A Gastronomic Journey: Discovering Taiwanese Bakery Imei’s New ‘Fruit Crystal Jelly Cake’- An Open-box Review

A Gastronomic Journey: Discovering Taiwanese Bakery Imei’s New ‘Fruit Crystal Jelly Cake’- An Open-box Review

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As my mom’s 37th annual “making-the-worst-decision-of-her-life” day approaches, I am continually on the hunt for the perfect indulgent cake to treat us both. With two deteriorating bodies to feed, everything consumed in this household is closely monitored and inspected with the knowledge I acquired from my nutrition degree and my mother’s maternal instinct in conjunction with her unconditional love.
However, on an island full of scams and fraud, it’s impossible to trust any business. You are what you eat. But when even the largest food production company in Taiwan keeps failing us, life becomes hopeless. Thankfully, there remains a Taiwanese pride called Imei that remains untainted in this filthy land. Founded in the early 1930s, Imei prides itself as a gatekeeper for consumer health.
Even when having the ability to go IPO, Imei refuses to go public to avoid losing control of the quality control of its products. Since its inception, Imei has never had any hiccups regarding food safety, providing the elderly and the disabled in this household a ray of sunshine.
Sugar is probably the worst thing one can put in his/her body. So, we barely eat sugar. Hence, while maintaining physical health is crucial at our age, keeping ourselves mentally healthy is also important. The occasional guilty pleasures on special occasions can help with that. In the past, Imei’s ice cream cakes have always been our go-to to celebrate special occasions.
However, choosing from the same limited flavours for 7 consecutive years can get boring. Lucky for me, Imei finally rolled out a new product, “fruit jelly cheesecake,” just in time to celebrate my 37-year-old birthday! The idea is genius.

The Open-box Experience

From the moment I lifted the lid of the classic white Styrofoam takeout box, I found myself continuously laying eyes on the glittering double-layered masterpiece being nestled inside. I am continuously transported on a flavorful adventure like no other just by the sight of this beautiful creation.
Gasps of awe fill the room as glittering layers come into view. Before anyone can stop themselves, fingers are plunging into the silky jelly medley, retrieving bursting bursts of summery sweetness. Moans of approval vibrate all around while juices are drenching chins.
Spooning samples of cheesecake cream, our faces melt rapturously. Exchanging grins and thumbs-ups, the positive vibes within our walls are palpable.
This colourful cake promises to delight all five senses with its continuously eye-catching iridescent sheen, suspenseful texture mysteries, and symphony of satisfying tastes. I’m talking about bursting flavours of mixed berries and juicy peaches, pineapple slices and cherries dancing together in a refreshing crystal fruit jelly atop a rich and creamy cheesecake base.
Everything related to food and dining is jumbo-sized in our apartment. I’m talking about helmet-sized bowls, 3-inch diameter spoons, and 3-inch tine forks. I sized mine down after being called a freak during lunchtime when I first came to Taiwan. For this cake, we agree it’s time to take out the “big guns.” We tossed the tiny utensils that come with the cake. Without further hesitation, I plunge my silver jumbo fork into the silky jelly layer, excitedly discovering what hidden treasures were lying beneath the glittering surface.
A veritable rainbow avalanche is rushing forth, continuously releasing the captive fruits encased within their crystallized prisons. As their mingled juices flood my taste buds, I am continuously being hit with an explosion of summer’s finest flavours blending harmoniously together. Each suspended piece bursts blissfully across my palate before seamlessly melting away, continuously wowing me with its sophisticated balance of sweet and tart.

一場美食旅程的開始—探索台灣老字號義美新推出的『義美果芝晶凍蛋糕』開箱試吃評價/ A Gastronomic Journey: Discovering Taiwanese Bakery Imei's New 'Fruit Crystal Jelly Cake'- An Open-box Review
一場美食旅程的開始—探索台灣老字號義美新推出的『義美果芝晶凍蛋糕』開箱試吃評價/ A Gastronomic Journey: Discovering Taiwanese Bakery Imei’s New ‘Fruit Crystal Jelly Cake’- An Open-box Review

A Flavour Symphony

As I plunge my fork into the glistening jelly medley, I close my eyes in suspense of hidden flavours awaiting below. When I withdraw the loaded utensil, a burst of green peeks through translucent crystals. Pinning this mystery morsel between taste buds elicits an explosion of tart kiwifruit across my palate.
Crisp and tangy, its bracing zest awakens my core while lingering subtly on the fade. Before the final notes dissipate, a dab of peach enters the fray. Its summery sunset hues of apricot nectar and gentle sweetness soothe where the kiwi kicked. Both fruits tango delightfully as mingled juices flood my receptors.
Next enters the glistening pineapple in crystalline form. Its sunny gold hue radiates good vibes on the tongue. Tropical essence awakens memories of island vacations past as bright acidity contrasts creamier flavours to come. Sweet yet bracing, this balanced bundle of forest fruits blended blissfully so far.
A cache of plump cherries bearing ruby red or ruby glow follows. Whether canned or freshly picked, each morsel bursts ripe opulence across tastebuds. Floral notes flirt subtly before yielding to a superstar of robust yet smooth flavour. Joining forces, these costars created a refreshing fruit symphony like no other upon the performance’s end.

But the main event awaits below – cheesecake‘s debut! As layers meet and interact harmoniously, richness unfolds. Cream sinks blissfully into its fruitful foundation. Individual stars merge poignantly into one cohesive masterpiece of balance beyond each component alone. Between bites, memories loop endlessly of nature’s artistry uncovered…
I am feeling eager to experience more, so I am scraping aside the debris to venture deeper. A thicker, creamier layer awaits below – and it is not disappointing! Rich cheese is mingling flawlessly with zesty citrus and smooth, “cheesy” sensations, now bolstered by the creamy essence of ripened peaches. Cool and luscious yet somehow tangy and bright, its silky texture glides effortlessly across my receptors in an indulgent caress before dissolving almost immediately. Never before have I been tasting such exquisite flavour choreography!
I am diving back into the mystical masterpiece time and again, yielding popping fruits and scraping velvety cream with each plunge of my trusty fork. Each new morsel brings revelations as complex tastes and mouthwatering mixtures swirl together harmoniously upon my taste buds. Before I knew it, over 20 minutes had passed in a blissful daze, and not a single crystal or crumb remained. Though my stomach bulges contentedly, my soul has been nourished beyond compare.

The Lingering Afterglow

As I enter the status of itis, starting to doze off with my pupils rolling behind my eyes, the residual taste is still deliciously dancing across my palate. I find myself staring at the empty cake box, continuously craving more of the “Fruit Crystal Jelly Cake‘s” gratifying goodness. While my stomach is continually bulging with delight, my mind and mouth are endlessly replaying the symphony of nuanced flavours that had just enveloped my senses.
In this blissful moment of post-consumption bliss, I am recalling each wondrous texture and sensation with vivid clarity. I am reliving the magnificent crunch of suspended fruit crystals violently bursting from their gelatinous prisons. I am re-experiencing the silky smooth cream layer gliding luxuriously across my tongue. And I am rediscovering pristine balances of complex tastes that had partnered together in gastronomic genius.
Even as the remnants of this masterpiece are slipping down my throat into oblivion, its magic is imprinting fiercely upon my memory banks. Flashing recollections of the “Fruit Crystal Jelly Cake‘s” boundaries-pushing delights are ceaselessly replaying on a perpetual loop in my tastebud theatres. The symphony of sights, textures, and unparalleled flavours it had conducted on my receptors echo endlessly, never content with a single listening.
In this long moment of cherished aftermath, where my senses are basking blissfully in this dessert‘s radiant glow, I find myself continuously contemplating its enduring impacts. Fleeting though the physical experience had been, its fingerprints on my appetite and soul will undoubtedly linger for moons to come. Each subsequent bite of inferior fare will surely spark intense cravings for this unrivalled sensation’s greatness anew.
Though reluctantly accepting the experience’s brevity with mixed emotions, I am confidently comforted knowing one certainty. This stratospherically satisfying sweet will incessantly hold court as the reigning champion of birthday indulgences within my taste memory for eternities. Sure to continuously inspire cravings for repetition annually, the “Fruit Crystal Jelly Cake” has undoubtedly and permanently raised the bar for all future feasts.
My mind fogs up, my eyes blur, and I drift into dreamland, where, thanks to my vivid imagination, I am able to relive this experience again…


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