Xia Pin Xiang Braised Food Stall Review

Taipei Banqiao Chongqing Sunset Market Xia Pin Xiang Braised Food Stall Review

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The aroma of braised meat that is so translucent and caramel-coloured is always irresistible. There is a 30-year-old braised food stall in Banqiao Chongqing Market. Surprisingly, I am lucky enough to do an open box tasting during my #stayhomestaysafe days at home! That’s right, today, I’ll be doing an unboxing and review for the 30-year-old shop in Banqiao Chongqing Sunset Market, “Xia Pin Xiang,” a braised food stall with an excellent business reputation. What is different from other traditional Taiwanese braised dishes is that this joint can prepare up to 30 to 40 kinds of braised dishes daily using merely a few Chinese herbs, soy sauce, sugar, and salt. Think Manchu–Han Imperial Feast. That was my impression when I first saw them in the news.

The Cart

The cart is enormous for a street vendor. That’s the only way to fit thirty to forty dishes. As an ex-street vendor, I can’t help but think how one manages to handle all this. All the preparation and post-cleaning alone must be exhausting. Little did I know that Mr. Zeng, the owner of Xia Ping Xiang, turned out to be only 27 years old when I asked. With three children, Zheng took over the business 2 years ago after his father-in-law passed away. I can’t imagine keeping a busy business alive while juggling 3 children. As expected, Zeng works from morning to night. He starts preparing ingredients in the morning, from blanching pig’s feet to preparing hooves, tendons and intestines, removing the fishy smell and impurities from the meat.

The Dishes

Every dish is handled with care. One of Xiapinxiang’s most popular dishes is the pig’s feet and ham hocks; both are slowly marinated in a pot until they are glowing red, and the skin turns crystal clear and bouncy. My mouth starts watering as soon as I see the texture of the skin and the tender meat. My open box contains several dishes, but my damn eczema refrains me from eating them all at once. I try the first batch to test the water and am already so excited that I can’t wait to share it with my fans. What can I say? I am selfless, and I am not one for gatekeeping. You’re welcome! My openbox today includes 4 dishes: Braised Been Curd Tofu, Braised fish cake, Braised Vegetarian pork belly, and Braised Matsusaka Pork. You read that right, “Matsusaka Pork.” As all foodies know, the Matsusaka pork is equivalent to the “Ootoro” (fatty tuna) of the pork world. Seeing it available at a local Taiwanese joint is a first for me, so of course, I can’t wait to try it first. Below, I’ll be reviewing each dish:

  • Xiapixiang’s Matsusaka pig:

When I take my first bite and savour the tender, glistening slices of Matsusaka pork, aroma bursts stimulate my senses. The aroma of Chinese herbs fills the air, making me want to experience its taste further. The initial contact of the succulent meat with my taste buds is an ethereal affair, as the flavours intensify and awaken my palate to a remarkable sensation.
The braised Matsusaka pork boasts an incredibly moist and tender texture that is almost buttery. The meat effortlessly yields to the gentle pressure of my teeth, releasing a cascade of succulent juices that flood my mouth. Each blissful morsel offers a velvety embrace, leaving a lingering silkiness on my tongue.
As I continue to savour this culinary masterpiece, a symphony of tastes unfolds with every passing moment. The marriage of Chinese herbs, salt, soy sauce, and sugar is a harmonious blend that showcases the chef’s artistry. The umami notes from the soy sauce provide a savoury foundation, perfectly balanced by the subtle sweetness of sugar. The Chinese herbs add depth and complexity, intertwining with the flavours of the pork to create a mesmerizing ensemble.
The initial burst of flavour is a delightful combination of saltiness and sweetness, dancing with the natural richness of the Mmatsusaka pork. The flavours gradually evolve, revealing intricate layers of complexity. The soy sauce imparts a subtle tang, cutting through the richness, while the sugar delicately caresses the taste buds, offering a gentle sweetness that lingers. With their earthy undertones, the Chinese herbs provide an enchanting aromatic backdrop, elevating the dish to new heights.
Even after the last bite, the flavours continue to linger, leaving a lasting impression on my palate. The aftertaste is a testament to the expertly balanced flavours of the dish. The richness of the pork, the umami undertones, and the gentle sweetness create a symphony that resonates long after the meal has ended.

  • Xiapinxiang Braised Bean Curd Tofu:

With its alluring aroma, the braised bean curd captivates the senses from the first moment. The delicate fragrance of Chinese herbs permeates the air, inviting me to embark on a culinary exploration. As I take my initial bite, the velvety texture of the bean curd instantly delights my palate. The centre is luxuriously soft and tender, and the skin is firm, providing the perfect contrast of bouncy and mush.
Each bite exudes a subtle creaminess that envelops the taste buds, leaving a lingering sensation of silk on the tongue. The gentle resistance of the curd against my teeth is a testament to its impeccably crafted consistency, allowing it to yield to the slightest pressure effortlessly.
As I delve deeper into this culinary masterpiece, a harmonious symphony of flavours begins to unfold. Combining Chinese herbs, salt, soy sauce, and sugar creates a tantalizing balance that showcases the chef’s artistry. The initial burst of flavours is a delicate interplay between the subtle saltiness and the nuanced sweetness, dancing elegantly on my palate.
The Chinese herbs lend an herbal complexity to the dish, infusing it with earthy undertones that add depth and intrigue. Each bite reveals new layers of flavour, as the soy sauce imparts a hint of umami, possibly from other dishes braised together, elevating the overall experience. The sugar delicately caresses the taste buds, offering a gentle sweetness that accentuates the natural flavours of the bean curd.
As I savour my last morsel, the flavours of the braised bean curd linger, leaving a lasting impression.

  • Xiapinxiang Braised Fish Cake:

As I take my first bite, a captivating aroma envelops my senses, teasing my taste buds with anticipation. The braised fish cake has a tender yet resilient texture with delightful chewiness, inviting me into a world of delicate flavours and captivating sensations.
The fish cake boasts a unique mouthfeel that is both springy and supple. It offers a satisfying resistance as I sink my teeth into its tender flesh, releasing succulent juices. Each bite is a delightful contrast of textures – slightly firm on the outside, yet yielding and tender on the inside. The fish cake effortlessly glides across my palate, leaving a lingering sensation of satisfaction with every chew.
As the flavours unfold, I am greeted with a harmonious fusion of tastes that dance on my taste buds. The Chinese herbs infuse the fish cake with an aromatic complexity, adding layers of earthiness and warmth to the dish. The salt delicately enhances the fish’s natural flavours, bringing out its inherent sweetness. The soy sauce contributes a rich umami undertone, while the sugar imparts a subtle sweetness that balances the savoury elements.
The initial burst of flavour is a delightful combination of umami richness and gentle sweetness, punctuated by the herbal infusion. The fish cake offers a delicate saltiness complemented by the Chinese herbs’ nuanced flavours. Each bite reveals a symphony of intermingling tastes, creating an exquisite balance that captivates the palate.
Even after the last bite, the flavours of the braised fish cake continue to linger, leaving a lingering impression on my palate. The aftertaste is a testament to the finesse of the flavour composition. The gentle umami notes and delicate sweetness intertwine, creating a harmonious finale that leaves me yearning for more.

  • Xiapinxiang’s Vegetarian Pork Belly:

My mom gets a head start on this one.” This fish cake tastes like pig intestines~!” I think to myself, “Wow, a vegetarian dish that tastes like pig intestines? What a steal!” I usually don’t eat fish cakes since I’m not too fond of them, But with a comment like that, I had to try it out. Watch the video above, and you will know what I meant. In the video, I also exclaimed, “This fish cake tastes like pig intestines!” Little did I know, after asking Zeng, he told me the dish is actually called “Vegetarian Pork Belly.” It is meant to taste like pig intestines. Before this, neither my mom nor I knew that this dish existed. It is also a vegetarian dish made from starch or soy products and used to replace pigs’ stomachs—a real eye-opener.

Fashion Ecstasy Taipei Banqiao Chongqing Sunset Market Xiapinxiang braised food stall review in a nutshell:

As you all know, I have been following a simple diet since I got eczema three years ago. From collecting Michelin stars daily to giving up eggs, all bean products (including soy sauce and tofu), spices, onions, ginger, garlic, red meat, and all spicy foods. It’s been a torture for a foodie like me. This time’s open box for Xiapinxiang’s braised food breaks all my dietary restrictions. If the joints of gout patients were the weather forecast, my taste buds should be SGS+FDA. I am pleased to tell our fans that after the 4 braised dishes I tried from Xiapinxiang, I remain safe and sound.
Presumably, the production process of Xiapinxiang must be clean and strictly controlled. (The causes of allergies vary from person to person, so please make your own decision after consulting a professional physician). There are still several delicious braised dishes waiting for us to unbox them. If you don’t want to miss them, remember to enter your EMAIL from the free subscription box on the right sidebar and subscribe to our website for free, then head to your mailbox, open the auto-email and confirm your subscription (please do not use the auto pop-up subscription widget in the lower left corner because it doesn’t work). Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won’t miss out on future exciting news!

Xia Pin Xiang braised food business info:
Address: 1st Floor, No. 8, Lane 8, Lane 290, Chongqing Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City
Phone: 0968-236-786
Service hours: Tuesday to Sunday 14:30 – 20:30

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