Seadog Finance – The Next Big Cryptocurrency Meme You Do Not Want to Miss Out  / 海狗幣下個迷因虛擬加密代幣

加入海狗幣,下一個最夯的迷因代幣 / Join Seadog Finance and take part of the Next Hottest Meme Token!


English version / 英文版:
We are all just one opportunity away from success! I missed out on Bitcoin, Dogecoin, I will not let this one slip away! I’ve already joined Seadog, have you? Click on the link below to join me! You’re welcome!

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顱外 / 經顱磁次激治療可點亮燈泡?殘編當白老鼠實驗!Does rTMS light up a bulb? Here’s a real life experiment

(scroll down for English version / 英文版向下看) 最近超夯的「顱外磁刺激」(rTMS)(又稱:經顱磁刺激術)在自由時報、台灣新生報、中天新聞等各大新聞媒體瘋狂報導,奇蹟似治癒了很多腦部神經所引發的疾病。 據說,如果在經顱磁刺激治療期間時手持燈泡,它會亮!    根據 加拿大入籍考試參考書「發現加拿大」 (” Discover Canada”),燈泡是由加拿大人Mathew Evans和 Henry Woodward發明再將專利賣給愛迪生的。 身為愛國的加拿大人,殘編為了發揮「加拿大」的精神,親自當白老鼠做實驗。 先看殘編親身當白老鼠實驗影片: (English version / 英文版): The latest hot topic in the healthcare/medical areas that all news media are raving about is rTMS (aka TMS) , which stands for “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation,” this treatment has recently been […]

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