Jiajia Foods Taiwan’s Dongpo Meat (pork belly)Unboxing Tasting & Review

Jiajia Foods Taiwan’s Dongpo Meat (Pork Belly) Unboxing Tasting & Review:

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Since last time’s open box tasting for Wowprime Corp. Group’s carefully selected “Braised Lion Head (Braised meatballs in brow Sauce and Sauce), my mom bought home a gigantic box of Dongpo Meat with a packaging that looks similar to Wowprime Corp Group‘s line of frozen foods.
“Oh, this is from Jiajia brand,” my mom exclaims as she takes a closer look with squinted eyes after taking off her presbyopic glasses when she gets home.

After the open box, inside the box is a jumbo bag of frozen pork belly in a vacuum-sealed package. After heating, a large plate of Dongpo pork (pork belly) that can hardly fit on our oversized plate is served. Each bag (box) of Jiajia‘s Dongpo meat includes five large pieces of pork belly. There are no table manners when it comes to enjoying Jiajia‘s premium Dongpo pork because every piece of pork belly is super heavyweight after heating, making it easy to slip off with regular chopsticks. Eating like a barbarian is my signature anyway, so I unleash the hungry cannibal pig in me and dig in by vigorously stabbing my chopsticks into the pork bellies like I use a knife ad fork instead of clipping them up like regular chopsticks. The selected pork belly is simmered over a slow fire and bundled with twines. The colour is glowing red and translucent, the skin is bouncy, and the meat is tender. The overflowing pork fat makes the meat melts in the mouth without scattering. Dongpo pork is one of my favourite Chinese dishes, but Jia Jia Foods‘ is yet the best Dongpo pork I have ever eaten. The taste is multi-layered to the point I’m mind blown. Each piece has the perfect ratio of fat to lean meat. First entering the mouth is the bouncy pork skin, then you taste the plump pork fat slowly melting in your mouth. As you indulge in a mouthful of lard fat melting in your mouth, you will start to taste a little bit of lean meat with fibre vaguely. The multi-layered texture comes seamlessly, and the fragrant meat juice blends in smoothly and is delicious. At this point, you must stuff your face with bowl after bowl of white rice to go with the fragrant and juicy fat. Watch me drool uncontrollably with a string of saliva longer than mozzarella in my Youtube mukbang video above; you’d know how much I enjoy it!
This is the first time I tried Dongpo meat after my eczema situation had improved. And, since the ingredientssoy sauce, dark soy sauce, ginger, and soybean oil are all high-risk allergens of eczema, it was quite a debate about eating it. However, I have also tried “Jia Jia’s cabbage stew, which was mind-blowing good. What surprised me is that Jia Jia made the common street food into the famous fancy Chinese dish, “Buddha jumps Over the Wall” level, so there’s no way I’m letting myself miss out on this opportunity, even if it means risking my eczema flaring up again. Surprisingly, my eczema did not recur after I “pigged out” (pun intended) so aggressively. After some research, I found that Jiajia Foods Taiwan is no jokes either.

  • Jiajia Foods Taiwan brand story:

Established in 1991, Jiajia Foods Taiwan has accompanied many locals throughout their lifetime with its food products. Jia Jia‘s nostalgic flavours bring back the memories of its customers, creating an unforgettable dining experience in their hearts. To develop the authentic taste of traditional foods, Jiajia uses local management technology to connect with the world and communicates with regional cuisines of various countries so that customers can enjoy the different cuisines from other countries and spread local traditional cooking around the globe at the same time.
As the trend changes over time, Jiajia uses standardized work workshops, systematic management and standardized manufacturing processes to process ingredients to retain the most original local flavours.
Jiajia pays attention to the colour and fragrance of its products. Its food manufacturing process undergoes strict quality controls. Every dish is handled with care from production to the hands of end consumers so that families can eat happily and be at ease. Focusing on food safety, Jiajia Foods Taiwan even has its own laboratory for microbiological testing, such as total bacterial count and E. coli on the products produced. Jiajia maintains its product quality with a rigorous and careful attitude.
Jiajia has exceptionally high standards for the quality of its products. The factory area’s employees, water source, and logistics are entirely under control. From product research and development, food procurement, cleaning, cutting, and cooking to packaging, each department has its dedicated personnel to inspect and control each aspect and accurately grasp the production process of all raw materials.
Under strict control, to meet food safety and hygiene conditions, and effectively eliminate the possibility of food cross-contamination, Jiajia has acquired the ISO22000 and HACCP international food safety certifications and upholds the principle of delivering safe and delicious products, which many consumers favour. May this be the reason I remained safe and sound after eating so recklessly?


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