Seadog Finance – The Next Big Cryptocurrency Meme You Do Not Want to Miss Out  / 海狗幣下個迷因虛擬加密代幣

Seadog Finance – The Next Big Cryptocurrency Meme You Do Not Want to Miss Out  / 海狗幣下個迷因虛擬加密代幣

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 先看海狗幣教學影片/ Watch Seadog Finance’s Tutorial Video First:


English version / 英文版:
When cryptocurrencies first became popular, I found them intriguing yet somewhat dubious. However, every time we post about it, we get an overwhelming response from fans. It seems like most early investors profited from them.


2021年特斯拉伊隆馬斯克 (Elon Musk)的瘋狂推文,且屢屢在美國流行綜藝節目《週六夜現場》(Saturday Night Live)中提及要讓狗狗幣火星上使用,造成全球跟風排名前三的現代首富的「狗狗幣迷因」,掀起買狗狗幣的熱潮,更多的新用戶加入加密貨幣市場。海狗幣Seadog Finance)看準這樣的討論度能與現實世界緊密結合,然而與其像馬斯克一樣想把狗狗幣帶到火星上使用,海狗幣的目標著重幫助我們所居住的地球,讓地球更加美麗。

English version / 英文版:
The Most popular business figure Elon Musk‘s frequent tweets and mentions on SNL (Saturday Night Live) about taking the Dogecoin cryptocurrency to Mars not only led to the trending “Dogecoin meme.” The meme also contributed to the price surge of the cryptocurrency and attracted influential investors to join the market. Seadog Finance sought the opportunity that this phenomenon offers and seized it. However, instead of setting impractical goals like bringing the currency to Mars, Seadog Finance focuses on help solving the crisis we’re facing on earth, where we currently live.


English version / 英文版:
The oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (Deepwater Horizon oil spill) killed 6,104 birds, 609 of my favourite sea turtles, and mammals, including 100 dolphins. 1% of each transaction of Seadog Coins will be donated to non-profit organizations to protect the global environment and solve the problems and difficulties the earth is currently facing.


  • 海狗幣成長圖

海狗幣成長圖 / Seadog Finance Growth
海狗幣成長圖 / Seadog Finance Growth

English version / 英文版:
Jumping on the bandwagon, Seadog Finance was able to form a strong team with thousands of members to join when it first launched. Its members significantly increase the activeness of their community and access to more blockchain resources—establishing a solid team results in better capabilities to face larger markets and challenges. In the future, Seadog can use the resources obtained to develop better products to serve its customers.


English version / 英文版:
However, the Dogecoin meme also resulted in many vicious competitors in the crypto market disrupting the industry, so Seadog chooses TRON chain as its platform. The advantages of TRON chain transactions are faster speed and cheaper handling fees. Bitcoin transactions take 20-120 minutes, Ethereum transactions take 10-60 minutes, and Tron transactions are completed within 3 minutes. Seadog uses the TRON chain, so the transfer speed is fast, and the miner fee is relatively cheaper.

  • 海狗幣是誰 / Who is Seadog?


English version / 英文版:
Seadog is a team from Asia that shares the same enthusiasm for cryptocurrency.
Seadog did not have substantial capital support in its early stage, so its challenge is to develop the community to raise funds. On the other hand, there is less baggage, and they can use more imagination to maintain market fairness.


English version / 英文版:
Cryptocurrency is still in the development stage, so consensus is crucial. Without substantial capital, community feedback is the backbone of Seadog. Therefore, Seadog Finance focuses on the development of its community and the improvement of technology. The Seadog team continues to create more topics in its community. While influencing and developing its community, members obtain a more diverse and better understanding of cryptocurrency. Therefore, after the launch of the Seadog project, the team has quickly received a lot of market feedback.
Every investment involves some degree of risk. There are gains, and there are losses. People keen to invest are more easily to be persuaded by rumours among relatives and friends. Seadog‘s user community platform allows members to simultaneously understand the current status of each project operation, plans and future development. For members, this means reliable profits and more learning opportunities.


English version / 英文版:
So far, Seadog‘s communities mainly come from English and Chinese-speaking communities. It is a pity for other language-based countries to miss out on such excellent investment opportunities due to the lack of access to receive relevant information. Therefore, Seadog distributed crypto airdrops to recruit new members and talents into their community and successfully attracted more language users to join.

  • 海狗幣的願景 / Seadog Finance’s Vision:


English version / 英文版:
Seadog‘s vision is to become the next best meme token on the TRON chain. In the future, Seadog will continue to develop NFT, Defi and other sectors and forms so that its system can be more diverse and complete. The goal is to create an exciting cryptocurrency and attract more users to the blockchain field.

  • 什麼是NFT(Non-Fungible Token) / What is NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

Non-Fungible Token,簡稱NFT,中文譯作「非同質化代幣」方式交易,是一種虛擬資產,透過加密形式把特定資訊放到區塊鏈,以代表物件的擁有權,並透過網路交易平台進行買賣。常見的NFT虛擬商品包括數碼圖像、畫作、影音、短片、遊戲或動畫的虛擬角色及裝備等,但亦可以是其他事物,甚至是實物。
NFT與「加密貨幣」都是來自區塊鏈技術,兩者的區別在於是否「同質化」。加密貨幣是「同質化代幣」(Fungible token),中譯「可互換替代代幣」。以比特幣為例,只要幣值相同,每一個比特幣都是一樣的,亦可分割成較小的單位。NFT則是「非同質化代幣」(Non-fungible token),換言之,每個NFT所代表的物件皆不一樣,不可互換替代,亦無法分割。由於區塊鏈的紀錄無法竄改及刪除,交易紀錄皆公開可見,所以儲存在區塊鏈上的NFT無法仿冒。

English version / 英文版:
A non-Fungible Token (NFT) is digital data stored on a blockchain that certifies virtual assets with an encrypted form authorizing the object’s ownership. Buyers can purchase digital NFT items like images, paintings, videos, games or animated virtual characters and equipment through online trading.
Both NFT and some cryptocurrencies share the same blockchain technology. The difference between the two is whether fungible. Cryptocurrencies are “fungible(can be traded for one another).” Take Bitcoin as an example. As long as the currency value is the same, every Bitcoin is the same and can be divided into smaller units. NFTs are “Non-fungible tokens.” In other words, each NFT represents different objects, which are not interchangeable, and cannot be divided. Since the blockchain records cannot be tampered with or deleted, and the transaction records are publicly visible, NFTs cannot be counterfeited.

  • 明星藝人NFT商業模式成功案例/ Successful Examples of Celebrities and Artists Using NFT Business Model:

許多藝人透過NFT交易平台推出秒殺創作品,如歌手吳卓源今年4月在OURSONG音樂NFT交易平台)推出被秒殺的限量20個單曲《Paris》 NFT;陳芳語Kimberley)於4月底推出限量20份的專輯《Kow Tow: Princess Tendencies Remix》NFT,定價25美元(約新台幣687元),成為華語樂壇第一個專輯NFT,至今收藏價格已來到75美元(約新台幣2065元),讓NFT商業模式再次被驗證。

English version / 英文版:
Many artists and creators have launched digital artworks through the NFT trading platform. For example, singer Wu Zhuo Yuan (Julia Wu) launched a limited edition of 20 singles “ParisNFT on OURSONG (music NFT trading platform) in April this year. Chen Fang yu (Kimberley Chen) released 20 copies of the limited edition albumKowtow: Princess Tendencies RemixNFT at the end of April, which became the first NFT album in the Chinese music industry. It was first priced at $25USD (approximately $687NT). Today the collectible price has reached $75USD (about $2065NT), verifying the NFT business model again.
In March this year, singer Zhou Xing Zhe (Eric Chou) announced on Instagram that he would release his first “+E1NFT music work, which was also sold for 13.32 Ethereum (approximately US$28,000) in April this year.

  • 公益性質NFT / NFT for Good (NFTs for charities):



English version / 英文版:
With the NFT business model is shaking up the world, many celebrities and notables are seizing this opportunity to launch NFT for Good (NFTs for charities). For example, Taiwan‘s first lesbian Youtuber team Acapella CACA&BELLA (Carolyn/Kaka and Bella), announced that the sales of their NFT goods would be entirely donated to the Taiwan LGBTQ Family Rights Advocacy after deducting costs. When the item was open for pre-ordering on the Capsule and Cmer e-commerce website on May 22, the 100 sets were quickly sold out.

  • SeaDog公益NFT合作方案 / SeaDog Finance’s NFT for Good (NFTs for charities) Project:

SeaDog NFT與(流浪動物)聯名T-shirt(多個公益團體聯名) 合作,將團體LOGO售出,T-SHIT成本扣除後,平均分配予參與聯名的各個公益團體,再於幣安NFT拍賣給藝人網紅KOL (Key Opinion Leader),售出的最終金額扣除成本後,平均分給參與聯名之公益合作團體,幫助流浪動物

English version / 英文版:
SeaDog NFT collaborates with a group of Animal charities to launch their co-branded LOGO T-shirt. Moreover, the item will be then auctioned on Binance NFT to artists, internet celebrities, and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). The final sales from the T-shirt will be equally donated to the participating charity organizations after deducting the cost.

  • 加入海狗幣,下一個最夯的迷因代幣 / Join Seadog Finance and take part of the Next Hottest Meme Token!


English version / 英文版:
We are all just one opportunity away from success! I missed out on Bitcoin, Dogecoin, I will not let this one slip away! I’ve already joined Seadog, have you? Click on the link below to join me! You’re welcome!


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