Award-winning, popular, and well-established store Nanmen Market Yi Xiang Zhai Puli Township’s drunken Shaoxing wine Ingots open box tasting and review

Award-winning, popular, and well-established store Nanmen Market Yi Xiang Zhai Puli Township’s drunken Shaoxing wine Ingots open box tasting and review:

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  • Yi Siang Zhai (Yi Xiang Zhai) brand story:

Yixiangzhai originated from Taiwan‘s historic traditional Nanmen Market located in Taipei city. For over 20 years, it has a long-standing store in Taipei Nanmen Market, with a reputation famous for its takeaway specialties from various Chinese provinces. Every year during the Chinese New Year holidays, they supply all kinds of Chinese New Year dishes. However, despite the various dishes they come out with each year, Yi Xiang Zhai‘s popular demands often exceed their supply. This year, Yixiangzhai has specially collaborated with Taiwan‘s T Cat‘s Delivery Service, providing dozens of their exquisite Chinese New Year dishes to be home-delivered this year to foodies who are still living in fear of the COVID pandemic hence are unable to go to the Nanmen Market to purchase in person. Customers can take advantage of their home-delivery service and enjoy Yixiangzhai‘s gourmet Chinese New Year dishes at home.

Yixiangzhai’s Puli Township’s drunken Shaoxing wine Ingots are prepared in advance by boiling them in water on low heat for 9 minutes until half-cooked, then soaking them in Shaoxing wine, spices and specially made sauce for two days. In addition to their “drunken Shaoxing wine Ingots (Zui Yuan Bao),” Yi Xiang Zhai also offers drunken Shaoxing wine boneless chicken legs, which are also prepared in the same way.

  • Origin of Nanmen Market:

Nanmen Market, formerly known as “Taipei Public Nanmen Market,” is a traditional public market in Taipei City. The market is a renowned cluster of vendors for Chinese regional dry goods, cuisines, noodles & sauces. The market has dining counters famous for selling dry foods and cooked food. The original site shut down on October 7, 2019. To cooperate with the reconstruction project of the new South Gate Building. Therefore, the market stalls collectively moved to the South Gate Relay Market located on the second section of Hangzhou South Road on October 17. During the transition period, the Taipei City Government has allocated free shuttle buses To make it easier for the public to go shopping.

  • What is “drunken ingot“?

At first, I was attracted by the product name “drunken ingot (Zui Yuan Bao),” an unprecedented new dish name. Typically, on Chinese New Years, “ingots” refers to dumplings due to their shape resembling the shoe-shaped gold and silver ingots; they are believed to bring prosperity. Hence, before the open box, my mom guessed it was drunken dumplings, and I assumed it was drunken chicken testicles (the truth is, I was secretly hoping for it). Nanmen Market Yi Xiang Zhai Puli Township’s drunken Shaoxing wine Ingotsingredients include pig’s trotters from Taiwan, Shaoxing wine, rice cooking wine, water, salt, shrimp oil, Monosodium l-glutamate (MSG), and wolfberry (goji). The ingredients seem simple; the only possible allergen is shrimp oil, so I decide to try it despite my eczema situation.

Yixiangzhai‘s Puli Shaoxing Drunken Ingots are home delivered in a -18°C freezer. One serving weighs about 800 grams and costs only NT$530 NTD, providing excellent value for its price. The contents include 525 grams of solids and 275 grams of soup. After opening the box, it turns out the preparation method is simple, no heating is required, and customers can eat the pig’s trotters directly after thawing. There are about five pig’s feet in each bag. The taste is exquisite: super clean with no complications. There is no fat or grease between the bones and skin. All you can taste is a layer of fragrant and springy pork skin full of collagen in every bite. I can feel my skin glow brighter ad grow smoother after each bite, causing me to demolish a whole bag of five pig’s trotters on my own. Pig’s trotter is one of my favourite foods. However, I haven’t eaten them for several years due to my eczema situation, so I’ve reached multiple food orgasms for this open-box review.

  • Yixiang Zhai Puli Shaoxing drunken ingots shelf life:

The shelf life of Yi Xiang Zhai’s Puli Shaoxing wine drunken Ingots (Zui Yuanbao) is 180 days (6 months) in the freezer, with a guarantee to have more than 150 days from the expiration date after the product is received. Customers can order with confidence and without stress.
Yixiangzhai also offers a 1,200-gram heavyweightShaoxing Drunken Chicken Leg and Drunken Ignotscombination set; meat-lover foodies can try it.

  • About Yixiangzhai:

Yixiangzhai is well-known for its specialty dishes from various provinces across China. The brand has a history of more than 30 years since its inception. Because of its popularity, Yi Xiang Zhai‘s delicious delicacies are usually in short supply during the Chinese New Year festival and other Chinese holidays. Consumers should order in advance.

  • Fashion Ecstasy Nanmen Market Yi Xiang Zhai Puli Township’s drunken Shaoxing wine Ingots open box tasting and review in a Nutshell:

The Chinese characterZhai” in “Yi Xiang Zhai” usually implies “vegetarian.” However, don’t let Yi Xiang Zhai‘s name fool you; they offer much more than just vegetarian meals!

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