Miracle Christmas-themed pop-up cocktail bar, Toronto – serving holiday cocktails in a festive setting

Miracle Christmas-themed pop-up cocktail bar, Toronto – serving holiday cocktails in a festive setting from November 18 through December 31st, 2022 / 多倫多「Miracle」奇蹟聖誕主題快閃調酒吧——2022 年11月18日至12月31日在充滿聖誕節日氣氛中供應節慶主題雞尾酒


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The holiday season has officially started with the opening of Miracle Toronto. This Christmas-themed cocktail bar pop-up event is located at its new permanent home at Third Place Toronto, 875 Bloor St. W. This is the 4th edition of Miracle, and so much fun awaits.

中文版 / Chinese version:
隨著多倫多Miracle Toronto」的開業聖誕假期正式開始。這家以聖誕節主題雞尾調酒吧的新永久居所位於 「Third Place Toronto875 Bloor St. West」。這是 Miracle活動的第 4個版本,這次的更新,有更多樂趣等待著您來探索

As you go upstairs, your mood instantly changes into pure happinessChristmas songs playing as you enter the bar. The decor is simply Christmas fabulous with decorated trees, lights, candles, gingerbread, giant moving hugging teddy bear, fireplaces, comfy couches, pillows and blankets. It’s the type of place where you can choose to sit at a table or get cozy in the sleigh.

中文版 / Chinese version:

The bartenders serve up the cocktails in the cutest glassware ever! The Santa Pants Mug is so adorable I wanted to take one home, and yes, they are for sale too! Miracle is donating 10% of all its Santa Pants, Christmas Carol Barrel and Santa’s Head mug sales to the Seva Foundation.

中文版 / Chinese version:
調酒師用有史以來最可愛玻璃器皿盛放雞尾酒!「Santa Pants Mug聖誕老人褲子馬克杯可愛了,讓我超想帶一個回家。幸運的是,它們也有出售! Miracle 將其所有聖誕老公公褲、聖誕頌歌桶聖誕老人頭像馬克杯銷售額的 10% 捐贈給 「Seva Foundation塞瓦基金會

And yes, there are the tastiest drinks in those kitschy mugs. Christmapolitan, Santa’s Little Helper, Christmas Cricket, Elfing Around, Snowball Old-Fashioned, Grandma Got Run Over By A T-Rex, Yippee Ki Yay Mother F****r!, Jingle Balls Nog, Hot Buttered Rum, Mulled one, Nice and Naughty Shots and Marshmallow Irish Cream Cold Brew, which were all created by the Civil Liberties team. For those who want to prefer non-alcoholic options, Hot Chocolate and Hot Apple Cider are available too. Miracle is donating $1.00 from every drink sold to Nellie’s Shelter.
There are also Courage Cookies and a Cookie Plate to accompany these drinks.

中文版 / Chinese version:
即便是那些俗氣傳統杯子裡,也裝有最美味飲料,包括「Christmapolitan」、「Santa’s Little Helper」、「Christmas Cricket」、「Elfing Around」、「Snowball Old-Fashioned」、「Grandma Got Run Over By A T-Rex」、「Yippee Ki Yay Mother F ****r!」、「Jingle Balls Nog」、熱奶油朗姆酒熱甜酒、 「Nice and Naughty Shots」 和 「Marshmallow Irish Cream Cold Brew」,這一切都是由「Civil Liberties」團隊創建的。對於那些喜歡選擇無酒精飲料者,也可以選擇熱巧克力熱蘋果酒Miracle 將從賣出飲料中,每杯捐出$1.00加幣給「Nellie’s Shelter庇護救濟愛心之家慈善機構

We had the pleasure of meeting Baby Bel Bel, who is hosting Vision Drag and has a Christmas with Queens Show with fellow Drag Queens, The Virgo Queen and Tash Riot!
After trying the delicious Christmas Cricket, Jingle Balls Nog, and the Yippee Ki Ya Mother F****r!, we genuinely felt the warm glow of the holidays.

中文版 / Chinese version:
我們有幸見到了Baby Bel Bel,她主持了「Vision Drag」, 並與「The Virgo Queen」、「Tash Riot」等其他多倫多知名變裝皇后 一起度過聖誕節變裝皇后秀
在嘗試了美味的「Christmas Cricket」、「Jingle Balls Nog」 和 「Yippee Ki Ya Mother F****r!」 之後,我們真正感受到聖誕假期溫暖氣氛

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