AGO’s Latest Exhibition – Keith Haring: Art Is for Everybody / 「基思·哈林:藝術是給所有人的(Keith Haring: Art Is for Everybody」

AGO’s Latest Exhibition – Keith Haring: Art Is for Everybody / 「基思·哈林:藝術是給所有人的(Keith Haring: Art Is for Everybody」

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The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)’s latest exhibition is Keith Haring: Art is for Everybody, and it is the first time in 25 years that his work is being shown in Canada. The show is organized by The Broad, Los Angeles and is curated by Sarah Loyer, The Broad‘s Curator and Exhibitions Manager. It features more than 200 artworks, and among them are his large-scale paintings, sculptures, videos, archival materials and representations of his famed subway drawings. The exhibition illuminates Haring‘s profound impact on art, activism, and inclusivity.

At the media launch, in conversation, were Sarah Loyer, Georgiana Uhlyarik, curator, Fredrik S. Eaton, Curator of Canadian Art, AGO and Gil Vazquez, Executive Director and President of Keith Haring Foundation.

They spoke about Haring‘s work and how The Broad created the exhibition. Art is for Everybody embodies Haring‘s distinctive style, which is characterized by bold lines, vivid colours, and playful yet powerful imagery. From his early days creating chalk drawings in New York City subways to his later studio works, one can see the evolution of Haring‘s artistic journey. His instantly recognizable dancing figures, radiant hearts, and radiant babies invite viewers into his world of movement and vitality. Haring‘s ability to infuse joy, energy, and social commentary into his art was palpable, leaving a lasting impression on all who experienced it. Among his friends and collaborators in 1980s New York City were Jean-Michel Basquiat, Madonna and LA II ( Angel Ortiz).

The exhibition showcases Haring’s visual brilliance and delves into the profound social and political commentary present in his work.

Haring was an ardent activist and used his art as a platform to advocate for various causes, including LGBTQ+ rights, AIDS awareness, and social justice. Many of his pieces were themed around love, unity, and activism, underscoring the power of art as a tool for societal change. Haring had a strong belief in making art accessible to all. On display are his Pop Shop pieces that were sold in his commercial space on Lafayette St. in New York City. This was just one of his ways of reaching a broader audience with his images. His public murals, community projects, and collaborations all emphasized the democratization of art, breaking down barriers between high and low culture. At the AGO, visitors are able to fully immerse themselves in Haring‘s artistic universe.

Keith Haring: Art is for Everybody runs from November 8, 2023- March 17, 2024, and tickets can be purchased from the AGO.

中文版 / Chinese version:

安大略省美術館 (AGO) 的最新展覽是「基思·哈林:藝術是給所有人的(Keith Haring: Art Is for Everybody」。這是基斯哈林25 年來首次在加拿大展出自己的作品展覽由洛杉磯布羅德博物館(The Broad)主辦,並由布羅德博物館策展人兼展覽經理莎拉·洛耶 (Sarah Loyer) 策劃。館內展出了 200 多件藝術作品,其中包括基斯哈林的大型繪畫、雕像、影片、檔案材料以及他著名的地鐵畫作的再現。展覽闡明了哈林藝術、激進主義和包容性的深遠影響。

在媒體發布會上,莎拉·洛耶(Sarah Loyer)、策展人喬治亞娜·烏利亞里克(Georgiana Uhlyik)、AGO 加拿大藝術策展人弗雷德里克·S·伊頓(Fredrik S. Eaton) 以及基思·哈林基金會(Keith Haring Foundation)的執行董事兼總裁吉爾·巴斯克斯(Gil Vazquez) 進行了交談。

他們針對哈林作品以及布羅德博物館如何舉辦這次展覽進行了談論。《藝術是給所有人的》體現了哈林獨特的風格,其特點是大膽的線條、鮮豔的色彩以及俏皮而有力的圖像。從基斯哈林早期在紐約地鐵創作的粉筆畫到後來的工作室作品,人們可以從側展覽中看到哈林藝術之旅的演變。基斯哈林一眼就能認出的舞蹈人物、光芒四射的心形和光芒四射的嬰兒邀請觀眾進入他充滿動力和活力的世界。哈林將歡樂、活力和社會評論融入他的藝術中的能力是顯而易見的,給所有參展過的人留下了深刻、持久的印象。合作者包括他在 20 世紀 80 年代紐約市的朋友Jean-Michel Basquiat、Madonna 和 LA II (Angel Ortiz).

這次展覽展示了哈林的視覺才華,並深入探討他作品中呈現出的深刻社會和政治評論。哈林是一位熱衷的活動家,他利用自己的藝術作品為平台來倡導各種活動意義,包括 LGBTQ+ 權利、愛滋病意識和社會正義。他的許多作品都以愛、團結行動主義為主題,強調用藝術作為社會變革工具的力量。哈林堅信讓所有人都能輕易接觸到藝術。畫展中有他在紐約市拉斐特街(Lafayette Street)商業空間出售的作品。這只是他用自己的畫作去觸及更廣大受眾的方式之一。他的公共壁畫、社區計劃案和合作作品都強調藝術的民主化,打破高階文化和低階文化之間的障礙與隔閡。在安大略省美術館 (AGO),參觀者能夠完全沉浸在哈林藝術世界中。

「基思·哈林:藝術是給所有人的(Keith Haring: Art Is for Everybody」展覽時間為 2023 年 11 月 8 日至 2024 年 3 月 17 日,門票可從 安大略省美術館 (AGO)購買。

(photos by Sari)



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