My Insane Adventure at X Park Aquarium

My Insane Adventure at X Park Aquarium

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My last trip to Yilan’s Zhagmei Ama’s Farm was a slippery slope back down my ADHD past. As a runaway kid since I was 13, a social butterfly, and a world traveller to over 45 countries, I never thought I could be tamed. COVID changed me into a domestic rabbit that I’d ever believed I could ever be. After the “jailbreak,” I find myself spiralling down a rabbit hole, eager to find what other wildlife creatures await on the land of Taiwan.
Besides my ADHD, I’m also claustrophobic. I’m a sucker for wildlife and nature. I don’t like shopping, museums, or any other indoor activities unless they involve wildlife. Hence, imagine the excitement when I discovered there was an aquarium called X Park, which looks more intriguing than those others in the 45 countries I’ve travelled to, right in the land of Taiwan. I’m a doer. So, I call up a friend and visit the next day.
As I embark on my aquatic odyssey at X Park, little do I know the madness that awaits me. After what feels like an eternity stuck in Taipei traffic, I am running solely on fumes of excitement. But oh, how my exhaustion is about to be cured. The
Getting from the parking lot to the main entrance is quite a workout already; it involves several staircases, up and down; however, the setup is genius; the blueprint of the park is like a hot and cold treasure hunt; the closer you get, the more excitement builds up. The parking lot has me grooving already, with English Top 40s playing aloud. Thanks to the music, I’m in the mood for dancing, so I have no problem catching up with the upcoming high-speed escalator. As Christmas approaches, people are already hosting Christmasland events. As much as I want to join, they only light up at night, and my homesick Torontonian schedule doesn’t allow me outings at night, so I’ve been searching for daytime Christmasland for quite some time already. Welcoming me up the escalator is a Christmasland right in the centre of a gigantic rooftop outdoor outlet mall, transporting us right to The Grove in LA and crossing Christmasland off my bucket list even before the main event. I laugh out loud and squeak out of excitement, excited that I’m already getting more than what I bargained for. I’m “squeaking happy” now. Swooshing sounds sing to my ears. I look up; I’m crossing a bridge with hundreds of plastic fish adorned with LED lights flying above me. They dangle and create swooshing white sounds so pleasant to the ears that I feel like I’m bathing in nature, lying on soft grass, listening to gentle swishing sounds as the leaves in the trees ruffle on a breezy, sunny day. I wiggle the rest of my way across the bridge, like The Little Mermaid longing for human legs as “flippin’ your fins, you don’t get too far.” Now, I’m “flip-my-fins, wiggle happy.” Then, we cross a food court with various cuisine choices from various restaurants to street food stands.
I see the washroom, acknowledging that I no longer have a catheter stuck in me and my 2-hour limit bladder. I go to squeeze out my last drop of urine to buy some more quota for play. The handicapped washroom is not handicap-friendly as the door is too heavy to close. I blame it on my chicken feet limbs, but when I see the mother-daughter duo also unable to close while joining forces, I know the problem isn’t me. I head to the normal ladies’ room, almost killing myself because the door is too heavy and slams onto me before I can get out. We pass through an indoor shopping mall lined with collectible toys and figurine shops, taking me back to the time when I went crazy buying blind box toys in Disneyland Paris, IN EUROS!! Expect I no longer have the budget to even look at them. I avoid eye contact, afraid the sight of irresistible consumer goods will trigger my hypo-manic symptoms and spend money that I do not possess. I shift my sight to the signs and focus on the signs that guide us to the main aquarium entrance only. As I think to myself, “How do parents and visitors ever drag their children past all this and get to the main event?” I successfully arrive at the entrance. The cylindrical deep-blue pathway with neon lights transitions my mood from still dancing to the parking lot’s top 40s to a much calmer mood, ready to take in some sea knowledge.
Stepping inside, I am immediately transported to the glorious sea. Schools of fish in hues too vibrant to catch my eye at every turn.

Zone 1: Tropical Waters

In Zone 1: Tropical Waters, I was thrilled to see mantas, sharks and brightly coloured reef fish. Memories of diving in the Maldives came flooding back. I also spotted Mr. and Mrs. Huang, the yellowfin seabream.

Diving in Coral Sea Zone

Awaiting us on the 2nd floor is the “Diving in Coral Sea” zone.
This zone lures me to corals so radiant they must be fictional. Whimsical gardens burst with surreal sneaky soldiers like Giant isopods creeping and crabs the size of terrestrial tanks. The sight of these rust-red crustaceans has me questioning if switching streams to a life of lawlessness and larceny is the way to go! Alas, loneliness has lingered since I celebrated my thirty-seventh birthday as a footloose fellow.
Projected fish prancing underfoot spark a forbidden childlike desire to stamp and see if they’re interactive. But alas, my impairment rears its inconvenient head, and I teeter on the brink of tumbling into the deep end before catching myself with a clumsy cackle.
But the true stars of the show make themselves known – lionfish! These are the same creatures I braved treacherous depths to see in Belize, and they’re right here?! Guilt rushes up in me. “I’ve eaten one of your species before back in Belize, but only because the locals kept insisting you’re their must-try specialty. I’m so sorry, but you’re still pretty and majestic.” I question why on earth I subjected myself to that hellish blue hole.
I loathe Taiwan‘s prejudiced culture, but I must say I’m still impressed it became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage to this day.
I don’t like labels; however, the labels in X Park are quite educational. Did you know there are “mutualistic” and “transexual” fish (sacura margaritacea)?

Rainforest Adventure Zone

I expect colourful, tropical creatures, but at this zone, the seals steal the show, effortlessly spinning upside down through the azure blue with such lazy luxury that I hunger for a snooze session right alongside them. Alas, my glutinous glutes and gelatinous limbs prove no match after this longest expedition since my stroke!
Further in, more “logical” rainforest creatures appear. Diamondback terrapins paddle hard in a pool of aquatic plants. I am feeling rather unsettled watching these Diamondback terrapins paddle so fiercely through the water. Their little webbed feet are churning at a frantic pace as if something is constantly chasing after them. It is making me quite anxious just observing their hurried movements.
Only a short while ago, I was at the seal enclosure, where those carefree creatures were lazily gliding through the water. They seemed without a concern in the world. But these terrapins are displaying obvious stress even behind the safety of the glass aquarium walls.
I find myself tensing up my own muscles, nervously clenching and unclenching my hands as the turtles continue restlessly paddling around the tank. Their relentless swimming is unrelenting. It is putting me on edge, imagining what predators they must be envisioning to spur them to such agitated behaviour.
Meanwhile, in my mind’s eye, I can still picture the leisurely seals smoothly floating beneath the waters. They did not appear to have a single stimulating thought passing through their heads. But these Diamondback terrapins act like they are constantly under threat, even where no danger should reside.
Watching their frantic fluttering is progressively increasing my own heart rate. I feel bewildered by their frenzied forms rapidly traversing the length of the exhibit. How I wish I could calm their unfounded fears and compel them to relax as freely as those placid pinnipeds resting peaceably in the nearby pool.
Rainforest Adventure Zone spans beyond water creatures; I stand before a piece of glass housing Toco Toucans and colourful rainforest fish together. I am feeling captivated watching these beautiful toco toucans perching high above the bustling fish below. Their brilliant orange and blue feathers are truly stunning to behold. My eyes cannot help but remain fixed on their exquisite plumage as I gaze upwards in awe.
The toucans continue preening nonchalantly, seemingly oblivious to the dozens of brightly coloured fish darting frantically around the base of their lofty poles. Occasionally, one of the toucans leans over with sudden interest, its beak agape, observing some movement in the water.
I am entranced by this dramatic clash of aerial and aquatic animals coexisting peacefully in the same environment. Below, colourful fish glimmer and glide energetically amongst the decor. Above, toucan sentinels stand guard with poise and presence.
It is absolutely mesmerizing watching the fish stream en masse this way and that, never colliding, while above, the toucans sit collected yet watchful. I feel honoured to be privy to this harmonious meeting of rainforest inhabitants. My eyes remain riveted, taking in every moment of their interactions.
All the while, my heart swells with joy at witnessing such beauty and balance within one habitat. As if all human beings should, too. I am swelling with delight and wonder at the ecosystem sharing unfolding before me. This united community reminds me of the intricate interdependence found in nature. I am grateful for this chance to observe in awe.

Leaving the zone, I have come to the realization of the answer to my all-time question: “If there is an afterlife, what would I want to become, a bird flying so freely in the sky or a fish gliding so comfortably in the waters? Today, I finally get my answer. I want to be a seal.
Passing a glass tunnel with seaweed and water floating and washing around us, I realized the 37-year-old birthday that I had just celebrated did not make me any more mature. I still get excited as I’ve always had growing up whenever we get a conveyorized tunnel car wash. The gliding sharks at the entrance are quite intimidating; the Cloudy Catsharks here, however, although fast and lively, seem a notch below us down the food chain. I am gazing into the azure waters, admiring the lush corals and darting fish, when suddenly a strange new creature catches my eye.
Emerging from a cavernous rocky crevice is an extraordinarily ugly fish unlike any I’ve seen before, a Fringed Blenny. Its bulging lips and spiny frill are truly bizarre!
Laughter is bursting forth from my mouth as I take in this fish’s ridiculous appearance. Its disproportional lips seem fit to swallow half its body in one gulp. The intricate spines protruding around its head only enhance its ghastly demeanour. I am chortling heartily at the sheer ridiculousness of its form.
Between chuckles, I glance at the information placard and am surprised to see its name listed in Chinese characters. My mirth begins melting away as I marvel at the intricate brushstrokes comprising its name. Each stroke flows with grace and purpose into the next.
The beauty of these ancient pictograms contrasts starkly with the fish’s uncomely mien. Yet, at this moment, I appreciate its name more than its looks. These characters embody an elegance the fish itself clearly lacks.
A smile lingers on my face as awe replaces amusement. How curious that such an unappealing creature could have such a lovely name. I am grateful for this glimpse into another culture’s lens, and all we humans see depends on how we’re trained to see.
I am engrossed in watching the kaleidoscopic drift of tropical fish when suddenly, a tiny voice calls out, “Look, mommy, an upside-down octopus!” My attention shifts upwards, and that’s when I notice it – a bulbous creature camouflaged against the brown backdrop, its myriad tentacles wound around what seems to be a hanging metal pole that is placed intentionally for its leisure.
Astonishment is taking over me at how well this octopus has concealed itself despite being in plain sight the whole while. My eyes had passed over this spot countless times without comprehending its strangeness. I am chuckling now at my own obliviousness.
As I turn to thank the astute little lass for pointing it out, a question is popping unbidden into my mind. Leaning down towards the pram, curiosity compels me to inquire if the girl’s parents are administering fish oil supplements to her.
The couple is gaping at me in puzzlement, and I realize too late how odd my query must seem. A blush rises to my cheeks as I stammer an explanation about my stroke and newfound supplement obsession.
Embarrassment is washing over me in waves at my inappropriate interrogation of perfect strangers. As I make my retreat, the resolution is forming to curb this overeager desire to evangelize since my medical mishap. For now, gratitude is welling within me for this child’s keen eyes and the unexpected benefits of her spot-on observation.
I am leisurely scanning the dimly lit exhibit zone, taking in the kaleidoscope of dark blue hues, when a flash of beige amongst the browns catches my attention. Peering closer, I realize with a jolt that this isn’t just another rock—it’s a fish!
Intrigue is surging through me as I watch its camouflaged form lying perfectly still, its flaky texture disguising it completely. Only the occasional blink of dark eyes gives away that it is, in fact, alive. How extraordinary that a creature can merge so seamlessly with its surroundings.
A laugh is bubbling up inside me as I read the identification plaque. “Stonefish”, it states simply. What a fantastically fitting name! Amusement is swelling at how accurately its title describes both its appearance and aptitude. No poetic flourish is needed—just a plain statement of what it so convincingly mimics.
A smile is spreading across my face as I marvel at nature’s ingenious solutions. This fish has no need for speed or weaponry when motionless murkiness guards it. All it took was a single name to illuminate its stealthy strategy, so effectively concealed before my eyes. I am endlessly appreciating life’s diverse delights, especially those revealed through simplicity itself.
As I gaze in fascination at the camouflaged stonefish, blending perfectly amongst the substrate, another group of creatures catches my eye alongside it. Rolling over is a cluster of pale, crustacean creatures, Giant Isopods. Their flesh wrinkled and folded in a most unsettling manner.

Confusion is swelling within me as I struggle to process how anything could appear in such a state of decay yet seemingly live. They resemble nothing so much as the reanimated dead as if risen from some watery grave.

Dismay is creeping up my spine at their zombie-esque features – the grey, parchment-like skin stretched taut across desiccated frames. Even their sluggish, lurching movements evoke images of walking corpses. Laughter threatens to escape me at the sheer absurdity of it all.
Doubts are emerging in my mind about whether I have inadvertently stumbled into some aquarium display of monstrous marine monsters. Are these genuine inhabitants of the reef or sinister denizens of the deep conjured for Halloween fare?
Unease and intrigue are now battling within me as I question if something has gone awry here below the surface. Have I breached into some aquatic graveyard realm? I feel strangely as if I have witnessed things not meant for living eyes amongst these strange undead cohorts of crustacean and stone.
My gaze travels upwards, and I am met with a startling sight – towering above is a colossal Red king crab, its carapace spanning several feet. Unable to contain my joy, excitement bursts forth as I cry, “Oh, I’ve eaten that before in Toronto; it’s so yummy!”
Doubt has quickly followed my outburst as bemused stares turn in my direction. Oversharing revelations of crustacean feasts could be better advised, given our underwater surroundings. Self-introspection is setting in as I question my own thought patterns.
How strange that visions of zombie fish elicited culinary reflections rather than concern. Unease is swelling, disturbed by this flippant shift from frightening fauna to fine dining. What does it say about my character that death and decay spark cravings, not cringes?
Determination is rising up to redirect my mindset into more positive pastures. Instead of being a prisoner of my mind, I’ll focus on protecting precious planetary patrons. For now, appreciation is growing for life’s bounty while remorse fills me for voicing views out of innocent ignorance alone. From now on, appreciation shall guide my remaining underwater pondering.

Interactive Zone

My Insane Adventure at Taipei, Taiwan's X Park Aquarium / 殘編的台北X Park水族館之旅 - 一場充滿驚奇與發現的台灣道地水中探險
My Insane Adventure at Taipei, Taiwan’s X Park Aquarium 殘編的台北X Park水族館之旅/一場充滿驚奇與發現的台灣道地水中探險

Excitement is welling up as I enter the interactive zone crammed with kids gleefully tapping on tablets. At last, a chance to unleash my inner artist! But then, hesitation hits as memories surface of recent complaints.
Just days ago, frustration boiled over, ranting about how youth programs bypass “old folk” like me. Hypocrisy would be unbearable should I indulge in drawing fantasies while children anticipate their turns.
Self-awareness is dawning that, though time marches on, some escapist desires never fade. Wisdom, though, knows when mature restraint must curb immaturity’s urges.
Resolution strengthens to observe responsibly, finding joy through others’ joy instead. After all, isn’t it wonder what youth programs protect – that flame within hope of tomorrow, not lost in yesterday’s ashes?
Patience will sustain me till my designated session if it comes. For now, sharing wonder sparks more wonder. And isn’t that life’s purest lesson, wherever age may find us playing?
My inner child retreats gracefully, knowing better days still shine – if only in reflection, through eyes refreshed and hearts uplifted by new dreams in the making.
Jellyfish and Penguin Zone:
My friend voices curiosity about missing main attractions. Considering park layouts is lending insight – jellies and birds must await in the finale flourish, as ploys go here.
Sure enough, entrance signs herald these zones. Divided access greets us with two: priority photo-ops or bypass lines. While fun, my earlier outcries stir self-reflection. Had indulged inner imp too much with shouts and screams.
To spare my friend further disruption, I opt straight through. But kindness meets my refusal – an offer to capture me with jellyfish floats. The guilt lingers accepting, though initiated by him. At least enjoyment’s share, not shameless solo pursuit.
Maturing means moderating excess but also accepting kindness. Balance finds the middle way between restraint and openness rewards. My friend shows patience and deserves trust in return, not refusal to spare myself alone.
In Taiwan or anywhere, enjoyment stems from shared smiles more than sneaky schemes. Perhaps I shall focus shifts from criticizing tactics to cultivating togetherness – from complaints to the créations we control. That journey ahead brings solace amid any setup’s stress. For now, wonder waits within these final frontiers.

Penguin and Jellyfish Zones

  • Healing Jellyfish Zone:

Entering the jellyfish zone, amazement swells at the diversity before me. From macro medusae pulsating gently to microforms nearly indistinguishable, the breadth takes my breath.
A laugh escapes me as I share this marvel with my friend. “No wonder sea creatures don’t go extinct! Even the tiniest open mouths receive nourishment from microorganisms.”
Though said in jest, contemplation stirs within deeper truths. Down in the world unseen, abundance teems to sustain even the seemingly insignificant. Each plays indispensable roles within the whole’s intricacy.
Beauty lies as much in interdependence as in individual parts. Coexistence arises from cooperation, not competition alone. Lessons abound on how persistence springs from partnership and survival from the sacrifice of some for the thriving of all.
Wonder swells at nature’s ingenious dance, fine-tuning lives that uplift together. Life springs forth from death’s release and joy from strife’s refinement. Our shared home’s wonders thrive through balanced giving-receiving like these jellies fed not consumption but communion.
Gratitude fills me to partake in this showcase of nature’s nurturance. May its peace be with us wherever journeys lead next. For now, in joyful play, our cares find solace.
Melancholy tinges my joy as I witness artistic reflections and think of her tragic past, fueling luminous visions. Compassion stirs, wishing creative passion could heal the deepest wounds. But perhaps through sharing beauty found in darkness, some solace comes.
Noticing this area’s title, “Healing Jellyfish,” bittersweet hope swells that somewhere, somehow, light and wonder uplifted her tormented soul. Though past pains persist, creative spirit triumphed and touched hearts worldwide – like these jellies spreading calm through mesmerizing forms.
None can erase scars of time, yet spreading splendour keeps memory bright. Beauty birthed from struggles uplifts all who see. Here, solace radiates for those who’ve known life’s shadows, too.
While past changes lie beyond us, present moments open new awareness. Gratitude fills me for creative spirits who transformed darkness into dazzling joy, still bringing light to lands beyond their own. Their gifts inspire healing wherever treasures are received with open hearts and hands.

  • Penguin Zone:

Rounding the corner, an exclamatory gasp escapes me upon meeting a trove of penguins! Excitement is bubbling up unrestrained at being surrounded by these black-and-white wonders.
Laughter and shouts ring out, barely containing my joy. How silly to seek them abroad when their kingdom awaits here! My focus centers on one tank containing swimming families.
Young fuzzy chicks zip tranquilly below as bright-breasted adults frolic on surface waves, cheerfully splashing. Memories surface of my spirited mother, youthful at heart like these caretakers.
Warmed by nostalgia, an involuntary cry bursts forth – “Mama!” directed at their frolicking figures. But the focus shifts as others’ perplexed stares meet mine. My friend seems faded by flushed embarrassment at my outburst.
Attention redirects to taller neighbours standing proud on land in the regal display. Their kingly golden crowns and coats outshine citizenship as dignified Majesties reigning their realm.
Calming exhale releases built tensions, regaining sober senses. Gratitude fills me simply to bask in nature’s wonders; however, I am overcome at present. For now, penguin spectacles suffice this wandering soul with a happy heart still carrying dear ones near.

Animal Grounds Show

This is the zone for X Park‘s live show. They only host a show every 2 hours. The next show is only less than 5 minutes away when we arrive. I feel like I’m the luckiest girl alive. As we settle into wooden benches for the upcoming show, excitement courses through our veins like adrenaline. Emerging staff lightheartedly engage the crowd, lifting spirits.
A splash announces the first star’s grand entrance – a South American sea lion waving merrily. Overcome, happy tears well witnessing such wonder up close.
The staff shares knowledge, distinguishing the difference between a sea lion and seal locomotion on land and sea. Right on cue, our performer exhibits understanding, launching from water to demonstrate front flippers’ land use.
Further facts enlighten – sea lions boast musculoskeletal antigravity blubber, while seals lack this. Black or white teeth also vary, though, which is which, escapes me now. No matter – what matters most is respect.
When a poor male staff becomes a victim of the sea lion’s playfulness, splashing him with water on cue, laughter ripples through the audience at the cheerful display of affection. Such amiability reminds me of treasured bonds between humans and pups.
As the sea lion stands on its front fins on command, past regrets and disappointment in myself surface, thinking of how I once swore I’d learn how to do a handstand when I was still in a wheelchair, viewing missed potential in myself or judgments of diversity. But new days dawn and understanding grows with open eyes and hands. Gratitude swells simply to share in the joy of creatures whose gifts lift humankind.
As the sea lion stands on command, pride swells, witnessing mastery – a reminder to keep pushing limits despite past failings. Before departing, its loving wave bids thank you, melting doubts within this grateful heart.
Next up is Harris’s hawk. The hawk’s aerial dance above brings childhood eagle dreams soaring back. Closer still, it flies, caressing my hair with its outstretched wing in a tender salute. Knowledge shared unveils hunting tactics I’d forgotten like fading memories rekindled in joyous light.

Volunteers raise eager hands, including mine burning to get up close. But focus shifts when choice falls elsewhere, my cane’s aid left untapped though possibly swaying chance. No matter – wonder enough sustains this soul through sharing others’ joy.
An educational film engages minds in crafting mental stimulation and pleasure for captive friends. Outcome toys tested by gleeful subjects, exemplars of human-animal bonds’ reciprocal enrichment.
Grins spread wide, and tears cascade, thankfully – not from disappointment, but the fullness of knowing relationships transform when understanding, respect, and goodwill hold steadfast. For now, waves of gratitude carry this traveller‘s content wherever journeys lead next.
Leaving the event hall, tired muscles signal it’s time for rest. But rounding the corner, surprise capybaras and goats catch my weary eyes, wandering one last look.
Relief washes seeing lazy rodents laze leisurely in sunlight. Upon goats’ collars, I hope they signify tracking, not sickness. My heart would break knowing illness darkened such pleasant pastures.

Gift Shop Thrills


All too soon, the magic must end. But not before one last thrill – the gift shop. Fueled by the youthful passion I’ve never outgrown, I am on a mission for the ultimate souvenir. Alas, a stuffed shark catches my eye, and I immediately fall in love with it. I would much rather participate in the lucky draw, But no matter – for I have spotted my true love, a new shark baby.
f you want an experience rivalling National Geographic, visit the incredible X Park aquarium in Taiwan!
Arriving home as local night falls, unaccustomed hours stretch this day into an all-nighter. Though posterior pains protest prolonged pushing, my spirit soars with youthful vibrancy persisting despite limitations.
My pride swells for persevering through treasured tales as thirty-seven years old, handicapped yet unhindered. Triumphs emerge from challenges faced, not fled from, barriers bypassed through adaptability and will.
Strength surges from support systems sustaining each step of my adventures‘ way. Now rest replenishes for wherever the next days lead – with open eyes, brave hands and grateful hearts carrying wisdom gently forward.
For my wandering soul, wonder proves that the wellspring never runs dry. And gifts received prove multiplied in gifts shared with loved ones near. With thanks, wondering spirit rests in peace.
Regretfully peeling myself away, my heart is already planning a return. Friends, if you want an experience to rival anything National Geographic, come to X Park!

Fashion Ecstasy X Park Aquarium TaiwanReviewi A Nutshell

Overall, X Park provided an engaging and immersive experience. Not only were rare species exhibited, but their natural histories and conservation statuses informed. The attention to realistic habitats helped foster an appreciation for aquatic biodiversity. I left with an expanded perspective and fonder memories of my time in Taipei.

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