Roboclette, the World’s First Machine Capable of Meticulously Scraping Melted Cheese / 世界上第一台能夠刮削融化起司的AI人工智慧瑞士機器人「Roboclette」

Roboclette, The World’s First Cheese Scraping AI Robot Unveiled in Toronto / 世界上第一台能夠刮擦融化起司的AI人工智慧瑞士機器人「Roboclette」

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In conjunction with Miller Thomson LLP, the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce Ontario held an exciting event at the Sky Club in Toronto. The topic was Swiss Roboclette Invention & Patents, Regulations and Contracting around Artificial Intelligence, with an unveiling of Roboclette, the world’s first machine capable of meticulously scraping melted cheese. Nicolas Fontaine and Garrett Wollam, inventors of Roboclette, were in attendance, along with Karen Durell, Domenic Presta and Andre Nowakowski of Miller Thomson LLP.
Roboclette was created through the collaborative efforts of Emmanuel Pignat, Sylvain Calinon, and Nicolas Fontaine and was brought to life at the Idiap Research Institute. Its journey to success was further propelled by the invaluable contributions of Eddy Baillifard, Valais/Wallis Promotion, and Workshop 4.0, solidifying its status as a technological marvel and showcasing the incredible potential of artificial intelligence research in the Valais region.
Eddy Baillifard of Raclett’House brought his extensive cheese knowledge to the table, while the Robot Learning & Interaction group at the Idiap Research Institute provided the technical understanding. Together, they orchestrated the first-ever raclette prepared by a robot. Emmanuel Pignat, a PhD candidate from Idiap‘s robotic group, devised a novel approach. He guided the robot‘s arm while it recorded the intricate movements and forces required to perform the task. This method enabled the seamless transfer of skills from a human to a robot in an intuitive manner and allowed for adaptability. This adaptability is critical in the case of scraping raclette cheese, where cheese positions and orientations can subtly differ, and the amount of cheese left in the oven may vary.
It was a lot of fun watching the demonstration and tasting the delicious Swiss cheese. The Roboclette is genuinely innovative and undoubtedly will be a huge hit worldwide.

中文版 / Chinese Version:

大略省瑞士加拿大商會Miller Thomson LLP 聯合在多倫多的「SkyClub」俱樂部舉辦了一場令人興奮的活動。主題是瑞士 Roboclette的發表會,發表會討論到Roboclette發明AI人工智慧的專利、法規和合同,並揭開了 Roboclette 的面紗。Roboclette是世界上第一台能夠精細刮削融化起司機器Roboclette發明者 Nicolas FontaineGarrett Wollam 以及 Miller Thomson LLPKaren DurellDomenic PrestaAndre Nowakowski 皆出席了會議。
Roboclette 是由 Emmanuel PignatSylvain CalinonNicolas Fontaine 共同努力創建的,並在 Idiap 研究所付諸實踐。 Eddy BaillifardValais/Wallis Promotion 公司和 Workshop 4.0 的寶貴貢獻進一步推動其成功之旅,鞏固其作為技術奇蹟的地位,並展示了瑞士瓦萊州地區在AI人工智慧研究上的巨大潛力。

Raclett’HouseEddy Baillifard 帶來了他豐富的起司知識,而 Idiap 研究所的機器人學習與互動小組則提供技術理解。他們一起精心製作有史以來第一個由機器人準備的瑞克雷起司(raclette)。 Idiap 機器人小組的博士生 Emmanuel Pignat 設計了一種新穎的方法。他引導機器手臂,同時記錄執行任務所需的複雜動作和力量。這種方法能夠以直觀的方式將技能從人類無縫轉移到機器人,並具有適應性。這種適應性對於刮瑞克雷起司來說至關重要,因為每塊起司的位置和方向會略有不同,還有留在烤箱中的起司量也可能會有所不同。

(photos by Sari)

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