Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer & Philips 5000 Series Mineral Negative Ion Hair Dryer Open Box Review

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer & Philips 5000 Series Mineral Negative Ion Hair Dryer Open Box Review:

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  • Watch Fashion Ecstasy’s Youtube Open Box & Testing Video First:

Remember the super eye-catching Dyson Supersonic hair dryer wallscape billboard advertisement that occupied the facade of department stores in all central fashion districts in Taiwan a few years ago? Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A11, SOGO Far Eastern, SOGO Taipei Fuxing Store, and so on?
This superstar hair dryer completely subverted the cosmetology, specifically the hairdressing industry. The revolutionary product redefinedhair dryers” and transformed hair dryers from a cumbersome product like the DynaTAC in the cellphone industry to a super stylish iPhone “fashion accessory,” giving the Dyson brand a fresh image in the electronics industry. Dyson has since rebranded itself as a luxury brand in its field. This year marks the 6-year-milestone of my G.D. stroke. My Dyson supersonic hair dryer has been with me for all six years. Six years ago today, it entered my life and accompanied me to celebrate my pathetic 30-year-old birthday. The day before my birthday this year, it finally called quit. Six years, that’s enough; it’s been a good run, buddy; it’s been a good run! R.I.P.

It must have been one of the countless times I’d again offended someone with my defective brain in conjunction with my no-filter words, and I was cursed with the worst luck when buying electronic appliances. Growing up, every single electronic product I purchased was either defective or broke down within a month. Even when I luck out and get one of the usable products, they also stop working right after the warranty expires. Six years ago, when I received my Dyson Supersonic blowdryer, I had just had brain surgery and shaved my head. I had 3-month, newly grown short hair. It only took me seconds to completely dry my hair. I thought it was because of the wear and tear over the years that it’s taking longer to dry my hair. Only when I was post-editing the openbox Youtube video above, that I realize that my hair was already hip-length. Mystery solved: It now takes me 10 to 15 minutes to fully dry my hair now has nothing to do with the wear and tear, anyway.

  • Is DYSON’s Supersonic hair dryer worth the hundreds and hundreds of dollars?

The average lifespan of electronic appliances is one to three years. DYSON‘s Supersonic broke my curse of buying defective electronics and lasted for six long years. In addition, it has brought a sense of superiority to the elderly and the handicapped in our family. For that alone, it’s more than worth it. In addition, my Dyson Supersonic hair dryer also happened to enter my life right about time when I had just started to suffer from disabilities with only one working hand left. It is a hair dryer that I can “handle with one single hand” and can be easily used by people suffering from hemiparesis.

  • but. . .
  • Does expensive always mean better?

In the past, I lived a luxurious life, dined at Michelin-starred restaurants, stayed at luxury hotels, used the best, and dressed in designer brands, so naturally, I assumed the more expensive, the better. However, my life is a joke, After my stroke, I was forced to go back to basics, so this time our open box is for the much more affordable Philips 5000 Series Mineral Negative Ion Hair Dryer.

  • What are the benefits of negative ions?

Negative ions boost many beneficial effects on the human body. In addition to neutralizing and inhibiting harmful free radicals, revitalizing cell metabolism, and boosting the immune system, they can also help the skin to restore moisture and increase the absorption of key nutrients. I bought my first negative ion hair dryer back in high school. That was when my straw hair, full of split ends, felt silky and smooth for the first time in my life.

  • Philips 5000 Series Mineral Negative Ion Hair Dryer Features:

Usually, hair dryerscool-air function requires users to keep holding down the cool-air button with their fingers. However, if you have long, hip-length hair like mine, by the time you completely dry your hair, you most likely already have arthritis from blow-drying it. The great thing about the Philips 5000 Series Mineral Negative Ion Hair Dryer is its 3-heat and 2-strength settings; the first click sets it on cool air, then warm, and all the way up makes it on hot air; the second button switches between the strength of the air with one single click.

The most significant feature of the Philips 5000 Series Mineral Negative Ion Hair Dryer is the “ThermoShieldfunction printed on the device. This function is ThermoShield‘s temperature-controlled hair care technology, which not only controls the temperature but also emits 20 million moisturizing and water-locking negative ions to lock in moisture, resulting in a frizz-free, silky smooth look. At first sight, I thought it was a gimmick. Only when I was editing our open box Youtube review video above, that I realize how even after I completely dried my hair, the ends of my hair were not only silky smooth, but shiny, too.

When my mom bitched about how I could “break” myDyson hair dryer after “only” 6 years of use, “6 years is super long~! How long do your electronic appliances last?” I replied

When she replied, “All my electronic appliances last for over 30 years,” I almost laughed my ass off and asked her to show me her “sacred” electronics that can last me “a lifetime.” She took out an iron, which also happened to be from Philips. My Philips 5000 Series Mineral Negative Ion Hair Dryer has a two-year global warranty, but let’s see if it can last for 30 years! Fans, make sure to subscribe to our website via the right sidebar, then click on the auto-generated confirmation Email sent to you (please do not use the pop-up widget on the lower left corner, it’s broken!) if you don’t want to miss out on our future posts and blogs! Meanwhile, stay tuned!


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