食記:Jamling Cafe 台北最多元美味日式鬆餅,甜鹹都有!Jamming Cafe: Best Japaneses Style Pancakes in Taipei

2005年,三位日本人因在台灣師範大學學中文時而相遇,十年後,他們在台北重逢並開始Jamling Cafe 賣鬆厚、“爆料”(料多到會爆炸)的日式鬆餅. ”J-A-M“即為三人名字的開頭字母,”ing”則為“即時前進”的意思。雖然AKI是目前唯一還在”-ING”,不過他的確還在”JAMMING“(英文有“搖滾”之意)經營鬆餅
In 2005, 3 Japanese students met while studying Chinese at National Taiwan Normal University(Shida), Taipei. 10 years later, they reunited in Taiwan and started Jamling Cafe where they sold fluffy, Japanese style pancakes. “JAM” is the combination of the first letters in their names. Though Aki is the only “JAM” left “ing,” he’s definitely jamming.
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  • 入口即化的鬆餅:

Jamling鬆鬆軟軟的鬆餅吃起來入口即化的口感。不添加奶油使用品質優良的豆漿及日本進口的小麥粉,  所以對於身體不會產生負擔。即使吃鬆餅大餐也沒有罪惡感!這裡鬆餅都是現點現煎所以要稍等20分鐘,然而只要吃下一口,等待所帶來的不耐煩,會會跟著嘴中化開的鬆餅一般煙消雲散,值得了!新鮮豆漿採全豆研磨,保留黃豆各種營養素,使用植物性天然原豆原料(不含防腐剤), 呈現0E11 取豆漿,增加體內植物性蛋白質、大豆異黃酮零,膽固醇。 蛋則使用葉黃素機能蛋Lutein Egg,以優質穀物全素飼料來養雞隻,雞蛋含植物性葉黃素、靈芝各醣體、納豆菌等多種珍貴營養素,產出的雞蛋葉黃素含量更達500~600微克 (一般雞蛋約含150~ 200微克)讓你安心吃進美味。

Fluffy pancakes are freshly made-to-order using fresh and safe ingredients. Instead of using cream, Jamling uses quality soy milk and wheat flour imported from Japan. You’ll feel no guilt even if it’s you’re pancake cheat day (we all know how those days go). The wait for an order is about 20-minutes for them to be freshly made, but the impatience or any anger built from impatience melts away in your mouth with that first bite of fluffy, heavenly pancake you take. Soy milk  is ground from whole soya beans to retain its nutrients without preservatives. Lutein eggs are laid by high-quality grain vegan chicken with higher lutein content (500-600 micrograms compared to about 150 to 200 micrograms for regular eggs)



The space is bright with tones of yellow and orange, aligning with the golden pancakes. The hand-drawn menu is enlightening too. As soon as all four of our group members arrive, we start a debate on which flavours to order, there are just too many. My choice of curry minced meat pancakes and okonomiyaki pancakes eventually wins. I am after all, the boss, and I don’t accommodate when it comes to food.

Jamling Cafe的手繪菜單
Jamling Cafe的手繪菜單


Okonomiyaki is loaded with cabbage, bacon, egg, and topped with a generous amount of bonito flakes! My heart starts dancing with the bonito flakes when our knives cut into the explosion of ingredients!

大阪燒風鬆餅 Okonimiyaki pancakes Jamling Cafe Taipei
Okonimiyaki pancakes



Next up is curry minced meat. The amount of curry served is in proportion with the thickness of their pancakes. Finally someone who recognizes the real problem being the leftover rice, not the curry (why so many left-over curry recipes out there?).


咖哩肉末鬆餅 curry minced-meat pancakes
curry minced-meat pancakes

Our group of 2 ladies and 2 gentlemen are already pretty satisfied by now. Dessert is always a different stomach. The dessert pancakes menu calls for another debate but we’re all drowsy from itis and too lazy for another fight. Aki reccomended Uji matcha and made our lives easier. It was one menu item but tasted like three or four. Green tea ice cream is melted into the fluffy pancakes and topped with a scoop of red beans and with another mochi ice cream, matcha powder then covers the whole tower and is mixed into the pancake batter itself. It was a parade of flavours in my mouth!

Uji matcha pancakes Jamling Cafe Taipei Uji matcha pancakes
Uji matcha pancakes

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