Does rTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) light up a bulb? Our Real-Life Experiment Part 2

經顱磁刺激(顱外磁刺激)點亮燈泡實驗 Part 2 / Does rTMS light up a bulb? Part 2

(English version / 英文版向下看)

rTMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation light up a bulb
holdind a light up a bulb during rTMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment

English version / 英文版:
The Oh-so-hot rTMS ( Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation ) aka TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) treatment which has successfully improved the condition of many neurologically impaired patients, which I’ve explained more in details in my last video. In case you missed it, watch it here:

  • 這部影片受到很多病友的熱烈迴響及私訊,固執又不服輸的殘編決定拿出

拿大發明家的精神「再試一下」 。 記憶中小學自然課實驗燈泡更小,所以我這次決定努力去尋找買了一組來試試看, 先看時尚高潮經顱磁刺激點亮燈泡的YT實驗影片 PART 2 (中英字幕都有,記得開啟):

English version / 英文版:

Since my last video of rTMS lighting up a light bulb experiment video was a hit and received many questions from many fellow stroke survivors, the stubborn Canadian scientist inside me just had to live up the Canadian spirit and give it another try. Like stroke survivors, scientists don’t quit.

From what I remember, the experimental light bulbs we used during Science class in elementary school were a lot smaller, so I went ahead and used those in my 2nd experiment, watch our Part 2 video here (subtitles available in both English and Chinese):

這次經顱磁刺激用的實驗室燈泡 / The Experimental Light Bulb We Used this time for rTMS:


  • 雖然小時候用的燈泡小得多,但殘編畢竟也又老又殘了,我距離小學的時


English version / 英文版:
My elementary era was over a decade ago. With my fingers crossed, I went from store to store to look for the same light bulbs we used in school, and luckily, I found them. I guess the Ministry of Education hasn’t changed the curriculum (hmmm, are they waiting for my post-stroke brains to finally trigger the genious cells in my brains and invent something new to teach? After 3 years of staring at an object, believing that I can move it with my mind power, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Brain injury does not make me a genius or a mutant with superpower. I’m just born weird.

  • 第一次因為手的精細度不夠還不夠,連紙張的握不住的殘編要握著這麼細

的電線是天方夜譚,所以先徒手握燈泡,結果沒有亮。還好一組有兩顆,容許我一個失敗的機會, 於是固執的我決定一定要靠意志力突破自己抓住電線,殊不知雖然抓起來動作很像痙攣,但是電線還真的被我抓起來那麼一下下, 中間雖然掉了好幾次, 但有抓起來已經是很大的進步了,請給我來一點掌聲,謝謝! 整間的護理師都被我搞得手忙腳亂。殘編雖然覺得非常歹勢,但是為了科學的精神與醫學的突破, 護理師都願意配合容忍我的超瞎鬼點子,讓殘編感動萬分。

English version / 英文版:
The wires are extremely fine, and since my affected hand can’t even hold a piece of paper or a stuffed envelope yet, I decided to hold the light bulb with my bare hands. The box comes with 2 sets of light bulbs with wires, allowing me a chance to fail, so the stubborn Canadian scientist inside me decided for the 2nd round I need to make a breakthrough and grab the wire, and I did, for a little while! Although it looks like I’m having serious muscle spasms when I’m trying, and I kept on dropping them but being able to hold it even for a little “shooting star” while is already an improvement, can I get a round of applause, please? Thank you!

During my experiment, I created a zoo in the treatment room, and the whole nursing staff was running around to make my stupid video. So sorry, but this is for the Science and medical breakthrough. I was deeply moved that they were all willing to cope with my dumb idea.

  • 片中有還沒沒有播出的幕後花絮,在我將燈泡送給護理師當紀念品後, 可愛的她還真的繼續我的實驗精神拿了電池接。聽說結果是。。。

對不起啦! 被我整慘的護理師。。。

English version / 英文版:
There is a behind the scenes not filmed in the video. After I left the lightbulbs with the nurse, she took on my spirit and tried again with a battery. The results were…
A mild electrical shock.



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