Suzi Roher Studio – where art and fashion come together

Visiting the Suzi Roher Studio was taking a trip into a unique world where art and fashion come together. Suzi Roher and Samantha Day (a lovely mother and daughter team) showed us their S/S 2018 line of exquisite scarves, belts, jewelry, handbags, clothes, and shoes, all of which also be available in their first retail store located at 870 Queen St. W. in Toronto. Their new store is an exciting new venture for Suzi Roher, and it will be set up as a curated clothing destination. Clients can come in with their current favourite outfits and get accessorized and shown options that genuinely work just for them. Suzi and Samantha believe that it is essential to teach people how to dress for oneself and to feel good about how we present ourselves to the world. To quote Suzi, ” Put your armour on and feel dressed and ready to conquer the world!”

Suzi Roher‘s line of scarves is inspired by original images photographed on their various travels and visits to galleries. As Suzi tells us ” We love art!” There is also limited edition wall art available. All of their pieces have themes, and every scarf has its own story printed on the tag. Cloudgate (inspired by the famous Chicago art piece), The Love Collection (Love is a favourite theme), Coco Chanel, Vanity Fair Jackie O., The Hepburns (Audrey and Katherine) and Tout Est Possible are all popular pieces. The scarves are all made designed in Toronto and handmade in Italy, using Italian fibres and Italian craftsmanship. The scarves are available in a variety of materials including silk, cashmere, cotton, lace, linen, wool and blends. The look of each print varies depending on the fabric chosen too with certain fabrics like cashmere absorbing the dyes really well, allowing for deeper colours in the scarves. All of the scarves are hand washable as well. As an extension of their scarves, Suzi Roher also has a pareo wrap (great for the beach) and kimonos.
Their belts are well known worldwide for over 38 years and are a big hit with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, and Kate Middleton being fans. They have been designed to shape the body and are adjustable to work with all body sizes. ” We aren’t making belts, we’re making jewelry for the waist,” says Suzi Roher. Their belts come in a variety of styles including chain metal, stretch belt, corset style, and macrame (which takes 8 hours to make). They use a variety of exciting, nontraditional materials like Swarovski crystal, Mother of Pearl and Abalone. All the belts are handmade, so they are all indeed one of a kind. They are continually designing new belts, with 115 new belt samples every six months. There is always something fresh and new to look forward to.
The Suzi Roher Collection is available online at and at
retailers across North America including Neiman Marcus, Holt Renfrew and Andrew’s.


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