18 Jiang Zuo  Chicken Soup  With Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Open Box Tasting & Review

18 Jiang Zuo  Chicken Soup  With Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Open Box Tasting & Review:

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I am a hangry food monster camouflaged in an anorexic body. Following my last open box review for “Lao Xie Zhen Taiwan’s Huo Tong Chicken Soup,” it has been tried and tested repeatedly with no exception: I can finish a whole chicken alone in less than 15 minutes. After many tries, I figure that “chicken soup” is a dangerous word that triggers my “blackhole appetite.”
My mom misread my binge eating. She thinks the chickens that I’d demolish weren’t enough to feed me and brings back a jumbo chicken twice the size: Whole Chicken soup with Lion’s Mane Mushrooms.”

  • Lion’s mane mushroom:

Lion’s mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is a precious food ingredient for nutrition. It has also been recorded in “Chinese Medicinal Fungi” of traditional Chinese medicine: “Hericium erinaceus is neutral in nature, sweet in taste. Hericium erinaceus can fortify and nourish the five internal organs and helps digestion. Lion’s mane mushrooms can also help with neurasthenia, duodenal ulcer and Stomach ulcer.”
When we were still living in Jingmei, I used to go on secret dates with my mom once a week to our favourite vegetarian buffet-style restaurant and eat till we dropped. Every time we were seated, the first thing my mom does is race to the cooked food area and grab a large plate of cooked lion’s mane mushrooms, as if eating the plate would make us healthy and happy.
I could only imagine my mom squinting her medical-miracle old eyes, looking for a chicken big enough to stuff her daughter’s face as I always demolish the whole chicken from Lao Xie Zhen Taiwan‘s Huo Tong Chicken Soup” alone in under 15 minutes.
With “I must find a chicken big enough for my daughter’s appetite” in mind, she reaches for the chicken soup, largest in size from the supermarket, slowly placing it in her trolly with trembling hands. Hence, I call this “18 Jiangzuo‘s Lion’s mane Mushroom Stewed Chicken Soup,” a product only a mother’s eyes can find.

  • Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan

18 Jiangzuo‘s Chicken Soup with Lion’s mane Mushroom is Purchased from Carrefour Taiwan‘s Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan counter, who sources products from The Council of Agriculture of Taiwan

  • What is the Council of Agriculture in Taiwan?

Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA)governs and oversees Taiwan‘s agricultural, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, and food industries. The Council of Agriculture guides and supervises local offices in related fields. Comprising numerous departments, such as the Department of Planning, Department of Animal Industry, Department of Farmers’ Services, Department of International Affairs, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Irrigation and Engineering, Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Legal Affairs Committee, Petitions and Appeals Committee, and Information Management Center, the Council of Agriculture governs various aspects of its domain.
As an agricultural-focused nation, Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, has always emphasized agriculture, as evident from its historical policies. Despite undergoing various structural transformations over the years, the agricultural administration office has remained steadfast in its mission to establish a well-functioning system. Every product purchased from Taiwan‘s Council of Agriculture platform has a unique traceable Code

  • What are traceable agricultural products?

Traceable agricultural products allow consumers and the public to check the brand owners in each county and city. In addition to checking which restaurants and processed products they sell to, you can also check their brand production and sales history of agricultural products.

  • What is COA Taiwan’s Traceability” platform?

Every agricultural product sold on COA Taiwan‘s traceable platform has its “Production and Sales History” attached. “Production and sales history” is also called “ingredient traceability.” Just like a “good citizen certificate,” the “Production and sales history” reveals the production history of agricultural products, aquatic products, and meat products. The “Production and Sales History” are transparent records and verifications from production to distribution and supply! Consumers can scan the QR code to check all the processes!
While it’s fascinating to see Taiwan‘s agriculture executing such top-notch level food safety control, it also makes one raise an eyebrow and think, with such advanced and transparent production and marketing system, how is Taiwan still causing so many food safety scandals?

  • What is a COA traceable restaurant?

From “farm to table,” all legal, strictly inspected, supervised links of a COA traceable restaurant are fully and transparently presented through a QR code.
When a COA supplier produces products with production and sales history, the supplier will include a “production and sales history shipment certificate” with each product for the restaurant to keep for display.

  • What is a traceable processed product?

The traceability platform assists the processed food industry in fully presenting the process of each food ingredient in the product from the place of origin, processing, and distribution.

Every time a supplier makes a sale through COA, the platform prints out a certificate to the processor so that the processor can keep it for records; after the processor has verified the production and sales history and made the food into processed products, the production and sales of the processed food, its process of raw ingredients is confirmed and then presented.

  • What is Taiwan’s COA traceable group meal?

Tracing the source of group meals means the school or group meal is presented through the traceability platform. The group caterer attaches the production and sales history, the source of ingredients and the circulation records of the meals with the products provided to the campus or employees every day so that the actual value of the production and sales history can be revealed.

  • What are traceable agricultural products?

On the Traceability Platform, you can find brand owners in various counties and cities in Taiwan, including which restaurants they provide for and their brand production and sales history of agricultural products.

  • 18 Jiang Zuo Brand Story:


The word “Jiang Zuo,” meaning “craftsman,” is a general term for making a living through craftsmanship in the Chinese folk. It refers to a person who has expertise in a specific field and has a skill! Craftsman means a finished product made by a professional and skilled master!
18 Jiang Zuo combines various fields of professional technology and research and development spirit to establish a professional brand. 18 Jiang Zuo pays special attention to “food source” and “food quality.” 18 Jiang Zuo recognizes consumersconcerns about food safety and understands consumers‘ desire to know the source of ingredients and the production process. By using “production and sales history” and providing QR Codes, consumers can scan and trace the origin of ingredients, starting from farmproductionprocessingdistributionsales. The whole process is transparent so that consumers can see the manufacturing process at a glance and eat at ease!

18 Jiang Zuo‘s products are made of ancient recipes passed down from master artisans. To allow gourmets to taste the artisanal cuisine that leaves a lasting impression on their palettes, 18 Jiang Zuo upholds a straightforward, honest and persistent professional attitude.
18 Jiang Zuo uses carefully selected safe ingredients with the persistence of old artisans, restoring and producing traditional dishes with no additives and transparent traceability.
Taiwan‘s food scandal incidents have never stopped, and our population of kidney dialysis ranks first in the world, causing consumers to fear food safety. To make consumers feel at ease, 18 Jiang Zuo conducts strict quality control and uses the product‘s “production and sales history” to present its authentic and attentive production process.
Food can be traced from the origin, production, processing, and distribution to the sale of the livestock farm so that the consumers can feel at ease when they see it.

  • 18 Jiang Zuo’s Chicken Soup with Lion’s Mane Mushrooms:

This time, the weight of the chicken soup is double that of Lao Xie Zhen‘s, which we reviewed before, and the chicken is several times larger, although I often say: “I would rather stuff to death than starve to death.” When the chicken soup is served, I take the joke back. The size of this chicken WILL kill me. To avoid “stuffed to death” in my obituary, I control myself to split the chicken, so I don’t finish it in one breath like before. A generous amount of lion’s mane mushrooms come with this whole chicken. The soup also includes shiitake mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, Shimeji mushrooms, jujube, and wolfberries (goji), resulting in a sweet and delicious chicken soup base. The red dates (jujube) are a little too dominant, stealing away the fragrance of the original chicken soup, but the portion of the precious lion’s mane mushrooms let us dig in in large mouthfuls. The next day, we add organic vermicelli and make another pot of delicious chicken vermicelli soup, which I highly recommend.

Chickens today are mostly “poisonous chickens” injected with hormones, which tend to cause weight gain.
18 Jiang Zuo‘s chicken soup with lion’s mane mushrooms uses clean ingredients, making it ultra-low calories. It is a chicken soup that does not cause weight gain. There are only 130.4 calories per 100 grams.

Fashion Ecstasy 18 Jiang Zuo’s Chicken Soup with Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Review in a nutshell:

Jumbo-sized, unburdened, and healthy chicken soup. Although I still miss Lao Xiezhen‘s Huotong chicken soup, 18 Jiang Zuo‘s Chicken Soup is much larger. For binge-eating pleasures, we’ll repurchase.


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