Reduce Hairline with Toppik and Viviscal hair products -Hollywood’s Best Kept Secrets

Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret at Studio Lagree– Reduce Hairline and Achieve the Full-Hair look with Toppik and Viviscal hair products

用Toppik & Viviscal產品頭髮不再稀疏!好萊屋的秘密

reduce hairline and achieve full hair look withToppik and Viviscal hair products
Viviscal hair products for fuller look

Having thick and full hair is not always easy. Hair can be affected by hormones, stress, diet, medications, heredity, over styling, and aging. It’s a problem for both men and women. Two products on the market, Toppik, and Viviscal help address this. Toppik Hair Building Fibres help conceal part lines, improve the hairline and touch up roots. The fibres are made of keratin (“keratin” explained in this post: make one’s hair look thicker and fuller immediately after application. They are available in nine different colours to blend into hair so no one can even tell you have used it.
The Viviscal Advanced Hair Health System helps promote healthy hair growth from both the inside and outside. One of the critical components of the system is the Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Supplements. These supplements give nutrients to the hair follicles which helps prolong the hair growth cycle and promote hair growth. The ingredients are all natural including Vitamin C, Iron, Biotin, Zinc, Horsetail Extract, and Amino Mar C™ Marine Complex. These supplements improve hair thickness and reduce shedding within 3-6 months.
There are three topical products in the system as well. Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir is a leave-in hair booster that conditions the scalp and promotes thicker looking hair. Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo is a gentle cleanser, and Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner makes the hair easy to comb and feel smooth. All three of these products are made with Ana: Tel ™, Biotin, Zinc and Keratin and help the hair look naturally thicker.
I then put Toppik Health Fibres and Viviscal Densifying Elixir to the test. They were first applied to my clean hair

, and then my hair was done in a high-fashion ponytail. Looking at the before photos, where you can see the part lines on the scalp and comparing to the after photos, you can see a vast difference The hair looks thicker. No more part lines. My hairline looks improved.

After getting my hair done, I did a half hour intense workout at Studio Lagree. It was founded in Hollywood by Sebastien Lagree and using M3 Megaformer machines, the Lagree Method combines core work, stretching, balance, and overall strength into one challenging workout. I was wondering if my hair would last.

Studio Lagree Toronto
Studio Lagree

After the workout, I was sweating a lot, and yet my hair remained just like it was pre-workout.

reduce hairline and achieve full hair look withToppik and Viviscal
after workout

. The Toppik and Viviscal Densifying Elixir indeed maintained my hair. It still looked great and thick. I was so impressed. I am now a true fan.


Now with Toppik and Viviscal hair products, I can achieve the full-hair look and reduce hairline anytime.


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