who’ve dined there, I’ve only heard good reviews and feedbacks. . As much as I refuse to waste my appetite on fast food, my CNY pig out #15DaysChallenge is all about eating unhealthy legitimately, so I took the chance. Since we only have two weak women in our family, we only ordered 3 items to test the water. We ordered a “Fried Chicken Leg with Spicy Pepper Sauce($300NT),“ a “Green Curry Chicken with Coconut Milk ($280) and an “Original Deep-Fried Shrimp Pancake ($300NT)”

  • 風味椒麻雞」($300元)/ “Fried Chicken Leg with Spicy Pepper Sauce($300NT)“:


英文版 / English Version:
In short, this dish is the common “fried chicken with Thai sweet chili sauce” seen in every Thai restaurant. Thai Town Cuisine uses chicken thighs for this dish. Hence, the meat is much thicker and juicier than the usual fried chicken in other Thai food restaurants. At first glance, the chicken is juicy, oozing chicken oil. However, once bite into it, the chicken is not greasy at all. The chef’ manages to deep-fry until the chicken skin separates from the meat, giving it a super crispy but not at all greasy texture. That’s some superb frying skills. Served with shredded cabbage and cucumber slices gives the dish a refreshing touch. Instead of deep-fried food, the chicken tastes more like a crispy roast duck. dip it with Thai sweet and chili sauce for a richer taste.

  • 「月亮蝦餅」($350元)/ “Original Deep-Fried Shrimp Pancake ($300NT)”:


英文版 / English Version:
Original Deep-Fried Shrimp Pancake ($300NT),” more commonly known as “Moon shrimp Cake, ” is a fake Thai cuisine dish fabricated by Taiwanese, but somehow it is one of the most popular dishes at Thai restaurants in Taiwan. I must say the person who invented this dish successfully raised the bar of our national counterfeiting skills to a whole new level. I bet you he/she is enjoying the billionaire retirement life on a yacht or a private jet for CNY. Since CNY is our junk food marathon, we just want to eat it because it’s fake. Thai Town Cuisine‘s “Original Deep-Fried Shrimp Pancake ($300NT)” is much thinner than the usual “Moon Shrimp Cake” from other Thai restaurants. There is almost no flour mixed in it, we only see a layer of shrimp and a thin layer of crust, which tastes very natural. instead of the regular Thai sweet chili sauce, Thai Town Cuisine‘s Moon Shrimp Cake comes with a house-made plum sauce, making it unique.

  • 「綠咖哩椰汁雞」($280元)/ “Green Curry Chicken with Coconut Milk ($280)”:
時尚高潮殘編過年外送APP怒吃15天食記 - 瓦城泰式料理 / My CNY Food Delivery App Pigout #15DaysChallenge - Thai Town Cuisine
瓦城泰式料理 「綠咖哩椰汁雞」($280元) / Thai Town Cuisine – “”Green Curry Chicken with Coconut Milk ($280)”

瓦城的「綠咖哩椰汁雞」是用切片的雞腿肉、 長豆、九層塔及搭配綠咖哩,綠咖哩是加椰汁調配成的。配送時咖哩醬已和雞肉混合好,另外再附上另裝的白飯一碗。為確保菜色口感品質,這道菜跟瓦城其他料理一樣,恕無法調整辣度。

英文版 / English Version:
Thai Town Cuisine‘s “Green Curry Chicken” is prepared with sliced chicken drumstick, string bean, basil, and green curry. Green curry is prepared with coconut milk. The chicken is already mixed with the green curry when served, with a separate bowl of white rice. For quality assurance, like most other dishes at Thai Town Cuisine, guests are unable to adjust the spicy level.

殘編瓦城泰國料理餐廳總評價 / Thai Town Cuisine Review in a Nutshell:

瓦城泰國料理餐廳雖然現在已似乎無所不在,但殘編時尚高潮的粉絲們保證,它絕對不是像麥當勞肯德基(下面食繼續讀下去)。 瓦城泰國料理菜單中的每道菜都是用心料理的泰國菜。我們這次指點三道菜,其實菜單上還有很多其他選擇,其中還包括一個1人多道的套餐選項跟「多人套餐組合」選項。殘家已經在規劃下次要點什麼了!「泰式炒河粉」、「冬粉鮮蝦煲」、「蝦滋圈 」、「酸辣蝦湯 」、還有、還有。。。

英文版 / English Version:
Thai Town Cuisine is everywhere now, but I assure you it definitely is not any fast-food chain like McDonald’s or KFC ( KFC review below, read on!). Every dish in Thai Town Cuisine is legit Thai cuisine. Besides the 3 dishes we ordered, there are vast other options on the menu, including a 1-person set meal with multiple courses as well as combo sets for multiple people. I am yet to try them all! I still have “Thai-Style Fried Rice Noodles (Pad Thai),” “Shrimp Roll,” “Shrimp Vermicelli Pot,” “Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup (Tom Yam Kung)” on my list. Oh and…and…!

  • KFC肯德基 / KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken:



英文版 / English Version:
On the first day of the Lunar New Year, my mom brought home a full family-size bucket of KFC fried chicken and exclaimed: “Did you know that you can order a full bucket of chicken with half fried chicken and half grilled!?” So we rolled up our sleeves and get ready to eat like barbarians! Don’t judge, like you can resist fried chicken?


英文版 / English Version:
Growing up in the Middle East, our whole family has adapted to their culture, which is ordering Kentucky Fried Chicken by the bucket; and I mean 1 bucket per family member. It wasn’t until I was in grade 2, elementary school when I first returned to Taiwan that I found out you can order KFC by a “combo,” and a combo only consists of 2 pieces of fried chicken. It seemed ridiculous to me at the time. The Arabs’ habit is to hold and eat KFC by buckets. My Arab friend, now in his 30s, still eats over 25 pieces of KFC fried chicken every day. It makes me feel nostalgic whenever we video chat. We only learned that besides deep-fried chicken, KFC also offers grilled chicken, and you can split half and half when you order a bucket! So that’s what we did!

  • 肯德基半考績半炸雞雞桶食後評價感想 / KFC Fried Chicken Bucket Review:



英文版 / English Version:
The verdict: KFC is better known for its fried chicken for a reason. Stick to the deep-fried!

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