I-Mei Foods Taiwan Berries Fresh Milk Ice Cream Cake Open Box Review:

I-Mei Foods Taiwan Berries Fresh Milk Ice Cream Cake Open Box Review:

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義美莓果心願鮮乳冰淇淋蛋糕開箱試吃評價 &吃播 / I-Mei Foods Taiwan berries ice cream cake Open Box Review & Mukbang
義美莓果心願鮮乳冰淇淋蛋糕開箱試吃評價 &吃播 / I-Mei Foods Taiwan berries ice cream cake Open Box Review & Mukbang

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Our family has never been one for sweet talks. Blood is thicker than water, so love goes without saying in this family. Back in Canada, when it was just my brother and me, there was once a year for us to let out those bottled-up emotions without barfing on each other’s faces or weirding ourselves out: birthdays. We all know ice cream cakes are yummier and of higher quality than regular cakes. My brother majored in Human Biology, and I studied nutrition, so we’re both health-conscious, especially when it comes to the stuff that goes into our bodies. Birthdays are that once a year for us to cheat legitimately. We lived in the North York side of  Toronto, so Dairy Queen‘s OREO® Blizzard® Cake was our go-to. However, an 8 “-10” ice cream cake is challenging for two people to finish in one setting, so usually, we’d wake up exceptionally earlier than usual the following morning, race to that fridge, and cut another giant piece of DQ ice cream cake for breakfast. The silent competition usually lasted less than a couple of days until we completely demolished the entire ice cream cake.
Taiwan is the kingdom of food scandals and unethical businesses; that’s no news. However, one enterprise has been forever expanding its business since its inception in the 1930s, I-Mei Foods, which the locals call our “Taiwanese pride.” The family business survived the World War, when the Japanese troops took over Taiwan, different phases of hardship and depression, and has been passed down to generations. While advocating for social justice and maintaining an ethical business at the same time, I-Mei has gained more than enough abilities, reputation and wealth to go IPO. Yet, to this day, I-Mei‘s founder, the Kao family, still refuses to go IPO. “Going public means involving corruption, sacrificing sustainability. I can’t imagine the toxic additives that will go into our products to gain more profit,” said Kao. “Our family has more than enough with just a small percentage of profit,” Kao continues to explain the company‘s belief earnestly.
With yet another infamous Taiwanese food scandal being exposed–the toxic milk scandal, even ice-cream cake is a threat. If you reside in Taiwan and don’t want to die from sickness resulting from prolonged exposure to harmful food additives, you might as well starve to death; a more straightforward way out without suffering, at least. So, naturally, for my 36-year-old birthday–6th year living with disability and sickness, we opt for I-Mei‘s ice cream cake for peace of mind. I love all kinds of berries, so naturally, I choose mixed-berries flavour without seeing the other options. An 8″ ice-cream cake from I Mei costs $1150 NTD, which is fair for its quality. The nutrition label and allergens are clearly stated on I-Mei‘s official website, which regrettably is available in Chinese only. However, Fashion Ecstasy‘s fans and subscribers (via the right sidebar’s subscription box only, the pop-up widget on the lower left-hand corner doesn’t work) are in luck because it is my duty to translate them into English for you. You’re welcome!

  • Product Name: I-Mei Berries Fresh Milk Ice Cream Cake
  • Ingredient list:
    Frozen strawberry borneol (fresh milk, strawberry, fresh cream, sucrose, egg yolk, maltose, trehalose), Margarine, egg, sucrose, flour, sunflower oil, red currant, milk powder, distarch hydroxypropyl phosphate, Red beet pigment, corn starch, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, leavening agent (sodium bicarbonate, potassium hydrogen tartrate), salt, vanilla powder
  • Allergens: Gluten, eggs, milk, soy
  • Diet: Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian
  • Shelf life: 90 days in the freezer

I-Mei‘s Ice Cream Cake is available for pickup only and requires four days of preparation, meaning customers must order at least five days in advance. Customers have the option to specify their preferred pickup date. If the specified date is unavailable, I Mei‘s customer service will contact you in advance.
Compared to Dairy Queen‘s ice cream cake in Toronto, which required hours of defrosting before you can even stick that tip of the knife into it, I Mei‘s ice cream cake only needs half an hour, but we do have a legit made-in-Germany steel knife, so that’s a different story.
However, I do have a tip for our fans, when you don’t have the patience to wait for that ice cream cake to soften, simply rinse your knife with running hot water, then boom, you’ll find yourself cut right into that rock-hard cake, you’re welcome!

  • I-Mei Berries Fresh Milk Ice Cream Cake Review:

Usually, I don’t eat whipped cream. Although I-Mei‘s ice cream cake contains a whole layer of whipped cream, it is easy to consume, leaving your palette refreshed, with no greasy aftertaste or coating in your mouth, which whipped cream usually does. Not sure how they made that happen, but I demolished one-fourth of the 8″ cake in one breath. Hey, it is my birthday, AKA my legitimate cheat day, so I get a pass.

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