獻給劉真的 #迷因達人招募 #tiktok迷因達人招募 影片 / A Tribute TikTok Meme Video in Memory of Taiwan’s Recently Deceased Dancing Queen Liu Zhen (Serena Liu)

獻給台灣國標舞女王劉真的一段抖音迷因+YT影片 / A Tik Tok & Youtube video tribute to Liu Zhen (Serena Liu) the recently deceased Taiwanese Dancing Queen:

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英文版 / English version:
Liu Zhen (Serena Liu), who has recently deceased, has long been crowned “Taiwan’s Dancing Queen.” Taiwanese celebrities are everywhere, but the qualities of them are meh.

獻給劉真的 #迷因達人招募 #tiktok迷因達人招募 影片 / A Tribute TikTok Meme Video in Memory of Taiwan’s Recently Deceased Dancing Queen Liu Zhen (Serena Liu)
獻給劉真的 #迷因達人招募 #tiktok迷因達人招募 影片 / A Tribute TikTok Meme Video in Memory of Taiwan’s Recently Deceased Dancing Queen Liu Zhen (Serena Liu)
  • 相信很多人小時候都做過明星夢,尤其是正在成長蛻變的青少年。殘編


英文版 / English version:
Many people dream of becoming celebrities when they are young, especially during adolescence, when our bodies are going through transformation (aka. teenagers). I happened to be a teenager when I first moved to Canada. It was not until then I learned that Taiwan is famous for having easy access to becoming a celebrity.” Many Asian friends from various countries of mine have told me that their future goal is to move to Taiwan and become a star. One of my male friends has even successfully achieved his dream and is now one of Taiwan’s popular boy group. His persistence and determination have absolutely impressed me.

  • 可能是咱們的文化讓殘編深深感覺在台灣,只要嘴炮一轟或藝壇有熟識的


英文版 / English version:
Maybe it’s just our culture. But from what I see, as long as one is full of BS or have connections, one can easily become a star in Taiwan. So I have refused to watch any Taiwanese dramas or Taiwanese hit TV shows. It’s not prejudice, but after endless attempts, I just can’t. I tried, I REALLY tried. I’m sure most of you who have been raised abroad have experienced the sense of feeling lost and trying to find your own identity. I had gone through the same experience and was desperate to get in touch with my roots, so I’d have a place I could call “home” and become a “real” Taiwanese. But when it comes to quality and talents, our bars for celebrities are just set too low. Every time I try, I get disappointed.
Liu Zhen (Serena Liu) is one of the few Taiwanese artists that I genuinely admire. She dances gracefully and professionally and has well earned the title of “Taiwan’s Dancing Queen” hands down. Not just her talents, her people skills and behavior is also graceful and charming. There is a Chinese idiom “Hong Yen Buo Ming (紅顏薄命),“ which means “a woman with a pretty face often lives an unfortunate life. Recently, Liu passed away on March 22, 2020, at Taipei Veterans Hospital at age 44.

  • 雖然這趟人生的旅程劉真沒有走得很久,但殘編還是覺得她這段旅程活得


英文版 / English version:
Liu‘s journey of life may not be the longest, but she sure lived it to the fullest. During the last decade of her life, she got happily married in 2014 and gave birth to an adorable daughter in 2016, accomplishing what most wants to achieve in life in just 10 years. The video in this post is inspired by Liu Zhen and paying tribute to the dancing legend.

  • 劉真,妳已從「國標舞女王」晉升為「國標舞天使」了。妳曼妙的舞姿,將永遠牢牢镌刻在我們的心中,願妳繼續在天堂裡舞出天使的心聲,就如妳在人間舞出人類的心聲一般,一路好走。

英文版 / English version:
Liu, you have been promoted from “Dancing Queen” to “Dancing Angel.” You had a good run. Your legacy will forever live on in our hearts, may you rest in peace and keep dancing in heaven for the angels.


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