Wowprime Corp. Group’s carefully selected “Lion’s Head (Braised pork balls/meatballs in Brown Sauce” Open Box Tasting & Review

Wowprime Corp. Group’s carefully selected “Lion’s Head (Braised pork balls/meatballs in Brown Sauce” Open Box Tasting & Review:

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Since I last challenged my eczema by eating the dirtiest part of all meats: the “pig’s large intestine,” and I am still remaining safe and sound, I feel I can entirely rely on the food products produced by Wowprime Corp. Group. So this time, I’m challenging Wowprime Corp. Group‘s carefully selectedLion’s Head (Braised pork balls/meatballs in Brown Sauce,” just in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Lion’s head is a famous traditional Chinese dish. Yet, this is the first time I have eaten it. When I first returned to Taiwan as a kid, whenever I saw other kids in my class eatLion’s Head” that looked finger-licking good, I got so envious because I’d never tried it
since my mom didn’t know how to make them.

The “Lion’s Head (Braised pork balls/meatballs in Brown Sauce” carefully selected by Wowprime Corp Group, uses high-quality Taiwanese pork hind legs, the chef specially adjusts the mixture to the perfect fat-to-lean ratio, simmers it slowly over low heat, resulting in plump and juicy meat. Water chestnuts are added to increase the crispness and rich layers.

  • Wowprime Corp. Group’s carefully selected “Lion’s Head (Braised pork balls/meatballs in Brown Sauce)” Ingredients:

Wowprime Corp. Group‘s carefully selectedLion’s Head has a net weight of 500 grams, including 300 grams of solids. The ingredients include Taiwanese pork, water chestnuts, soy sauce, tapioca starch, eggs, sugar, ginger, sodium bicarbonate, and marinade. The product is home delivered at -18°C ultra-low temperature. Possible allergens include soy, gluten, eggs and derivatives thereof. The product is also produced in the same factory as other products containing eggs, nuts, and sesame. Hence, consumers with food allergies still need to pay extra attention.
All the ingredients in Wowprime Corp. Group‘s carefully selected Lion’s Head must be refrigerated for about 6 hours until completely thawed before reheating.

  • How to prepare Wowprime Corp. Group’s carefully selected “Lion’s Head (Braised pork balls/meatballs in Brown Sauce)”?


  • With rice cooker:

Wowprime Corp. Group‘s Lion’s Head can be prepared with a rice cooker/electric pot by pouring the ingredients into the inner pot, adding 1 cup of water (200ml) to the outer pot and letting it steam for 15-20 minutes before serving.

  • The Origin of Lion’s Head (Braised pork balls/ meatballs in brown sauce)”:

Lion’s Head (Chinese: Shizitou), also known as stewed meatballs or “Braised pork balls in brown sauce,” is a dish from Eastern China‘s Huaiyang cuisine.
Lion’s head is one of the most commonly eaten dishes during Chinese New Years and other major Chinese festivals. Lion’s head is also called “Sixi Balls,” which implies auspiciousness.
This famous dish consists of large pork meatballs stewed with vegetables in brown sauce. There are two varieties of Lion’s Head ( Braised pork balls in brown sauce): white/plain and red (cooked with soy sauce). The white/plain variety is simply stewed or steamed with napa cabbage. The red type (cooked with soy sauce) is usually stewed with cabbage, bamboo shoots, and tofu derivatives. The meatballs are prepared with minced pork. Meat rich in fat is more likely to bring out a better texture. Some people incorporate the addition of chopped water chestnut to add texture to the dish.
The name “lion’s headderives from the meatball‘s shape, which is supposed to resemble the head of the Chinese guardian lion, a traditional Chinese architectural ornament that is thought to protect buildings (typically imperial palaces, government offices, temples, tombs, and homes of government officials and the wealthy) from harmful spirits and people.
The dish originated in Zhenjiang and Yangzhou, then later became a part of Shanghai cuisine with the influx of migrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
The dish is also sometimes prepared with beef or made as a vegetarian dish.
The dish later became a staple and ideal for greeting guests for festive occasions such as Christmas and Chinese New Year, or even small family and friends reunions because its Chinese guardian lion appearance symbolizes good luck.
To this day, Lion’s Head has become one of the most well-known dishes that is a staple in all reunion dinners and gatherings.
Because the appearance of the lion’s head in this dish symbolizes all good things, such as wealth and happiness, in Chinese culture, people eat braised lion’s head not only for its taste but also for its optimism and peace signs.

  • Fashion Ecstasy Wowprime Corp. Group‘s carefully selected “Lion’s Head (Braised pork balls/meatballs in Brown Sauce)” Review in a nutshell:

Since soybeans are one of the main allergens that cause eczema flare-ups, I was terrified at first. The last time I ate soy sauce made with soybeans also caused me major eczema flare-ups, so this time I felt uneasy and in fear the whole time while doing this open-box tasting. Each braised lion head from Wowprime Corp. Group is humongous, jumbo-sized to the size of my fist and thoroughly drenched in their sauce until shiny. However, to this day, my eczema still remains safe and sound. Thank you, Wowprime Corp. Group, for The first meal of this famous Chinese dish I’ve longed for, for so long!


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