時尚高潮食記 – 老先覺功伕窯烤鍋淡水紅樹林店 / Old God Laoxianjue Hot Pot Fondue Restaurant, Tamsui Review

老先覺麻辣窯燒鍋火鍋 功夫湯頭,菜盤還能換肉盤!?肉肉主義的不用再像蠟筆小新看到青椒一樣怕到落跑了!

Lao Xian Jue Kungfu Old God Fondue / Hot Pot Restaurant, Tamsui Review – Kungfu Soup Base, Sub Your Veggie plate for More Meat!? Carnivores Need Not Flee from that Veggie Plate Anymore!


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老先覺麻辣窯燒鍋火鍋店殘編早在還在景美當叢林人就已是老顧客,因為它們「酒釀鮮茄鍋」的鮮甜,讓殘編和殘媽都吃ㄧ次就上癮,當時只能靠Uber Eats,沒有見過實體店面,但他們的湯頭獨特、品質好及外送效率超快,搞得殘家入冬後天天輪流嚷著要叫老先覺外送。

English version / 英文版:
I’ve long been one of Lao Xian Jue Old God Hotpot Hot Pot/fondue restaurant‘s loyal customers even when I was still living in the Jingmei jungle area. Their tomato pot got both our family members hooked since the 1st time we tried it. At the time, we could only depend on Uber Eats. I had yet to see the real deal. With their unique soup bases, consistent quality fast delivery service, Old God Hot Pot soon became a favorite in our family when winter hits. We find ourselves craving for their food every day.
I finally saw the legendary Laoxianjue Old God Hotpot restaurant with my own eyes when I moved to Tamsui this week. Just like seeing the “light,” Looking at the lights through the foggy glass windows in the cold and wet weather of Tamsui is like seeing a ray of warm sunlight. Any pedestrians walking by with shaky legs will find it irresistible. So we too, are sucked into the light through the foggy doors.

老先覺麻辣窯燒鍋菜單 / Laoxianjue Old God hotpot / fondue restaurant menu:

老先覺的火鍋湯底有「和風昆布鍋」($150)、「厚實龍谷鍋」($165)、「日是胡麻鍋」($165)、「酒釀番茄鍋」($165)、「港式沙茶鍋」($165)、「蕃茄泡菜鍋」($175)、「胡椒辛味鍋」($175) 以及「招牌麻辣鍋」($185)

English version / 英文版:
There’s a variety of options for hot pot soup base at Old God Restaurant including”Japanese style kelp” ($ 150nt), “pork bone soup hot pot” ($ 165nt), “Japanese-style sesame Hot pot” ($ 165nt), “tomato pot” ($ 165nt), “Hong Kong-style shacha sauce” ($ 165nt), “tomato kimchi pot” ($ 175nt), “spicy pepper pot” ($ 175nt) and “signature spicy pot” ($ 185nt)
The veggie plate can be replaced with meat dishes, so carnivores need not flee when the veggies come.
Besides hotpot, there is also a selection of traditional Taiwanese braised snacks and appetizers like beef tripe and intestines.

老先覺麻辣窯燒鍋自助區 / Old God Laoxianjue hotpot / Fondue Restaurant Self-Service area:




English version / 英文版:
The self-service area has 2 beverage dispensers, 1 serving sugar-free black tea and the other serving a grape-flavored drink. There’s an ice cream fridge serving 4 flavors of Meiji ice cream and a pot of cooked rice beside the condiments area.
4 kinds of soup bases including “pork bone soup, spicy soup, Japanese style kelp soup, and water are available in pots for guests to add to their pot as they wish. Saving everyone from a little trouble.

  • 老先覺火鍋招牌湯底 / Old God fondue Restaurant Signature Dishes:


English version / 英文版:
Our server recommends the “Pork Bone Soup Base” and the “twin-side hot pot” which comes with their signature “spicy soup base” and a choice of your own soup basefor the other side.

  • 老先覺「酒釀鮮茄鍋」($165)/ “tomato Pot” ($ 165nt):

「酒釀鮮茄鍋」($165)上菜時已有高麗菜、蕃茄在鍋裡,蔬菜盤內涵一大把金針菇、黑木耳、凍豆腐、豆腐皮、玉米筍、蟹肉棒、甜玉米、豬血糕、蛋餃等火鍋料,鍋中的肉類可選擇升級「培根牛」( +$10)、「海鮮盤」(+$39)、「梅花豬」(+$39)、「雪花牛」(+$39)或「霜降牛」(+$59)。

English version / 英文版:
The “tomato pot” ($ 165nt) is prepared with cabbage and tomatoes already in the pot when served. The vegetable plate contains enoki mushrooms, black fungus, frozen tofu, tofu skin, baby corn, and the usual hot pot ingredients like fake “crab meat” stick, sweet corn, pig’s blood cake, and egg dumplings. Meat in can be upgraded to “Bacon Beef” (+ $ 10nt), “seafood platter” (+ $ 39nt), “pork shoulder” (+ $ 39nt), “marbled beef” (+ $ 39) or ”flat iron steak meat” (+ $ 59nt)

  • 老先覺分享鍋 / Laoxianjue (Old God) Hot Pot for Sharing:


English version / 英文版:
In addition to individual pots, Lao Xian Jue also serves larger hotpot for sharing, which is ideal for family and friends’ gatherings. Customers are mostly families. With so many options for soup bases. There will be no more age gaps or disagreements over which to choose. Parents no longer have to beg children to take their next bite like when I was little (sorry, mom!). Children can choose their own preferred flavour. All guests dine and leave with happy faces.

  • 老先覺功伕窯烤鍋淡水紅樹林店廁所 / Old God Tamsui Location’s Washroom:
時尚高潮食記 - 老先覺功伕窯烤鍋淡水紅樹林店 - Old God Laoxianjue Hot Pot review
老先覺功伕窯烤鍋淡水紅樹林店廁所 / Old God Tamsui Location’s Washroom


English version / 英文版:
The restaurant is already at full capacity when the clock hits 5:30 pm. The washroom is spotless and equipped with a “bum gun” and alcohol for disinfection, which may seem excessive, usually, but critical during this Coronavirus crisis. Wash your hands, clean your asses, and have a happy & safe CNY!

時尚高潮老先覺麻辣窯燒鍋火鍋食記,殘編傯評論 / Fashion Ecstasy Old God Hotpot / Fondue Restaurant Review in a Nutshell:


English version / 英文版:
With the wide selection of soup bases at Old God Hotpot restaurant, guests can please their in-laws, wifeys, and children all at the same time and dine in peace in this family gathering season, happy wife, happy family, happy life!

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