Kornit Fashion Week LA 2021 / 洛杉磯今年Kornit 2021時裝週(KFWLA)

Kornit Fashion Week LA 2021 really opened our eyes to the possibilities of how fashion can evolve / 今年的KFWLA洛杉磯 Kornit 2021時裝週真讓我們大開眼界,就連遠赴義大利就讀全球最有名的服裝設計碩士名校的殘編都看到時尚界前所未見、未來無限發展的可能性。

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Seadog Finance – The Next Big Cryptocurrency Meme You Do Not Want to Miss Out  / 海狗幣下個迷因虛擬加密代幣

加入海狗幣,下一個最夯的迷因代幣 / Join Seadog Finance and take part of the Next Hottest Meme Token!


English version / 英文版:
We are all just one opportunity away from success! I missed out on Bitcoin, Dogecoin, I will not let this one slip away! I’ve already joined Seadog, have you? Click on the link below to join me! You’re welcome!

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殘編皮秒雷射醫美微整形體驗跟效果分享 / My Picoway Pico Laser Treatment Experience and Review – The Latest in Non-invasive Cosmetic Surgery

醫美最新的皮秒雷射聽說效果比以往其他雷射都好,恢復期也幾乎是零,到底是真是假?皮秒雷射又是什麼?時尚高潮殘編帶你體驗揭發去!Pico Laser (picosecond laser) is the latest technology in cosmetic laser, it is said to be way more effective and with no downtime compared to other beauty laser treatments on the market! We tried Picoway’s Pico laser treatment here’s the verdict with our Youtube video to walk you through the whole process!

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佳安心抗菌萬用懶人無膠藝術壁貼 / Grease Stain Resistant, Remove Stubborn Stains and DIY Makeover at Home

新冠病毒讓待在家煮飯的我們每天跟廚房油煙污漬抗爭,殘編新發現超好用的抗污懶人商品:「佳安心抗菌萬用懶人無膠藝術壁貼」。一定要分享一下啦 ! / If you’re practicing #StayHome, You’d find yourself instead of fighting the Coronavirus outdoors, You’re fighting kitchen grease stains indoors. I’ve Recently Discovered a genius product that would make me to selfish for not sharing.

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WOWWAO1 好上手到令人驚艷叫哇哇的最新社交媒體APP/ WOWWAO1 – The Latest and Easy-to-Use Social Media that WOWs You Review

WOWWAO1 令人驚艷叫哇哇的最新好用社交媒體APP使用感想評價/ WOWWAO1 – The Latest and easy to use Social Media App that WOWs You review

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TV Pay電視購物年菜變大廚滿漢大餐 / TV Pay Shopping, Michelin Chefs at home for CNY

TV Pay 電視購物年貨開箱–秒變大廚,不懂下廚也能變出滿漢大餐年菜 / TV Pay TV Shopping Unboxing, Turning All Kitchen Idiots into Michelin Chefs for Chinese New Year!

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Elevate 2019, Canada’s Top Tech and Innovation Conference

Elevate 2019, Canada’s top tech and innovation co […]

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TV Pay微型電腦 -一盒在手,打理殘編休閒娛樂,殘障卡在家,也能不與社會脫節,騎著沙發當龍母,也能在家玩權力遊戲稱霸女王 / TV Pay Smart TV Box -A Box Smart Enough to Take Care of All my Post-Stoke Disabled Daily Shyt and  Binge-watch Game of Thrones

TV Pay微型電腦 -一盒在手,打理殘編休閒娛樂,殘障卡在家,也能不與社會脫節,騎著沙發當龍母,也能在家玩權 […]

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Blockchain Futurist Conference 2019 Toronto, produced by Untraceable, returns to Toronto with exciting New Cryptocurrency Products

Blockchain Futurist Conference 2019 Toronto, the biggest digital currency networking event produced by Untraceable, returns to Toronto with exciting New Cryptocurrency and bitcoin products and intel panel discussions by bitcoin pioneers

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