Vegas Showgirl Look-Put your Fashion where your money is-at Home!

They say life’s a gamble. It’s true! It’s all in the way you play the cards that life has dealt with you. While this may be an analogy to some, many other people truly crave the excitement and challenge of the blackjack table, the ring of the slot machines and the spin of the roulette wheel. Games are for winning, and there is big money involved. However, there are others who find the hustle and bustle too distracting, too noisy, too much of an inconvenience, and in general, too much of a bother. However, the answer to your annoyance is casinos online.

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You don’t have to worry about parking your car — just park yourself in the most comfortable chair in front of your computer. Belly-up by the keyboard in your most durable, comfortable clothes. It could mean your favourite Giant Tiger hoodie, your Wallmart plaid lumberjack shirt, Old Navy sweatsuit or best yoga outfit by Lulu Lemon. All diehard gamblers need to take an occasional breather to bend and stretch for a few minutes just to stay in the game, both physically and mentally. Remember, if you can shoot hoops in it, you can shoot craps. Or not! Winning is a frame of mind. So for many, playing and winning can be about capturing that positive thinking.

Signature clothing with embossed or glittering cards are a personal favourite, and from time to time, they appear on the pages of fashion magazines and runways. You don’t have to wait until they become popular again. Become a casino fashionista, and make a statement. Put your fashion where your money is. If you need some fashion tips, and a few other party places have clothing and accessories designed to get you in-line with the online gambling scene.
/clothing-jewelry/ has several colorful T-shirts for casual wear. produces shoes and stockings that are stunning, and is worth taking a look at and search for inspiration. To capture an alternative street scene look from across the pond, is the place to go. Ripleys Clothing and A1A Avenue Ltd. also have many fashion signature gambling creations that are sold on Ebay ( and Amazon, where you never have to gamble to get a bargain.

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Let it be known that many of these lucky frocks also make great costumes for Halloween and parties that are both elegant and stylish. A few of these sexier designs might even be used in the boudoir to bring out your inner dominatrix. Talk about Fifty Shades of Grey! I’d rather see fifty shades of green, and win, win win!

Let us not forget that one of the biggest benefits of casinos on-line is that you can gamble in your pajamas or skivvies if you want to. When you win, you will be able to afford Charmeuse silk pajamas and classy bathrobes to replace those stained and stretched rags.

“Do I feel lucky? Well, do you punk?” These are fighting words uttered by the infamous detective, Dirty Harry with a gun in one hand and a steely squint that unarmed a thousand men. He was a betting man, always looking dangerously confident and rugged in his worn blue jeans and jacket. But jeans should let your skin breathe deep, Real deep. There can always be time to gamble in your favourite blue jeans. have specially made denim for the environmentally-conscious person that are tough, yet so soft you can sleep in them, just in case there is a power failure, and your computer goes down.


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