Suzi Roher Accessories Pop up Shop -Artsy Scarves and Belts

(by Sally Warburton)
There was an atmosphere of warmth and excitement at the Petroff Gallery on September 5, 2018. Suzi Roher  of Suzi Roher Accessories held her Pop up store for one evening only. The room was filled with connected friends, clients, and the media who quickly became aware of Suzi’s passion for creating beautiful scarves, beautiful scarves each with their own unique character and design.

One could see interested shoppers thinking of which outfit or piece of clothing they already owned would create a beautiful ensemble with a Suzi Roher scarf. Warm and versatile scarfs are for dressing casually in jeans or pants, or dressing up in a classic black dress. Some attendees were trying on the ‘cocoon’ jacket with a flowing scarf, warm and cozy, imagining a cool fall day. Suzi’s scarves create a unique style for years to come. When trying on the scarves, faces lit up, and thoughts of future events wearing these scarves came to mind.
Along with her daughter Samantha Day, Suzi Roher also had an eclectic collection of one-of-a-kind belts: jeweled, metal, soft leather, double-sided sash belt, and even multi-buckled belts.

Suzi Roher Accessories belts
Suzi Roher Accessories belts

Belts, we discovered, can totally change the look of an outfit. These belts especially can creatively dress and make a statement… you’d certainly look good and feel good wearing one of Suzi Roher’s gorgeous belts.
Daughter Samantha works on the business end, while Suzi and her husband work on the artistic side. Both Suzi and her husband are artists.

  • Where do they get their ideas for the printed scarves?

From art exhibits, museums, and travels. Digital prints of Mona Lisa, Japanese print designs and beautiful mixes of colours are digitally printed on the scarves of silk, modal and wool blended material. Fabrics are made in Italy and digitally printed by Suzi and her husband with a range of soft shades to bright colours. Suzi Roher scarves were draped around mannequins and real models. There’s a scarf to suit everyone’s taste.
Suzi Roher had the grand opening of her brand new Suzi Roher Accessories store just a few weeks before last month at Toronto’s 870 Queen Street West. In addition to being a retail store, the location is also a gallery and an event space for the future. Items are available for purchase online as well.
What are the words to describe Suzi Roher’s scarves? Quality, Artistic. Unique. Beautiful. Flowing.Elegant…and very wearable!
Suzi Roher Accessories is a must for that special someone’s gift list!

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