Visit to Miami, Florida’s Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Travel Blog

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a 50-acre lavish mansion and gardens of collector James Deering of Deering Harvester Company in the early nineteen-hundreds at the cost of $15 million. The structure is a National historic landmark that sits directly along the shores of Biscayne Bay.
維斯蓋亞莊園/維斯蓋亞博物館和花園(Vizcaya Museum & Garden)是一座美國佔地 50 英畝的豪宅和花園,是 1900 年代初期 Deering Harvester Company 的收藏家 及富豪James Deering 耗資 $1500 萬美元精心建造的歷史地標。

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A Journey to Nantes: An Enchanting Renaissance City in France’s Loire-Atlantique Département / 法國南特市 / Atout France法國旅遊發展署推薦充滿文化歷史的觀光城市

Nantes offers so much for travelers to see and explore! Time to plan my next trip to deep travel in France!

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佳安心抗菌萬用懶人無膠藝術壁貼 / Grease Stain Resistant, Remove Stubborn Stains and DIY Makeover at Home

新冠病毒讓待在家煮飯的我們每天跟廚房油煙污漬抗爭,殘編新發現超好用的抗污懶人商品:「佳安心抗菌萬用懶人無膠藝術壁貼」。一定要分享一下啦 ! / If you’re practicing #StayHome, You’d find yourself instead of fighting the Coronavirus outdoors, You’re fighting kitchen grease stains indoors. I’ve Recently Discovered a genius product that would make me to selfish for not sharing.

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Dora Mavor Moore Awards 2019 – 51 Torontonian Recipients Recognized for Their Works in the Areas of Theatre, Dance, and Opera/ Dora Mavor Moore 2019年頒獎典禮 – 51名多倫多得獎者在劇院、舞蹈和歌劇領域獲得認可

Dora Mavor Moore Awards 2019 – 51 Torontonian Rec […]

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阿薩德中東舞團:《我意識裡的怪癖》觀後感想與團長邵震宇老師訪談 / Review: Asad Oriental Dance – A Strangeness in my Mind A Different kind of Middle Eastern Dance

阿薩德中東舞團:《我意識裡的怪癖》觀後感想與團長邵震宇老師訪談 / Review: Asad Oriental […]

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淡水漁人碼頭秀之藝術SHOW 233魚藏文化館自助式畫室:超療癒的創作&親子活動!Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Show233 Self-Service Paint Studio

淡水漁人碼頭秀之藝術SHOW 233魚藏文化館自助式畫室:超療癒的創作&親子活動! Tamsui Fisher […]

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食記:台北誠品行旅 The Chapter Cafe/ Eslite Hotel Taipei (Review: The Chapter Cafe/Restaurant: Eslite Hotel Taipei)

我的任務是探索台北與全球有趣的餐廳/咖啡廳/旅館,台北誠品行旅的The Chapter Cafe 是三者的結合 […]

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